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printing and the environment

Sustainability is in relation to the environment and how to reduce the impact companies have on the Earth. Consumers are pushing for sustainability with free-range this and that, reusing plastic bags, recycling and growing their own vegetables to name a few.

Companies feel the need to satisfy the consumer and in response to the world becoming ʻeco-friendlyʼ look to the likes of graphic designers and printers to ensure they can be as sustainable as possible, whilst sticking to budget.

Accuracy and research into exactly whatʼs required by the client themselves gives them a better understanding of what they want. As opposed to just expecting everything they want is possible and in their price range as well as ensuring the amount of wasted printed material is substantially reduced.

Sustainability to some people and businesses screams low quality, although ways of recycling have drastically changed with a heavy focus on good quality ʻeco-friendlyʼ produce.