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CITY OF DREAMS: IMMIGRATION JACK HIDARY FOR MAYOR INTRODUCTION New York is the City of Dreams, the city where people from around the world have always come to build new and better lives for themselves and their families. In doing so, they have also built our city. Immigration is entwined into our city’s identity, from the Lady in the Harbor, to our neighborhoods to the very histories of our residents. The Mayor of New York City must be on the forefront of advocating policies that support our immigrants and make it possible for them to pursue opportunities, and to contribute to the growth of our city, state and country. As the grandchild of immigrants and a son of Brooklyn, borough of immigrants, Jack Hidary understands that people from distant shores have been and will always be the key to New York’s success. The Hidary Administration will embrace a series of forward-looking policies, and continue to build upon the work of previous leaders to make sure New York remains at the forefront of progressive immigration policy as a model for the nation, now and for decades to come.

CORE PRINCIPLE 1 PUSH FOR RAPID PASSAGE OF THE NEW YORK STATE DREAM ACT This legislation would help undocumented students get TAP assistance. State Comptroller DiNapoli’s report estimates that 8,300 undocumented undergraduate students were enrolled in SUNY and CUNY last fall, largely in the downstate region. More than 75 percent attended CUNY and another 19 percent were at SUNY colleges in the five counties surrounding New York City. Hard work and educational aspirations are valuable assets to any society, will economically benefit the city and state, and must be supported. California, New Mexico and Texas have state Dream Acts, and so should New York.

CORE PRINCIPLE 2 BUILD OUT AND FOLLOW THROUGH ON MAYOR BLOOMBERG’S BLUEPRINT FOR IMMIGRATION INTEGRATION As Mayor, Jack Hidary will build on Mayor Bloomberg’s work with other leaders to best integrate our immigrant population as valuable contributors to our city, and he is committed to providing resources for the following services: •

Dual language programs for children of immigrants.

Pro-bono legal assistance, such as CUNY Citizenship Now program.

Micro lending to help finance naturalization fees.

Partnering with organizations such as Accion to offer immigrants a quick start into our economy, and set up local offices in each borough to help immigrants learn English, train in new skills and access low-cost loans to start and build companies.

City offices to work with NYC companies to support visa applications for their employees.

International business plan competitions.

Educate investors and increase publicity regarding Regional Centers to facilitate economic development under EB-5 visas.

CORE PRINCIPLE 3 AGGRESSIVELY PROSECUTE SCAMMERS WHO ENGAGE IN UNAUTHORIZED PRACTICE OF LAW As Mayor, Jack Hidary will coordinate with the office of the Manhattan District Attorney to aggressively prosecute scammers who engage in the unauthorized practice of law to exploit undocumented residents, by defrauding them of hardearned wages while putting them at risk of deportation or forfeiting the benefits they seek. NYC must be especially vigilant to publicize pro-bono legal support, such as

the CUNY Citizenship Now Program, for youth who may be seeking relief under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy (DACA), and who may fall prey to such scammers. DACA gives qualifying undocumented immigrant youth a two-year deferment on removal proceedings, and/or a 2-year period of work authorization and our youth need to know where to turn for legal help in filing the paperwork.

CORE PRINCIPLE 4 DEMONSTRATE LEADERSHIP IN THE PUSH FOR COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM ON THE NATIONAL LEVEL Jack Hidary will leverage the aggregate influence of the NYC Mayor’s Office and The Partnership for a New American Economy, a coalition of mayors across the country and business leaders, to push for rapid comprehensive immigration reform on the national level. This includes outspoken support for the Federal DREAM Act, which provides a pathway to legal status for undocumented youth as part of the proposed Immigration Bill.

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