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types of proofing

Proofing is an essential part of the print production process. Different methods of proofing the said document can be performed at different stages throughout the process.

laser proof

A digital laser print of the document, to check screen structure, image and text positioning. Cheap way to mock up/proof but itʼs usually only black & white.

pre-press proof

Another style of digital print, incorporating colour. Inexpensive and good approximation of what the final product is to look like, although, the colours may differ to the final colouring.

scatter proof

Proof of either individual or groups of photos enabling a check of the images prior to final proof or print. But the images arenʼt shown in context and in the layout, which can be a downside.

contract proof

A colour final proof used to form a contract between the client and the printer. This is the final proofing stage prior to print, forming an accurate representation of the final product.