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How to Recover Data after System Restore on Mac From:

Solution to Retrieve Data After System Reco very

 When we use our Mac, sometimes we may ne

ed to restore system due to virus infection, th e Mac runs too slowly, and more other reason s. If we backup the important files before rest oration, it is OK; but once we forget to backu p some files, a disaster hits. In this condition, how can you solve the problem? How to recover files after system restore?

Data recovery after system restore

 You may ask some expert to do the recovery j

ob. But now and here, you can do the recover y yourself! And it is very simple! To do this job, what you need is just a Data recovery progra m. Here, Data recovery after system restore i s right your choice. This tool can help you rec over lost files easily.

How to:  The following steps will tell you how to retriev

e data after system restore.

 Step 1. Choose a file recovery mode  Run this app after you finish installation. In th

e first window, select the Lost Data Recovery to try first. it can quickly scan the lost data. If i t fails, try the Raw Recovery mode.

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Step 2. Select a drive to scan lost files

 In the next window, select the drive where yo

ur files are gone, then click the Scan button o n the top to start scanning the lost files.

Screeshot 2

Step 3. Preview and recover files

 This file recovery after system restore lets yo

u preview some files, such as images, docume nts, html, etc. you can preview them before r ecover the files.  To recover a file or a folder, just click the box

before the file name, and then set an external drive as output folder to save the recovered fil es. Then press OK to start recovering. Soon y ou will get your files back.

How to Recover Lost Data after system restore  
How to Recover Lost Data after system restore  

This article will show you how to recover date after restore your system