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Clinical Photography Service Information for Staff

Requesting a Clinical Photograph We recommend if you are intending to send a patient to the department straight from clinic, to call the department first, this will allow us to prepare the studio. If patients are not able to attend the studio straight from their clinic appointment, we are happy to make an appointment for them to attend the studio at a later date. Either call the department on ext 74258 or send a completed request card to Medical Photography & Illustration Department at Kent & Canterbury Hospital. Photography requests can also be made for patients who are on the ward and in theatre. Please call the department to arrange a time that is suitable for the patient and staff. If you wish to demonstrate a particular clinical feature, feel free to accompany your patient to the studio. Otherwise a simple sketch can often help us to locate the specific feature you are interested in. When telephoning the department on ext 74258, you will need to have all the patient’s details available prior to contacting us, as we will want to know: - Hospital site - Ward or clinic - Patient’s name - Their date of birth - Their hospital number - Referring clinician - Which anatomical areas needs photographing - If they are an in-patient; when the dressings will be down - Planned date and time of operation

We offer a wide range of photographic options, and follow nationally recognised guidelines for clinical photography by the Institute of Medical Illustrators.

Viewing Clinical Photographs Once the photographs Medical wabalogic are taken, they are M Image mag g ® MIM Manager nag uploaded to a secure central database known as “Medical Image Manager” (MIM), which can be accessed by EKHUFT’s intranet. A username and password is required for access to the database, which can be obtained from the Medical Photography & Illustration Department For access to MIM you will need to email:

Handling Images All our clinical imaging is digital and extra care is required to preserve the patient’s cofidentiality when handling patient recordings. You must prevent patient images being seen by anyone other than appropriate professionals. Patients’ wishes and written consent must be complied with at all times. More information about EKHUFT consent, storage and usage policy can be found on the intranet, via the medical photography & Illustration’s web page: http://www.ekhuft. policies-and-forms/ If Clinical Photographs need to be sent to East Grinstead Hospital (QVH) you must use the following secure web site: In order to send images/documents that are over a certain size, you should use Secure File Transfer (SFT). You and the recipient must both have accounts in order to activate this transfer. Failure to use the correct secure method in sending clinical photographs to another hospital could lead to disciplinary action.

Informed Consent Clinical photographs, regardless of who makes the recordings, belong to the Trust, and are classed as a procedure, therefore all patients must be consented before a recording is made of their condition. To assist with the informed consent process you can find the Trust’s clinical photography consent form and information about the EKHUFT consent, storage and usage policy, on the intranet (via the medical photography & Illustration’s web page) There are three levels of consent: Record only :

the photographs are taken for the patient’s medical records and should be only used in relation to the patient’s care.


the photographs can be used for teaching in the healthcare environment. They must not be published, either in print or electronically (Internet) or copied to others.


the photographs may be used for the specific purposes that you describe on the form. Informed consent for publication requires that you name the publication/journal and the patient is aware of its use.

Don’t forget to consent your patients prior to photography being undertaken!

Email: Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm Closed for lunch between 12:30 and 1:00pm Closed all Bank Holidays

Address: Medical Photography and Illustration Department East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust Kent and Canterbury Hospital (K&C) Ethelbert Road Canterbury Kent CT1 3NG Telephone Number: 01227 866461

Staff Web Address: resources/medical-photography/ Kent and Canterbury Hospital Site(K&C)

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