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A day in the life. Episode 1:

About this book Engine 3, Medic 3 is the busiest firehouse in the city, Medic 3 can attend over 2000 999/911 calls every year. Many calls where left out of this book, on this day the boys also attended a small car accident, a baby in distress and a man who collapsed on the street.

End of The Shift

A day in the life. Episode 1: MEDIC 3. 28th August 2010

Medic 3 The City of Charlottesburg prides it self on its EMS operations, the cities firefighters are all cross trained and often swap around the crew ambulances. Paramedic certified crews are always on scene within 6 minutes of a 911 call. Medic 3 is the busiest ambulance in the city, Quartered with Engine 3 in Eastside, it responds to well over 2000 calls a year.

A day in the life. Episode 1: MEDIC 3. 28th August 2010

28th August 2010 Here we follow some of the calls attended by MEDIC 3, and its crew for the day, Firefighter/ Paramedics : Rob Vobossa, and Jimmy "Red Call" Scarlett of Station 3: C Shift.

"Sir, Open up, police department!"

Jimmy "What we got?" Cop "Guy up the street called 911, aint seen the resident in 3 days"

"Hello!, Ambulance!"

"Medic 3, Dispatch?" "Requesting a Truck company for break in at this box over"

"Try and force the door with the irons"

"No way cap, reinforced!" "Get a saw on it!"

A Truckie gloves up to remove the door.

"Ok wer're in!" " "Fire Department, Can you hear me?"

"ew, Rob!, call the coroners will you man, hes been here a while"

"Medic 3, Respond code 3, commercial structure fire, Harkhul Road, Eastside"

The Crew arrive at the scene of a large fire in a storage warehouse, their housemates Engine 3 arrived first due.

Luckily the crew arn't needed at the fire.

just as they sit down for lunch another call comes in, it turns out to be a false alarm.

Day In The Life, Episode 1  

Medic 3 Feature in Episode 1.