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An A – Z of feline fears Jack Noel

First published in the United Kingdom in 2008 by Uptat autpat 10 Aliquamet Autpat London WXX 000

ISBN 000-0-0000000-00-0

An imprint of Veriureet Books Company Ltd

Printed and bound by XXXXX

Copyright Š Jack Noel, 2010

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An A – Z of feline fears Jack Noel

Uptat autpat

Anuptaphobia  fear of remaining single

Bathmophobia  fear of stairs

Coulrophobia  fear of clowns

Dendrophobia  fear of trees

Eisoptrophobia  fear of mirrors

Frigophobia  fear of cold or cold things

Geniophobia  fear of chins

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia fear of the number 666

Ichthyophobia  fear/dislike of fish

Jabbaphobia  fear of small talk

Keraunophobia   fear of thunder and lightning

Lutraphobia  fear of otters

Musophobia  fear of mice or rats

Neophobia  fear of newness, novelty

Olfactophobia  fear of smells.

Pupaphobia  fear of puppets

Quasaphobia  fear of distant galaxies

Ranidaphobia  fear of frogs

Sciaphobia  fear of shadows

Triskadekaphobia  fear of the number 13

Uranophobia    fear of Heaven

Venustraphobia  fear of beautiful women

Wiccaphobia     fear of witches

Xanthophobia  fear of yellow

Ymberphobia  fear of pelting rain

Zoophobia  fear of animals

Scaredy Cats is a new book idea from Jack Noel, author of Love Letters: A very adult alphabet book published by Portico Books, February 2009.

Scaredy Cats  

An A - Z of feline fears

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