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HUMANE NYC JACK HIDARY FOR MAYOR New York City’s 1.1 million pets provide many of our residents with comfort, companionship and health benefits that should not be underestimated. As Mayor, Jack Hidary will ensure that we are as dedicated to the well-being of our animal residents with the following initiatives:

NO KILL CITY Last year, Animal Care and Control took in under 29,000 dogs and cats and euthanized about 8,000 animals. Jack Hidary aims to turn New York into a no-kill city. We must redouble our efforts to further the goals of enlightened and humane treatment of our pets.

MORE PET AREAS IN PARKS We must make New York City more liveable and pet-friendly, not only as a convenience for pet owners, but because it is the humane thing to do. While we have seen a lot of development in terms of dedicated areas for pets and their owners in our parks, we need to upgrade and increase the number of these outdoor spaces.

IMPROVE CONDITIONS AT ANIMAL CARE AND CONTROL Conditions at Animal Care and Control remain deplorable, with an infection rate for animals that nears 100%. Jack Hidary will oversee a restructuring of management and ensure that New York City treats its most vulnerable animals in humane conditions.

REPLACE HORSE-DRAWN CARRIAGES Jack Hidary was one of the first to advocate for a more humane and safer alternative to horse drawn carriages. In their place, Jack proposes using electrically propelled antique cars to provide tourists and visitors with a that is safe, clean and humane. In continuing to employ the drivers, no jobs would be lost. London, Paris, Toronto and Beijing have all banned horse drawn carriages in recent years, and it is time for New York City to do the same.

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