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design colour

spot colour

PMS Pantone Matching System Spot colours are used when a precise colour needs to be used. This could include a logo colour specific to a brand which would have a specific pantone or PMS code. Spot colours are also widely used when a colour that sits outside of the gamut range of possible colours requires printing. Spot colours boast a greater intensity and vibrancy due to the fact a spot colour is a flat colour as opposed to a half tone build up of different layers of inks.

Range of solid metallic, pastel and process colours which can be printed on various stocks and substrates.

Pantone pastels Range of flat and solid pale colours, different to tints due to the solid colour block as opposed to the dot build-up of CMYK.

EC - euro coated C - coated

Pantone solid

U - uncoated M - matte

Pantone has a specific coding system that helps printers understand the exact colour the designerʼs requesting.

Pantone hexachrome A six colour process adding orange and green to CMYK to create CMYKOG. These additions help recreate 90% of the Pantone PMS colours.

Pantone metallics Range of metallics colours giving a metallic effect. Popular colours such as gold, silver and bronze can be produced.