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The Observes episode 1 (HELIMED 1) Part 2

The Observes episode 1 (HELIMED 1) Part 2 We rejoin the team as they transport their RTC victim to St Charlottes ED, attend a serious accident, and Bruce starts his night shift, meets the Trauma team and gets a taste of Charlottesburg football violence.

As the team prepare to leave the scene, Police accident investigators arrive to attempt to make sense of the crash.

Frankie : Ok Folks this is John 29, been involved in a RTC at around 40 MPH, was trapped for approx. 30 mins before being extricated by Fire, Pulse was 150, now 120, BP has stabilised at 100 over 70, GCS was 2/2/2, obviously now had an RSI and been tubed. Query fractures to the pelvis, C5 C6, right femur and multiple ribs.

Frankie : So you got this Team Leader : Sure ‘Pager bleeps’

Frankie: Whats the situation here? Duty Officer : We’ve got a builder, hes fallen from a ledge and got himself impaled on a iron rod on the way down. Ronnie : Ok if I get up there and give them a hand?

Duty officer: Ok how do you want to do this, we where thinking aluminium oxide bladed saw cut each side and lower him down to you? Frankie : Ok as long as you can keep the vibration down. Duty Officer: RIGHT YOU LOT! Lets get another bowline round him to a pulley up top, cut as close as we can ok.

Ronnie : Ok hes as ready as can be. Cooper: Ok i’ve got him, Take up the slack!

Frankie: On the board! Tom can you come sort collur and blocks, Ronnie can we replace that airway with an ET, ketamine and sux, ill see what i can do with these bleeds. Ronnie : On it! Bruce grab me a lanyxscope and an size 8, Andy drugs, then we can move him into the rig.

Frankie: This is Andy 30, Fallen approx. 6 feet onto a iron rod which he became impaled apon.... Nurse: Ok everybody got a piece, on 3.

The Team ended their shift on a high as Andy the builder underwent successful surgery and is now on a ward and expected to make a good recovery. Bruce says fairwell to Ronnie as she returns to WLAS, and says see you later to Frankie as he takes a day off before returning on a night shift to lead the ED Tramua team.

Amber : Hey Hows it going, you must be Bruce, our wideeyed Tech, I’m Amber Brown, I’m a Registrar down here in the ED, and Bravo Doctor on call, seen as the previous team have no manners, i’ll introduce you to everyone...

First we have Mr Rodgers, who you met earlier, hes a Consultant down here, team leader tonight. Frankie : Hi again my man, Dr Brown... I don’t really want to be paged down again tonight.

Amber: Right, its friday night... so sorry in advance, and this is Joan Harper, Charge nurse. Joan : Hey, Im here anyway, bring me a trauma tonight, i don’t mind...

Mr Dudley: Bonecrusher, Dave: Scribe, Anna, Joanne :Staff Nurses, Mr Mareo : On call consultant anaesthetist , Dr Collins: GS Registrar, and Johnny over there is our radiographer. See yall later. Damm... Shout! Your gonna have to meet Peter in the car...

“Charlie Papa 1, 7 To 1 Alpha Urgent active” “1,7 GO!” “1,7 on Adelaide, Need backup and EMS, we’ve got 1 suspect serious stab wound, 1 suspect slashed across face with glass”

“11 Alpha, Bravo team arriving at scene over� Amber: What we got guys? Firefigher : This ones got a deep stab wound into the right lung, ET and chest tube, that one got glassed by this one, deep laceration across the face, football argument apparently....

Keep watching for the shift. The Team work to save the football fan, and attend other late night altercations.

The observers episode 1 (HELIMED 1) Part 2/3

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