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NAUGHTY BUT NICE TO: BRIDES CC: GROOMS SUBJECT: NAUGHTY BUT NICE DATE: 14 FEB 2015 FROM: THE MISS TO MRS TEAM Brides, The honeymoon is just as important as the wedding- it is where you can have true one-on-one time with your groom and really cherish the early weeks of being a newly married couple. Now, we all know the main feature and main appeal of the 50 shades of grey story is the ‘sexy’ parts to put it mildly and there is no better occasion to buy some special underwear than for your romantic honeymoon. I know what two words have popped up in your head whilst reading this and I’m pretty sure they consist of ‘Ann Summer’s’ however whilst that shop is great for all things fifty shades of grey related, there are other great lingerie shops which sell beautiful pieces for your romantic getaway. Shops such as Figleaves, Intimissimi and Boux Avenue are great places to shop in and offer a bridal collection which is a good place to look! They also have great offers on at the moment too, for example if you buy a full set of lingerie then you get a set of knickers free- perfect for holiday! It is all about personal preference when it comes to underwear so shop around and look in places that have specialised sections for brides as these usually offer some timeless and sexy pieces which I’m sure your groom will love!

Best wishes, Claudia Burns






02. NAUGHTY BUT NICE “Shops such as Figleaves, Intimissimi and Boux Avenue are great places to shop in and offer a bridal collection which is a good place to look!”



“Make sure your man has a slight tan, perfectly styled hair and your Christian Grey inspired husband-to-be is good to go!”

10. BECAUSE WE CAN CAN CAN “Sensuous singing and sexy rhythms would work great for the particular theme we are working with.”

15. BOUDOIR POSES “I am not talking a face caked in foundation; always keep your base light and natural but I think a sensual smoky eye works great for this theme.”

21. GUILTY PLEASURES ‘“Passion fruit’ is a good fruit to feature on your menu as it is a fun way to reinforce your theme and it’s also tasty so win win!”


Product of the month

“I think dark coloured flowers such as dark red floras or even a deep purple will look great as it will create a sultry atmosphere.”

Congratulations Wedding Hair by Lauren Hair Up Specialist that travels to your home or venue for your big day making your morning as stress free as possible.

w w w . w e d d i n g ha i r b y l au r e n . c o . u k


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Happy valentines everyone! So i suspect alot of you reading this are newly engaged, great! This issue is a bit of a twist on valentines as we opted for the more sexier issue! With the books being a massive hit, and the film being released, we have done our own version; 50 Shades of Miss To Mrs. It’s jam packed with great features from lingerie to venues and a special feature on our network event which was held last month. And dont forget The Show Must Go On wedding fayre at Curve Theatre in Leicester with One Stop Wedding Shop! Enjoy!

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Media Manager Heather Chapman Tel: 07762182850 sa l es @ m i ss t o m r s m a g a z i n e . c o m

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Hello, I have great pleasure in introducing myself as a guest fortnightly writer on the Miss to Mrs Blog. My name is Gemma Bannister the owner at Lotty Lollipop, the home of hand painted loveliness. I am so very extremely excited for this opportunity to be joining Kat's team. In my first month and fitting (at times very loosely) around the 50 Shades of Miss to Mrs theme I have been exploring. The empowering trend of Boudoir Photoshoots, the quirky and fun world of an Alice Inspired wedding and finally how to bring 50 shades of grey to your day. I leave you with a picture of me on my Wedding day with my beautiful little Lollipop's. If you have any inspiration on blog pieces I can investigate then I'd love to hear from you

Feature Writer Claudia Burns

Photographer Michelle Howard Some of the companies we work with



With Valentines, and the month of love fast approaching, Scarlet Nights has something for everyone. From jewellery to sex toys, this company is constantly on the look-out for new products and suppliers. This is why all the women out there need to take a look at their carefully sourced items, and realise the value-for-money Scarlet Nights brings. Their best sellers include Monogamy; a two-player extravaganza, and a rather naughty board-game with exciting, sexy and sometimes hilarious challenges. Who said board-games were out of fashion? Others include a beautiful burgundy draped neck dress and a striking, slick, white leather-look mini dress, perfect for club or fetish wear. Like we said, Scarlet Nights really can cater for anything and everything. And men, don’t miss out on a huge range of sex toys, which we are sure you’ll have never come across before. So if you’re looking for a wedding night with a raunchy difference, Scarlet Nights can supply for all your desires, with a range of bondage products, lingerie, fun ‘n’ games and the all important essentials range. Priding themselves on customer service, fast delivery and quality products, Scarlet Nights are here to provide a twist on the usual clothing and accessories store. So why not check them out on Facebook or go to


Scarlet Nights also has plenty of deals which you can find online. Signing up to their newsletter on the web can also be a great way of finding out about their new products and best sellers on a regular basis.

w w w. s c a r l e t n i g h t s . c o . u k

Check out Scarlet Nights on Facebook

MR GREY WILL SEE YOU NOW TO: BRIDES CC: GROOMS SUBJECT: MR GREY WILL SEE YOU NOW DATE: 14 FEB 2015 FROM: THE MISS TO MRS TEAM Brides, I think it is safe to say that the character of Mr Grey has sent ladies into a frenzy and do not deny it brides-to-be, we all dream of walking down the aisle with our very own Christian Grey! Now, whilst I cannot give you the beautiful Jamie Dornan (the actor who plays Christian) as a wedding present (I think I would keep him for myself anyway, hehe) I can give you ideas on how to make your man look utterly divine for your big day. The pictures released from the film almost all feature Mr Grey in a striking and expensive looking suit and this is where I have taken my inspiration from- a good fitting suit in the right colour is the most flattering thing any man can wear in my opinion! A three piece suit is a good way to go for your groom and depending on your colour scheme; a dark grey or navy blue suit with a crisp white shirt will look great and mostly importantly, smart. Now I’m sure the price of Christian Grey’s suit would break the bank but fear not, you can get fantastic dupes for an affordable price in stores such as Marks and Spencer which offer a wide range of beautiful suits. Again, depending on the colour scheme you could swap the white shirt, for a baby blue colour or even a pink which will look just as good and will offer an alternative to the universal white shirt. Ties are also an important part of the outfit and the picture I am swooning over of Mr Grey features him in a grey suit with a white shirt and grey tie. When you go shopping, whether it is in a high-end store or not, make sure your groom gets the best possible advice from staff as they can suggest colours which go together and put together the dream wedding suit. Now all that’s left is to make sure your man has a slight tan, perfectly styled hair and your Christian Grey inspired husband-to-be is good to go!

Best wishes, Claudia Burns


BECAUSE WE CAN CAN CAN TO: BRIDES CC: GROOMS SUBJECT: BECAUSE WE CAN CAN CAN DATE: 14 FEB 2015 FROM: THE MISS TO MRS TEAM Brides, When it comes to entertainment for your wedding, it is important that it reflects the theme of your big day. Seeing as we are talking about the sensational novel that is 50 shades, the entertainment should be cool, sexy and romantic- for example, Burlesque dancers. The company Scarlett Entertainment are global entertainment specialists who focus on weddings and offer great burlesque shows from a 1920s spectacular dance show to ‘aerial burlesque’ which features a solo performer who offers a more romantic and ‘cool’ vibe to her performance. The music for the reception should also reflect this theme and you can take inspiration from the films playlist, for example the version of Beyonce’s Crazy in Love which features in the upcoming film is exactly what music you should be aiming for! Songs that feature intense lyrics, sensuous singing and sexy rhythms would work great for the particular theme we are working with and whilst you have to have some cheesy tunes thrown in to dance to, taking a more relaxed and chilled vibe with the music will work really well here I think. Again this will have to reflect in your choice of DJ and just because it’s a wedding, it doesn’t mean the songs have to be soppy; tell the DJ you would like to go down a different route and I am sure he/she will suggest a playlist which will fit perfectly with the rest of the entertainment.

Best wishes, Claudia Burns


Check out our latest blog for our review on the Younique mascara!

FLEUREVER DESIGNS Natasha Piercy 07837115895 Facebook: fleureverdesigns

“We love these handmade gifts. Get yours now!”




BOUDOIR POSES TO: BRIDES CC: GROOMS SUBJECT: BOUDOIR POSES DATE: 14 FEB 2015 FROM: THE MISS TO MRS TEAM Brides, You might be wondering what you can get your husband as a present and rather than the typical gifts, why not kick it up a notch and organise a special photography shoot of you for your groom. The company Miss Boudoir is a fantastic place to look as they specialise in sexy bridal boudoir photo shoots- their slogan is “For all women whether you’re a feminine softy, or a sultry glamour puss” and therefore they cater for everyone. Basically, it is a sensual boudoir photo-shoot for brides to be who want to surprise their partner with beautiful yet provocative images and it is in your hands how you want the shoot to run, for example you can be really sexy or choose to be more cheeky and demure which I think is great if this is a new thing for you. It can come in the form of an album, a calendar or as single pictures so the choice is yours in how you want to surprise your man- there are many companies who offer a similar thing. In terms of bridal hair and makeup and thinking of this romantic theme we are working with, I think more is more when it comes to make-up. I am not talking a face caked in foundation; always keep your base light and natural but I think a sensual smoky eye works great for this theme. Check out Charlotte Tilbury’s eye collection which features the most beautiful smoky eye palette and a step-by-step guide which is great for brides who are doing their make-up by themselves. I also think a red lip works well as long as it works with your skin tone and some subtle contouring is also great. Beautifully curled hair is also a big trend at the moment and so is the ‘beach wave’ look which will look stunning with the make-up looks mentioned above!

Best wishes, Claudia Burns

Great Malvern has been renowned for its unique spa treatments throughout the past 200 years, taking us back to the Victorian era. The Victorians were known for their alternative health and renewal treatments, places such as Bath and Great Malvern were known for their natural springs. Just like the Victorians, we too merit the value and healing properties of natural spring

“We had an amazing time and a much needed rest as I am sure you can imagine. It was so peaceful and relaxing, that the added spa facilities were a complete bonus on top of everything else! The outside hydro pool was my favourite place and I also received an all over body massage, superb!! I took my partner Chris with me, and as a couple we have to say that it really is the perfect place for couples to unite and relax, especially after all the planning and bustle that a wedding can bring. So as a couple, we can fully recommend the large shower and luxurious rooms!!!” Five stars from MisstoMrs Magazine x

spas. In 2008 “The Malvern” would carefully select the perfect site to rebuild a natural spa, settling near a known bore hole providing the renowned natural water of the Malvern Hills. Malvern’s water is known for its unique properties which is full of minerals, both pure and fresh from the natural filtration. You can drink and bathe in the water. It is even used throughout the hotel! There are many services that are ideal for the wedding party, whether prior to your day

or as a relaxing break immediately after your wedding day! You have the luxurious boutique AA 4* hotel rooms, the AA Rosette awarded restaurant, the amazing spa facilities and of course the outstanding treatments. What better way to spend those beautiful moments directly after your big day. My advice would be to set aside a few days to chill out and be pampered before you jet off on honey moon.




Jenn Hitchcock BA Hons. Tel: 07824 368597 Find me on facebook at: Jenn Hitchcock Photography

Mr Grey Grey is the new black

Get that look With grey being the new black, and the upcoming film release of Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s hotter than ever. But don’t forget, you can add splashes of colour to make that suit pop as you walk down the aisle. Why not try and reflect David Beckham or Jamie Dornan and use that inspiration for your big day.

DO’S AND DONT’S DO accessorise with items such as braces and hats. Funk it up! DON’T accessorise with too many colours. You don’t want to be looking like Elmer the Elephant.

Braces: Top Hat: Cameron Ross suit: (Cameron Ross stockists)

Suit & bow tie: Watch and Shoes:

Don’t fight the white This evening suit is a classic white number not to be overlooked. This sharp attire should be complemented with shiny black shoes and a gold pocket watch for that retro touch. Although lightly coloured suits are going to be a 2015 spring sensation, this could be a risque option and should be kept just for the evening! We would recommend you think about your hair colour (darker the better) before trying to pull this one off. But if you’re feeling it, go for it!


Brides, With Valentines in mind, your wedding menu should be full of indulgent and satisfying dishes. You could base your wedding meal on a ‘candlelit dinner’ scenario and to go with this, your menu should be sophisticated and fulfilling. For starters, you could offer pate with a range of chutneys and warm bread, cured salmon gravadlax which could be cut out in the shape of heart or traditional soup which could be a vegetarian option. In terms of main courses, dishes which your guests may not normally have could feature on the menu for example duck or even fish such as sea bass or monkfish- this will mimic high-end restaurant menus and really give that special valentines dinner feel, just on a larger scale! The dessert course is most associated with a romantic meal so have a large selection on offer for your guests if possible as it’s the course we all look forward to the most! Pretty dishes such as Mille Fuille which is layers of puff pastry, vanilla cream and strawberries will look beautiful on the plate and also allow you to play with the traditional ‘chocolate strawberries’ which are normally served. The strawberries can be drizzled in melted chocolate or you could have chocolate cream sandwiched between the pastry instead of vanilla. You could also serve chocolate marquise which is like a set mousse with passion fruit syrup. ‘Passion fruit’ is a good fruit to feature on your menu as it is a fun way to reinforce your theme and it’s also tasty so win win!

Best wishes, Claudia Burns



W ed d 2 DI 1 ing

Sa tu rd % ay


SC stF O O ebr p UN ua en T ry, D O N 10a ay TH m E - 2p DA m Y ~

Fun and quirky or elegant and romantic wedding cakes, we cater for any request and budget. Personalised and novelty wedding toppers, Cupcake towers, cake decorating Hen Parties. Samantha 07773298563 Email: | Solihull, West Midlands


Proud to be part of

The Wedding Peo ple Shilt on


Sunday 8 th March 2015

11.00 - 3.00 A variety of fabulous suppliers!

Newark Showground



Free entry, goody bag & tastings Free welcome cocktail Free wedding magazines Wedding craft workshops & demos Live entertainment and more!

Creative, fun and inspiring! bridalboutiquefair PinkTreeWedding

Sponsored by Ruby Beech Celebrant & Sugar & Spice, Lincoln

Our next fair will be held on Sun 26th April 2015 at Newark Town Hall

EXPERTS Hello there readers! We’ve chosen a few companies to be featured for our Meet the Experts pages that we find could come in handy when it comes to planning your wedding. We’ve brought companies in from all different areas of the wedding industry to talk to you a little bit about what they offer and what they can bring to the table! We hope this helps and can give you some great ideas!

AS I drink my morning coffee while reading the delights of Facebook, I suddenly see a comment regarding photographers that steal other photographers work from the internet. For the purpose of passing others work off as their own!!! �. WHAT!! Yes, as their own!! Couples were left with work that did not reflect the style of work that they had originally fallen in love with. So how can you avoid this? Well.. I cannot say to you, that a cheap product is an inferior product! But I will say be careful of wedding packages that seem too good to be true, because they often are. I have been the rescuer of many a wedding in my career. What I will say is, do not rely on the internet alone as your only form of research. Go and see your

Would you like to feature on our ‘Ask the Experts page? It is a great opportunity, not only to show off your knowledge, but also to help those looking to get into the field you’re in.

photographer, understand what you are paying for? Look at their display products, prints and most of all what are they like, would you want them on your day? And would you be happy to work with them after your day? Are they insured? Are they part-time/full-time? And most of all will they be your photographer on the day!! I work from my studio and home, and my clients can come and see me in which ever one suits them best; they see my work up close in print and my display products which I have invested in, which of course means that I am committed and value my product. I would adopt the same attitude throughout the industry� see the product meet the person! MY name is Sarah and, in short, I adore vintage, especially hair, from the finger waves of the 20's, the updo's and rolls of the 40's, to the Marilyn curl sets of the 50's and the beehives of the 60's. Why do I love it so much you ask? Because It brings back a time of femininity and glamour, memories of a bygone age where ladies dressed as such on a daily basis. The look on my clients face when they see the style I've created for them fills me with joy, especially when it is coupled with the words "I've not felt so feminine in ages". I can do this for you - for any special occasion, a party, a hen do and of course, your wedding. Please contact me for details and I can help you release your inner Pin Up!

For more info go to MY name is Helen Alborn and I have a small cake business based in Anstey in Leicestershire. After retiring through ill health, I recuperated over a number of years at home and passed the time messing about baking and decorating cakes. It was a natural progression to start a small business and this has been growing year on year. I'm asked to do all sorts of cakes for individuals and businesses, but I love making wedding cakes. I work with couples to create a cake that not only tastes amazing but fits perfectly with the feel and theme of their wedding celebrations.

I pride myself on my attention to detail and have made all styles of cakes so you can truly have that personal touch. Quirky fact... I have cravings for honey glazed chorizo! (Weird I know) and can work for hours on nothing but fresh air and gallons of tea. We are on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: Helen Alborn Cakes

My Name is Kerry Towe. I’m a beautician & MUA. I work within all areas of beauty & make-up, aiming to specialise in wedding make-up in the future. I have a lot of experience in the beauty industry, working in various salons over the last few years until I decided I wanted to work independently and set up my own business. It’s important for me to be flexible in whatever I do. Being pretty versatile with my skills, I’m open new ideas and love experimenting with different styles. Alternative Wedding?! Yes! I’m up for a challenge! Just try me! I like to keep a friendly relationship with my clients, having a chat over a cup of tea and being open to

any questions you may have. I pride myself on keeping things affordable, offering quotes for any of my services via e-mail, telephone or in person. Just get in touch! I offer make-up trials for brides, and selected discount if you come as a bridal party. This includes bridesmaids, mother of the brides, maid of honour etc. I suppose my U.S.P is that I hold pre-pamper parties for all you lovely ladies to have the whole works done in the running up to the big day. So not just your make-up! It’ll include things such as eyebrow threading, waxing, cluster lashes and CND shellac nails!

Venues Covered is a Wiltshire based family run company, specialising in whole wedding room decor and lighting. We create perfect reception spaces using our array of chair covers, room and ceiling drapery, centrepieces and more! We also create bespoke items ranging from favours to signs and larger props. Venues Covered was created 6 months after my own wedding, due to finding out I was pregnant with my son. To care for him, my husband, Barry, and myself decided we would use the time to start a business...and as we had created so much for our own wedding (and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole wedding

Venues Covered

Find me on facebook!

planning process), we decided a wedding based business would be great. We initially started with only chair covers and a handful of weddings back in 2011, and now offer practically everything to make a wedding perfect, through our hard work ethic and working with such fantastic Brides and Grooms!"

ESSENTIALS DO’S AND DONT’S DO fresh flowers, they smell great! DON’T try and make your own beauty products, leave it to the professionals.

Treat Yourself You need to look and feel the best. And nothing does that better than exclusive beauty products and fresh flowers. This is what it’s all about. You are what it’s all about. So don’t forget to prepare for your wedding day in a way that suits you.

Flowers: Face mask: Hydrogel:

Meet the Experts

BUT I WANT MORE TO: BRIDES CC: GROOMS SUBJECT: BUT I WANT MORE DATE: 14 FEB 2015 FROM: THE MISS TO MRS TEAM Brides, There are hundreds of ideas for romantic favours and stationary for your big day. Instead of going down the cheesy valentine route (although great), look for extras which are a bit more ‘classy’ and romantic. Candles are a great option especially if you are going with the candlelit dinner theme for your meal and depending on what company you go to, you can personalise the candles, for example the label can have ‘Mr and Mrs’ intertwined on the front. You could also do a ‘Pandora’s box’ type favour, with small items inside which reflect the theme of your day. In terms of flowers, I think dark coloured flowers such as dark red floras or even a deep purple will look great as it will create a sultry atmosphere. Flowers such as amaryllis, hydrangeas or orchids are a small collection of flowers which look beautiful in these deep colours and can be made into gorgeous arrangements. I think deep colours will also look fantastic in terms of jewellery, for example deep red ruby earrings or a statement necklace in the same colour. The colour is romantic yet it is also quite sexy and will work well with the typical white bridal dress- it will bring a bit of spice to your outfit!

Best wishes, Claudia Burns





"Gorgeous accessories as special as you" Tilly-Minx accessories are one of a kind treasures created from original vintage jewellery, meaning each piece is unique, just like each client. Forgotten treasures, a grandma's brooch, an unexpected find at a local antique fair are the initial inspiration for each piece. "This is a jewellery journey, from a once loved vintage jewel, with the influence and glamour of days gone by, combined with a fashion conscious twist. It's upcycling at its best, being reinvented, reloved and a joy to wear and share. The journey from past to present and to the future all in one amazing design" Tilly-Minx Vintage collections are available at The Handmade Boutique in Touchwood Solihull and The White Boutique. Leamington Spa. Meet the designer, Annette, at the boutiques to discuss your special accessories. w w w. t i l l y - m i n x v i n ta g e. c o . u k I n s t a g r a m :  t i l l y m i n x v i n t a g e T i l l y - M i n x   V i n ta g e

Weddings throughout the history

1900s - present

With the UK’s wedding industry being worth an estimated £10 billion a year we can really see how weddings have developed and grown over the decades. Big lavish fairy tale wedding are now longer for royalty or the rich and famous. Lets take a look back through history to see how far weddings have come over the past 100 hundred years.

The 1900’s   In the early 1900s, Most wedding dress featured a traditional S-shaped corset, drawing in stomach and pushed out the bust ,wide and puffy sleeves that tapered to the narrow forearms. White was the colour for affluent brides while other brides opted to wear azure, mauve, or pale pink. High waists, high collars, long trains, long gloves, and veiled. By 1910 the dress style had changed slightly introduced a more flowing silhouette for wedding gowns. Dancing also became a very popular part of the wedding celebrations. Phonographs would provide background music as guests danced the tango, turkey trot, and hesitation waltz.

The 1920’s & 1930’s Who would have know that this era would have made such a massive comeback. With Downton abbey and the grate Gatsby 1920’s wedding are popular once more and it’s clear to see why with such stunning designs. However traditional wedding in the 1920’s were are far cry from the 1920’s themed wedding from today. By the 1930’s Wedding décor often featured Art Deco influences with black, white and gold colour palette, faceted mirror glass, crystal chandeliers, and marble surfaces. Many brides also swapped traditional veils for hats and headpieces.

The 1940’s & 1950’s  Wartime weddings often left little time for plans and preparations. Fabrics, lace and silk were rationed and expensive and a luxury that not everyone could afford therefore most brides opted to wear a more practical suite as apposed to a traditional wedding dress this wedding attire also carried on after the war and into into the 1950’s. Wedding receptions were usually held at the bride or grooms parents house or at the local pub or church halls. Music and dancing was a big part of the wedding celebration, Big band and swing got everyone dancing.

The 1960’s – 1970’s Over the next 20 years weddings changed quite a lot from Fashion to music and even technology. From the big bands music of the 40’sand 50’s by now the Beatle and Elvis had taken the world by storm. Photographers had much better equipment taking coloured images and cine camera video footage was also captured. Wedding were either held in a church or registry office and most receptions were held in school halls, church halls and social clubs.

1980’s – 1990’s When you think of 80’s weddings you think of either Jason and Kylie or Lady Diane and Prince Charles. Big meringue dresses and perms were all the rage. Some of the very best wedding dress fashion disasters came from this decade however by the mid 1990’s Bridal fashion was back on track, wedding budgets had also started to get much bigger and most wedding reception were held in hotel function rooms or golf clubs. By the mid to late 90’s Brides and Grooms also had the option to take their wedding vows in a non religious civil ceremony at a chosen venue of choice. Many luxury hotels, manors, homes and even castles applied for wedding licences so that the ceremonies could take place onsite. 2000’s


With the average UK wedding costing £25,000 You can see why wedding have become a multi £ billion industry. With live band and entertainment, Ice sculptures and magicians, dove released and fireworks and not to mention all of the traditional items like the cake, flowers, photographers, cars, and the all important wedding dress. Wedding now a days are true celebration and one that can be as unique and beautiful as the couple who are taking their vows. Over the past 10 years weddings have change more than ever and celebrity wedding play a big part in setting fashions and trends. However I do wonder how wedding will be 50 or 100 years from now.

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Sarah - 07811 348739 Kerry - 07505 145951 enquiries@ thesmar terbride

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for Brides , Brides to be, Grooms and Bridesmaids. In fact anyone who is getting married, or who has friends and family, or who knows someone who is getting married. Being broadcast across the UK and parts of Europe, UKWedding TV has the potential to reach over 12million homes. It is free on Sky Channel 212 and Freesat 401. UKWeddingTV are excited to link up with Miss to Mrs Magazine to bring you the latest in Bridal fashion and information from the UK and overseas. See actual wedding suppliers giving away inside secrets with our presenters. See actual Weddings and how the bride and grooms feel after their

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Special Day. We are looking for Brides to talk to us about their day and share their experiences. Was it emotional? Was it fun? How did you plan that ‘special’ something? Suppliers we want to feature your new ideas, and support our Brides to have a truly special day. If you miss the TV show, don’t worry, it is available after the broadcast on our own special free streaming website, so you have no need to miss the latest show. With programmes going out before Christmas and a new series planned for the new year, follow us in Miss to Mrs Magazine or on our website.

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The Old Rectory Hotel “THE BEST KEPT SECRET�

Wonderfully private and set in the middle of wooded gardens, The Old Rectory caters for all your requirements so that you can relax and enjoy your day. Licensed for all civil ceremonies Exclusive Use Stunning Historic Building Individual Character Bedrooms Personal Attention and Planning from the Owner Glorious Private Gardens Excellent Cuisine

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