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Kogeto DOT The first 360ยบ panoramic video camera for the iPhone 4 & 4S

MICROBRIEF I want to persuade college age, tech-savvy men and women who are creative, active and adventurous to buy the Kogeto Dot. The Dot is the first 360ยบ panoramic video camera for the iPhone 4 and 4s. It allows the user to capture everything that happens around them. My argument is the Dot allows you to capture your entire experience, even the things you may have missed. You can share these complete experiences with your friends and family.

72% Odds that at this very moment you are missing something. The human field of vision is only 100º of a possible 360º. This means that at any given moment you are missing something, and that something could be amazing. That’s why Kogeto invented the Dot. The Dot is the first 360º panoramic video camera for the iPhone 4 & 4S. So whether you’re filming your latest skate session, your summer road trip or your band’s first show you’ll never miss a thing. Once you’ve captured all the action, relive it by uploading it to Facebook, Twitter or We’re willing to bet you’ll see something you missed.

This is a dot...


The human field of view is only 100ยบ of a possible 360ยบ

...And it can give you 72% of your life back. Kogeto Dot The First 360ยบ Panoramic Video Camera for the iPhone 4 & 4S

Radio Ad Single Male Narrator: Young but intelligent tone and voice. He has to sound comforting, but also make the listener believe what he is talking about. Music: Subtle slow building music throughout ad. Upbeat indie-electronic. Add emotion but not overpower the narrator’s voice.

Did you see that? No, you didn’t. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Well obviously I didn’t see that, I’m listening to a radio ad.” Well, I regret to inform you that you’re still wrong, because at any given moment you’re missing at least 72% of everything that is going on around you. That’s because the human field of vision is only 100 degrees of a possible 360. Well, at least it was until now. With the Kogeto Dot you now have the ability to capture everything that is happening around you with the first 360-degree panoramic video camera for the iPhone 4 & 4S. Check out to see what you’re missing.

Guerilla Ad Kogeto Dot Stop Bus Stops

The Dot Stops would be a series of bus stops around a city each themed around a famous place from around the world: The top of the Eiffel Tower, Times Square, Great Wall of China, Hyde Park, etc. Along with just being themed around a place the Dot Stops would also utilize the Kogeto Dot’s ability to live stream 360º panoramic video by setting a touch screen up in each stop where a user could physically look around the location it was themed after in real-time.

Dot Stop Copy:

Headline: Welcome to (Location Dot Stop is Themed After) Subhead: Made possible by the Kogeto Dot. The first 360º panoramic video camera for the iPhone 4 & 4S Copy: We’ve all had those days where we’d give anything to be somewhere else. So we at Kogeto decided to bring somewhere else directly to you with the help of our Dot 360º panoramic video cameras for the iPhone 4 & 4S. We set up iPhones equipped with a Dot all around the world and they are constantly streaming a 360º video of everything that is happening at each location realtime. So step up to the screen and see what you’re missing.

Kogeto Dot Campaign  

Copywriting Final Project

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