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Hello, my name is Jack Hands. Design, for me, is the facilitation of human needs and wants through an understandable medium. It means asking the right question and finding the most beautifully simple solution. From an early age, I have been interested in understanding people, cultures and nature. Design allows me to represent my response in a physical form. My work focuses around our natural interaction with objects, allowing people to intrinsically understand how to use a product. This is some of the work I have done in the past few years.

University 2.1 Northumbria Design For Industry



Cohda are a small design consultancy based in Newcastle that specialize in new materials and technology. I worked with them throughout university on multiple different projects. Most exciting was probably the Kepler light for Innermost, which was exhibited at the Salone Del Mobile in Milan and was recently nominated for a Darc award. My role in the company was mainly in concept development through sketch and model making, as well as sourcing materials, graphic work and electronics.



I completed an innovative design internship with Philips in Eindhoven over the summer of 2015. The internship focused around the topic of: The future of the connected bathroom. My team worked in the early stages of design thinking and development, creating value in having digital information through connected products that would assist morning routines. The internship helped me to gain a real understanding of human-centred design by role playing scenarios. It was also my initial introduction to Arduino and interaction design


How can we experience time differently? Tick is a speculative design probe into our relationship with time. The project is about creating a relevant affiliation with time as it passes, giving time a contextual moment in a continous stream. Through tangible interaction, Tick focuses on activities as opposed to numbers. Users can pull out the whiteboard tape and write the tasks they hope to achieve, set the withdrawal rate and begin. The tape then wipes clean ready for the next use.

Tangible Time My project originated from creating a physical representation of time. Our progression towards digital time has allowed an incredible level of accuracy, but created a distanced relevance and relationship with time itself. Experimenting with how we could represent time in a physical form seemed more intrinsically human.

“How long is a piece of string?� A common British phrase that plays on the inaccuracy of a finite length. I used this as the basis of my project, using standard clock motors paired with a reel, users could pull the string out to a desired length/duration and allow it to wind back in.

Model Development Using a stepper motor provided more torque, it also allowed the rate of withdrawal to be controlled through a potentiometer, to find the optimum speed. Tick was to be produced as a mechanical device, using a mechanism similar to an egg timer. However, for prototyping and testing purposes, Tick became a mains powered unit.

Sketch Development The intention of Tick was to be as subtle as possible, ideally, a seamless white cube. This gives no indication of function and can therefore be understood purely on a operational level. I did, however, want it to have character - almost oxymoronic.


l.e.d Magnet speaker



Stepper motor push to break


Tick 1.0 I created 3 models for Tick meaning I could test interaction faster over a shorter time period. The probe provided multiple product solutions - A clock, a watch, a kitchen timer, an educational tool, and more.


What influence will wireless charging have on lighting around the home? The domestic introduction of induction charging could alter the way we use electricity around the home. Dot is a light that challenges accepted norms of what a lamp can do. Dot focuses on the idea of movement and the physical interaction with an electronic device. Through playful design we can create a more meaningful experience to the function through use. In this instance the light changes function dependant on environment between a cool white task light and warm ambient light.

Front Aluminium casing

Rubber Handle

Handle B

24 Point LED ring

12 Point LED ring

3 setting capactive touch switch Light Housing Rubber Ring Detail

Circuit Board w/ Accelerometer Inductive charging coil

Back Aluminium casing


Inductive charging coil

Wall mounted charging base

Working Protoype Using a tilt switch paired with an arduino I was able to replicate the changing intensity of brightness and pixel colour between a cool and warm white depending on the orientation of the lamp. This is my favourite part of the design process, having a tangible product that people can play with and understand.


How will the internet of things connect us with our bathrooms? With advancements in connectivity, the smart home is becoming an accepted norm for consumers with one room being left relatively untouched; the bathroom. My control concept allows users to control all aspects of the future bathroom, monitor and understand routines and activities. Which means through continued use it will learn preferred settings to allow fluent, autonomous use.

Interaction Using the rotary control, users can adjust settings, set timers and change environment. An RFID reader allows dumb products to be monitored in the routine alongside smart connected devices.

Pretty Smart The control allows time in the bathroom to become more fluid and intuitive, through continued interaction the control would be used less and less as it learns user routines and product preferences.


How can we create artificial, natural lighting? Over the past century or so the influence of artificial lighting has had a profound effect on natural timings and rhythms that have evolved over time. My biodynamic lighting project looks at creating a personalised lighting scenario that aligns a user with their Circadian rhythm and modern lifestyle harmoniously.

Digital Time:

We have an extremely accurate idea of time but not in relevance to how we actually feel.

Blue Light,

The introduction o and screens interu rhythm re

Late Night:

of artificial lighting upts our circadian egularly.

Conscious Environment Control:

The binary function of a light switch means we must make an informed decision of on or off.

Localized Data


Natural Lighting Cycle Artificial Lighting Cycle

Sleep Data Kelvin Scale of Lighting Time


Sunrise 6:14 Peak Sleep 7:29 Alarm Set 7:45

Peak Da 12:51

nal Data


Smart Products

Sunset 19:34

Screen prevention 21:14

Night Ideal Bedtime 23:14


Dusk + Dawn Light:

The dusk + dawn light is a physical representation of the orchestrated lighting throughout the house. The light not only provides an interesting visual queue but also allows users to control aspects of their general lighting with tangible interaction.


Using an RC clock module allowed me to use represent real-time data through the lighting strip. The model would commence the sequence at a selected time through the code. The next step would be to connect this to other smart lighting in the home.


How can Philips, as a brand, relate more to a youth generation? Drawing from our own experiences, first hand videos and referencing historical youth cultures; we evaluated that this is the connected generation. With advancements in social networking we could all advise and circularly improve products and experiences. From this we created the Philips “New You� service

Start Them Early Our project took on a timeline of touch points for the youth generation. Building trust through an early interaction with the brand; Philips would sponsor swimming lessons, it is a unisex sport that most children engage in, alongside a service that would allow them to track progress, gain class information, win prizes and instill hygeine values. Philips would then go on to sponsor swimming at a more competitive level and use swimming athletes in their advertising.

“Yous” Service The final stage of the project is the Philips “New You” service. Users upload a Selfie to a password protected profile. Through summarising algorithms, their definitive features are gathered by the service, which then pairs them with other users with likewise features. Users can then access relevant information & advice from an honest reliable source that is related to them. Peer reviewed products can then identify improvements and work as an advertising platform at the ideal target market.

Further Information If you like what you see, please visit my website for project videos, further images and more work. Contact information for references available on request. Thanks, Jack

P.S. I make a cracking cup of coffee

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Mini Portfolio .18  

A small collection of projects I have worked on in the past few years

Mini Portfolio .18  

A small collection of projects I have worked on in the past few years