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JH Jack Harney

Account Executive

JH Jack Harney Account Executive 847-436-0283 203 Ash Avenue Ames IA, 50014

As a dedicated student in Advertising and Business, I have learned the skills necessary to succeed in a number of Advertising outlets. Such skills will make me a valuable asset to any organization. With a year of account executive experience, I have handled aspects of account management, copywriting, and finances that have increased my education beyond that of a typical college student. My mindset is always that of customer service, and I have spent my time as an account executive providing the best possible service for every client. By building campaigns and providing the most applicable services, I have created a model for future account executives to work by. Through my Fraternity I have strengthened traditional positions into those of important leadership roles. Having served as a leader for over 2 years, my skills and mindset have helped shape a bright future for the Fraternity. I have attached a copy of my resume for your review. The main qualities that are highlighed are as follows. *Innovation- By properly handeling accounts, I have increased sales over many months with multiple clients of the Iowa State Daily. *Leadership- By showing the proper qualities of any good leader, I have both increased responsibility, and streamlined procedures for multiple fraternity positions. *Dedication- No matter what the position is, I always give my best efforts. I will utilize the best combination of my skills, and those of my teamates to ensure we do not fall short of our goals. I would be grateful for the opportunity to properly discuss how my skills would be a great fit for your organization. Thank you for your time in reading this portfolio. Sincerely,

Jack Harney


Iowa State Daily Account Executive March 2012-Present Working for The Iowa State Daily has given me endless opportunities for growth as a young professional. For me, the process as an account executive has always begun with building the personal relationships required to properly serve my client. Assessing needs and building relationships BSFPOMZUIFÄ•STUQBSUPGUIFQSPDFTT0ODFFTUBCMJTIFE * have been able to tailor directly to the needs of each client by creating campaigns and selling products that fit within their budgets. These campaigns have not only increased their business, but also increased sales rates within my territory.


JH ćJT$BNQBJHO created a fun way for students to locate their nearest Iowa State 6OJWFSTJUZ$BGF during finals week VTJOHB23DPEF Featured in our finals edition, this ad helped to increase sales within cafes towards the end of the spring TFNFTUFSćF23 code contained within the steam pattern is not only visually appealing, but also unique to previous Iowa State Daily advertisements. The location of UIF23DPEF proved to be more aesthetically pleasing then a UZQJDBM23DPEF


Bi-monthly Banner ads proved to be an excellent way to increase the presence of the Iowa State University Department of Dining. This year long campaign provided the Department of Dining the opportunity to increase word of mouth for their new products while keeping costs low. These ads were featured on one of our most read pages of the Wednesday paper.


JH The advertisement featured on the left ran as a full page and kicked off a 3 month campaign for the student health center. The advertisement featured on the right was the consistent awareness advertisement that ran throughout the 3 month span. This campaign brought in a sales increase of 300% from September-December 2011.

Flu Vacc in Clinicsation $20 Inje ctable $25 Nas al Mist


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ćF0SJFOUBUJPOHVJEFJTPOFPGUIFMBSHFTUTQFDJBMTFDUJPOTQVCMJTIFECZ the Iowa State Daily. With a circulation of around 13,000, this 120 page guide to Iowa State was an incredible opportunity to increase sales. This year my Territory saw around 10% increase to the numbers from the previous year.


"TXJUIUIF0SJFOUBUJPO(VJEF UIF/FFEUP,OPXTFDUJPOJTBO impressive publication. Need to Know comes out as part of a 3 piece QBDLBHF0OFFEJUJPOUBSHFUFEUPXBSETJODPNJOHTUVEFOUT POFGPS returning students, and a series of discounted pick-up ads in our regular paper. I brought in an 11% increase from the previous year, with total ad sales around $45,000.


JH 0WFSUIF1BTUNPOUIT ćF*PXB State Daily has been transitioning from a traditional college paper publication, to an inovative media outlet. This meant increased online presence as well as unique tablet and phone publications. .ZKPCXBTUPUBLFUIJTOFXQSPEVDU that we were selling, and make my clients need it. Through a series of unique oline campaigns, I helped to set the standards for our new online presence. The ads featured are examples of that new presence.

This campaign helped to kick start the presence of a new client on campus. I budgeted for the best posTJCMFPOMJOF BOEQSJOUTQPUTUPIFMQ5VUPS6OJWFSTF make a name for them selves at Iowa State University. 0/-*/&$".1"*(/4

$ZDMPOF)PDLFZIBECFFO advertising with the Iowa State Daily for years before online advertising became an option. Through run of site advertising, and print advertising, the Iowa 4UBUF%BJMZXBTBCMFUPPÄŒFS$Zclone Hockey a better product than ever before. This advertisement allowed for reader interaction. By clicking the link on the advertisements, readers got a chance to win free tickets to the next cyclone hockey game.


JH $0/5"$5 Jack Harney 847-436-0283 KEIBSOFZ!JBTUBUFFEV 203 Ash Avenue Ames, IA 50014

Account executive experience  

A collection of my work as an advertising account executive at the Iowa State Daily