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JACK HIDARY FOR MAYOR BACKGROUND CORE PRINCIPLE #1 ...................................................................................................................................3 TECHNOLOGY CORE PRINCIPLE #2 ...................................................................................................................................5 STOP-QUESTION-FRISK AND FEDERAL OVERSIGHT CORE PRINCIPLE #3 ...................................................................................................................................6 OUR CITIZENS AND COMMUNITY POLICING

PUBLIC SAFETY JACK HIDARY FOR MAYOR BACKGROUND November 26, 2012 was a remarkable day in New York City history for what didn’t happen: not a single murder, shooting, stabbing or slashing was reported. As a point of reference, in 1990, the worst crime year on record, there were 2,262 murders in New York. Last year, there were 417 homicides, the lowest number since the city started keeping track in 1963. However, counterintuitively, something else happened as well, most recently and saliently highlighted by the Stop and Frisk issue: as crime went down, the negative interaction with police went up. As Mayor, Jack Hidary intends not only to honor the trend of declining crime rates, but to push for the most productive relationship between our officers and our citizens, by implementing best practices in community policing and by providing our police department with advanced technology. Public safety is not only vital for our citizens, but also essential to attract business and tourism, which in turn creates jobs and economic stability. Jack will work to keep New York City on the vanguard of law enforcement through the use of technology, professional training and community policing, to maintain our distinction as the safest large city in the country. Protecting New Yorkers is the Mayor’s most important responsibility, and a Hidary Administration will never take resources away from the fight against crime and the threat of terrorism.

CORE PRINCIPLE #1 TECHNOLOGY Technology has transformed our police department and continues to have enormous impact on policing in the future. Jack will ensure that New York City remains on the vanguard in identifying and applying new technologies. FUSION CENTERS New York City’s distinction as a global center makes us a target. Mayors Bloomberg and Giuliani have done a phenomenal job using technology to help agencies best share information by establishing Fusion Centers (these exist on both the City and

the State level). New York City is thought to have the most sophisticated urban counterterrorism organization and capability in the world. The city devotes 1,000 police officers full-time to intelligence and counterterrorism efforts. New York State has six state-level fusion centers, the second most in the nation after California. Jack Hidary will ensure that New York City continues to provide the technology, resources and manpower to maintain and develop this crucial aspect of keeping our city safe. BIG DATA New York City led the way in adopting CompStat in 1994, and since then our crime rate has steadily and dramatically declined. CompStat enables NYPD to collect timely and accurate data; determine what tactics are effective; identify which communities need more support from our officers; and drive relentless follow-up and accountability. Data analysis has enabled our police department to become more professional and use sound practices. Jack Hidary believes that this approach, which includes collecting and analyzing data to prevent crime before it happens, should continually be enhanced, reviewed, and upgraded. Our city needs to continue to be on the cutting edge of using big data and new technologies to ensure that crime rates continue to fall. SHOTSPOTTER Up to 80% of gunshots are not reported in high-crime areas because residents fear retaliation. This technology is a gunfire locator system that uses sensors to locate gunfire and passes exact coordinates on to police. It can detect the the exact location (within a few meters) and exact time that shots are fired. In some cases, such as in a drive-by shooting, it can detect the direction and speed of a shooter. It is being used successfully in some cities in Nassau County, and in other large cities across the country, to capture criminals and reach shooting victims as quickly as possible. Analysts also believe ShotSpotter could be used to predict where and when gun violence is likely to occur. Putting this technology in New York’s high-crime areas will enable our police force to investigate gunfire that previously went unreported. TECHNOLOGY FOR POLICE OFFICERS We live in the age of information. We must make computers and tablets standard equipment in patrol cars. Providing these basic tools of the 21st century goes hand in hand with enabling our officers to send incidents straight to central for coordination, follow-up and best practice. VIDEO Use of body cameras by our police officers can reduce complaints and misunderstanding between our officers and our citizens. It can help provide an objective view to help resolve tensions that our City cannot afford to ignore. Former

Police Chief William Bratton is just one noted supporter of using this technology to protect our citizens. FIX 911 ISSUES The City has spent nearly $2 billion to upgrade 911. While the upgrade was intended to create new layers of redundancy and resilience in all areas of 911--police, fire and EMS-- there have been severe glitches in the new technology. Specifically, the new $88 million ICAD system, developed through a City contract awarded to the Alabama-based Intergraph Corp, has been susceptible to system crashes since it was launched, and dispatchers have been forced to use pen and paper, delaying response times, when lives are at stake. This is unacceptable. Data input from one system can get truncated from NYPD dispatchers when relayed to FDNY, for example. We need to improve the software and hardware redundancy and failover systems to ensure 100% uptime. We need better systems integration, and we need people who understand technology overseeing these necessary upgrades. Jack Hidary has more experience and expertise than any other candidate in this area. As Mayor, Jack Hidary will make additional technologies available for our citizens to get immediate help, such as the cell-phone-based NowForce system developed in Israel. NowForce’s system replaces expensive systems purchased by emergency organizations for its call centers and vehicles, and it has three components: an app, which runs on most smartphones, including iOS and Android devices. The app acts as a smart distress signal. This system connects what’s happening in the field with the relevant response team, and locates the responder with the right equipment and training. Missouri’s police department uses this system and response times have decreased from 15 minutes to 2 and half minutes. Additionally, going forward as Mayor, Jack Hidary will ensure that any and all contracts for new technologies approved by the City are backed by reliable vendors with proven track records of efficiency and quality.

CORE PRINCIPLE #2 STOP-QUESTION-FRISK AND FEDERAL OVERSIGHT New York has an opportunity to move forward and find a collaborative solution to develop effective policing that restores the trusted relationship between our communities and the police. Better training and community policing, supported by

cutting-edge technology, such as ShotSpotter, will shift the paradigm so that all our communities feel both protected and respected.

CORE PRINCIPLE #3 OUR CITIZENS AND COMMUNITY POLICING Keeping our city safe is done best with help from our own citizens. New Yorkers have been remarkable in demonstrating collective responsibility to our neighbors and visitors. The Times Square attack in 2010 was averted because two street vendors, Lance Horton and Duane Jackson, alerted patrolmen to the threat after they spotted smoke coming from a vehicle. Jack Hidary will prioritize strengthening the relationship between communities and the police with initiatives including the following: • More officers for community policing: In order to support this effort, Jack Hidary is committed to adding 2,000 more officers for community policing. As former Commissioner Bratton explains, community policing is “not just a meet-andgreet or an event, it is having officers on the street who know and understand the communities they protect.” Jack will ensure that especially in areas where there has been tension, experienced officers will take every opportunity to build productive relationships. He will also advocate for programs such as Field Training, a more intimate way of training officers over a period of years, rather than placing new recruits in high-need areas, to increase trust and communication. As Mayor, Jack Hidary will make it a priority to rebuild a stronger relationship between the police department and our communities. • Community liaisons: Jack Hidary understands the value of working with communities and community leaders to stop crime before it starts, and he will empower communities to appoint or elect a liaison to establish better communication between the police and the communities they serve.

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