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The Magic Natural Remedy A remedy that is so effective on many diseases, anti-aging and skin care but unknown by western world

by Jack T. H. Chang

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Introducing a long history proven folk remedy from China, so effective on many diseases, anti-aging and skin care already cured hundreds of thousands people who suffered from various diseases Reported by China local television and newspaper

Introduction The remedy I want to introduce is called XXXXXXXXX. Before I explain production method and how to takes it. I want to talk about the fundamental concept of this magic remedy so that you understand why everyone will benefit from this remedy even for a healthy person. This remedy is originated from China with a long history and is also well known by Japanese and Korean. Japan is world number one longevity country, particularly, in the __________ Island. One interesting fact is that almost all the longevity elders who live in this island have taken magic remedy on their daily diet, a little in the morning or night. In Korea, the ancient legend says "If you have __________, take magic remedy". In China __________ television had reported this remedy before. I personally also have seen the newspaper “___________� reported this remedy. No one knows exactly how long this remedy exists but the fact is so many people who have all kind of symptom already benefit from this magic remedy. But as I understand the majority of western world is not aware of this remedy. Please visit for more information.

Before I tell you how powerful this natural remedy is, I want to show you a way that you can verify the information I provide is true or not yourself by using Google search because many people are very skeptical. The following is the procedure: 1. Type "the English name of magic remedy" or " the English name of magic remedy + medical effect" to Google translation tool( and select translate it to Chinese(Traditional). 2. Copy and paste that Chinese name to and do a search. You will see there are 695000 search result for " magic remedy " and 176000 search result for " magic remedy +medical effect" . 3. Click on "Translate this page" to whatever language you want and read the content yourself and you will know the power of this remedy. You can see many real users feedback later on this ebook here and the reason why this remedy is so powerful is that it can clear blood clots and deposit on blood vessels through emulsification.

Fundamental Concept The whole ingredients of this remedy provide a complete nutrition in their most absorbable form for human body. Together with health and medical benefit provided by each ingredient makes human body healthily perform all the biochemistry reaction, resulting in positive health effect and eliminating diseases. This remedy is not created for a particular symptom but tends to improve overall health condition. This is the main reason why it is so effective to cure or alleviate so many symptoms.

Health and Medical Benefit of Magic remedy The nutrients that magic remedy provides produce a multiplier effects on health. It can clear blood clots and deposit on blood vessels through emulsification, help the body's cell regeneration, splitting, soften blood vessels, improve blood circulation, metabolism, enhance immunity, physical fitness, slow aging, aid digestion, detoxification, promote absorption, reduce phlegm, improve dampness. Among these benefits, the most important one is that it can emulsify and clear blood clots and deposit on blood vessels. Please visit for more information.

Blood clot and deposit is the key factor to cause many symptoms because it reduces blood circulation and also prevents cell to obtain proper nutrition. Originally television started to report this remedy becasue it is so effective on any diseases related to blood problem such as high blood pressure, stroke, coronary heart diseases, cerebral thrombosis and hyperlipidemia according to many patient feedback. However, many other user also reported diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, cervical spondylisis, insomnia, asthma,.... can be cured. Therefore, based on all user feedback this remedy can prevent cancer, and is effective on the following diseases (include but not limited to): hypertension, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, coronary heart disease, angina, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, paralysis, osteoarthritis, cervical spondylitis, liver disease, bronchitis, insomnia, asthma, constipation, chronic gastritis, Meniere's syndrome and other obvious effect on hyperthyroidism, colitis, frozen shoulder, shoulder inflammation, hemorrhoids, sinusitis , heart and brain blood supply insufficiency, toothache, sciatica, weakness, dandruff, trigeminal neuralgia, duodenal ulcers, cough, upper respiratory tract infection, frequent urinary, chapped hands and feet, sweating, bad breath, diarrhea, tuberculosis, facial paralysis, tremor, cataracts, age spots and has positive effect on some tricky modern clinical diseases.

For beauty and skin care, it can make skin smooth, delicate, and remove black spot on face and skin.

Ordinary people can apply this remedy to achieve anti-aging longevity physical health.

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User Feedback Since magic remedy is not well known in the western world, all the feedback listed below is originally written in Chinese language. These testimonials only represent a very small portion who actually benefit from magic remedy.

Magic remedy can make skin smooth I'm so moved! After drinking twice, the skin begins to feel a distinct change, very smooth, there is still a gloss PP! Looks better. Effectiveness is better than any mask, even more than the essence IDEALIST EL, better 100,000 times. I suddenly felt that these ultra-expensive skin care products is simply too small comparing with magic remedy. Then I insist on drinking and find that face skin is not only good, body skin becomes smooth also, as if just finished sanding the body. Surprised me the most is that until today, is my second week of magic remedy, a good skin condition has never changed (my skin is mixed, and often change with the weather and mood, good or bad), and an increasing positive trend of the "skin" feeling! I am 100% sure that significant changes in my skin are from magic remedy. Cynoshello

Magic remedy can cure hypertension, cerebral

thrombosis sequelae, diabetes My name is Zhou Zhuting, age 72, retired 10 years ago. I suffer from hypertension, coronary heart disease for many years, treatment failure, cannot participate in activities. After serving 8 magic remedy, blood pressure is back to normal, the head is not dizzy, can play tai chi, Tai Chi sword, and feel body getting better.

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My old partner, Si Sutong who also took magic remedy at the same time with me, had cerebral thrombosis, whole body paralyzed, could not talk, need help from other people. After serving 3 magic remedy, health gets better, can talk, right hand can pick up stuffs. After 7~8 magic remedy he is able to get out of bed. Yu Han had diabetes many years and long term medical treatment fails, always four plus. After taking three times magic remedy, plus sign steps down to one. After 7~8 times magic remedy, test results is normal. Because magic remedy cure a lot of older people diseases, it has been recognized by our county hospital staff and many health care workers begin taking magic remedy. Shandong Province, Dongping County, Economic Commission Zhou Zhuting

Magic remedy is effective on my seven diseases I am a 72 years old female retired cadres. After taking magic remedy for only six months, it cured my seven unhealed chronic diseases. First, cure my spleen weakness. As long as I eat a meal that is not hot, I will get diarrhea. Raw tomato, I can only eat a little one, and watermelon can only eat a little bit. Now these symptoms are completely gone. I can eat those fruits without any problem. Second, reduce the number of nocturia. I used to have nocturia 3 or 4 times every night, and could not sleep well. Now only nocturia one time every night. Third, I used to easily get cold and cough every winter. Now, they are gone. Fourth, because short of platelet, four limbs often show purpura, gums often bleeding when brush teeth, nose easily bleeding too. After serving magic remedy, no more purpura, gums rarely bleeding, nose bleeding basically is gone. Fifth, coronary heart disease has improvement. When diseases occurs, heart beat is very fast, palpitation, shortness of breath, malaise, even not enough energy to talk, and left mammary feel pain. After serving magic remedy, those symptoms gradually reduced, do not feel ill often. Knowing that I am not easy Please visit for more information.

to get tired, I do much more housework than in the past . Sixth, rheumatoid arthritis has improved considerably. Two knees often feel pain, left leg cannot extend straight, after long time sitting I need to use hand to support standing up. After taking magic remedy, both legs can gradually stretch, pain reduced, sit and stand up do not feel difficult. Seventh, high blood pressure is cured. Blood pressure is high before. Now it is back to normal and very stable. These are the health benefits I get from magic remedy. Beijing, 100 Xiyuan, Fan Shinshen

Magic remedy has miraculous effects on my three diseases I had three diseases before I took magic remedy. First, leg pain. On winter 1979, right leg suddenly felt pain and could not walk, from the waist to the calf. Pain felt like acupuncture to the bone. Stayed in hospital twice. Doctor acupuncture to my leg and asked me feeling pain or not. I said no pain. All kinds of medicine cannot reduce the pain. By 1980 my left leg felt same pain as right leg. Second, high blood pressure. The third is heart disease. The past few years I was tortured by these diseases and could not stay alive. At the beginning I just want to try magic remedy, so I made my first magic remedy. After I took three time magic remedy, The leg pain was gone. Until now I already took 30 time magic remedy sremedy. Now legs do not feel pain and numb. High blood pressure was 200. Now maintain between 150/90 mm Hg. My heart beat is much more stablized than before. Heilongjiang Province, Hulin County, Qingfeng Farm retired workers Huang Bizhen

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10 time magic remedy cured my father cerebral thrombosis sequelae My father is nearly seventy years old. Since retired from factory, he suddenly suffered from cerebral thrombosis. Long time medical treatment has no improvement. and even cannot go to bathroom himself. Every day lay on bed. He said he want to euthanasia. Our whole family is extremely distressed. December, last year I heard magic remedy. Old father was very happy. I immediately made magic remedy according to production method. After taking 10 time magic remedy, father not only can take care of life himself, but also can get out of bed to walk outside every day for a while. Jilin Province, Yitong county, Rubber factory workers Sun Yushun

Five time magic remedy cured cerebral thrombosis sequelae Our Guangxi province, Chongzuo County has a retired workers called Wei Mougin, 67 years old. Since suffering from cerebral thrombosis five years ago, he has to use crutch to walk, even need help from his wife and children to go to bathroom. Therefore he lost confidence in life. Every meal he drinks wine and every time is drunk. In early April this year, he heard the news of magic remedy treatment. Under everyone persuasion the old Wei starts taking magic remedy. After 5 time magic remedy treatment, he got rid of crutch, no more saliva dripping. Guangxi province, Chongzuo County, Primary School Pang Liang

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Magic remedy cured my cerebral thrombosis sequelae Magic remedy is really very effective. I have already taken 40 time magic remedy and will continue to take it. I was left side paralyzed, due to cerebral thrombosis in winter 1980. After many treatments, although there are some improvement, but left leg feel very heavy and weak, needs crutch to walk. Left fingers numb cannot pick up small stuff, left side face saliva dripping. I did not go out for medical treatment but my heart feels very depressed. Last summer newspaper reported that magic remedy cured cerebral thrombosis patients symptoms. Someone advised me to try it. I think those people are new patient, I am an old patient, not necessarily useful to me. But I think I tried it anyway. From July last year to March of this year, I took 40 time magic remedy continuously. The result, left facial numbness greatly reduced, left leg can walk inside, outside the house without crutch, but also can go up and down stairs. Left fingers can pick up matchsticks. My constipation is also cured. I had also suffered from gallstone disease. On winter 1986, B-ultrasound examination showed 2.5 cm stones. Last year, another examination showed stones became 1.2 cm. I also had high blood pressure and used to take six antihypertensive compound tablets. Now only take two tablets a day. I feel very happy. Hongxinglong Farm Bureau retired cadres Liu Bingheng

Magic remedy improves cerebral arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease I am 63 years old. Since 1980, more diseases had been added to my body, dizziness, unable to raise arm, toothache, bad breath, stiff tongue, numbness of the limbs and later developed into the legs often cramps, stretching. After the stool, walking is difficult, take a long time to get out of restroom, and my heart feels living is more difficult. After taking eight time magic remedy, I went back to the provincial hospital to have a health examination and found the original cerebral arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases all have Please visit for more information.

improvement. The doctor asked me what I eat to cure, and I told him only eating a few ingredients from magic remedy. Now I have regained consciousness, shake head well, and leg cramps have also been eradicated. Magic remedy also cures my 15 years of dental disease, mouth does not have bad smell, the tongue is not hard. Henan Province, Mingchung County, Trade Road 208, Liu Jinjian

Magic remedy can restore normal blood pressure In January this year, I sent magic remedy to my aunt husband, he immediately took it and introduced it to some neighbors and old comrades. All of them get positive health effect. Now I summarized his letter as follows: Thank you for your concern, send an invaluable information magic remedy to me. After I received it, I made it immediately. I already took seven or eight time magic remedy so far and the effect is very good. I had numbness in left foot and left hand before, right hand fingers felt pain, especially in the night, and urine could not control. Now I feel much better, sleep well, and blood pressure is back to normal (originally many years of high blood pressure). My neighbor who has a relative from Shanghai suffered from sequelae of thrombus. After I introduced magic remedy to him and had taken several times since then. Now symptoms have improvement and can talk and walk. Sichuan Province, Tongnan County, Experimental Primary School retired teachers Deng Zeyuan

Magic remedy can cure high blood pressure

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I am 52 years old, suffering from high blood pressure for nearly 30 years and had small stroke three times, resulting in paraplegia. During hospitalization, many friends told me magic remedy can cure high blood pressure. I personally promise to try, but in fact, I never take it. Because I was in hospital two months, medication, injections, multitreatment had no significant effect. Magic remedy is not drug. How could it produce such results? My heart always thinks so. My body was getting worse after discharge. Blood pressure is around 240/110 mm Hg and left ventricular congestive expansion has led to coronary heart disease. Recuperation at home, friends and relatives came to visit me, and kept introducing that some people who take magic remedy has improved blood pressure to normal. Health Condition had deteriorated and there was no other way. I had to give magic remedy a try. One month later, I feel physically more comfortable. The effect is obvious: former suffering from hemorrhoids is no longer exposed; stool is no longer hard; sleep is better than before; blood pressure steps down to 140/90 mm Hg. So I insist on taking magic remedy and soon blood pressure steps down to 130/60 mm Hg. I could not believe magic remedy really have such effect! Recently, my blood pressure has been to maintain the best level.

Zhejiang Province, Dongyang County, Teacher Training Schools, Wan Yu-Ling

Three time magic remedy cured my mother leg edema and high blood pressure My mother has been taking three time magic remedy, cerebral thrombosis disease has been improved. Before taking magic remedy, her leg from calf to the foot has edema. After taking magic remedy, edema gradually reduced, now basically is gone. Before taking magic remedy, my mother has high blood pressure and often feels dizzy. After taking one time magic remedy, her head feels comfortable, no more daze, and now blood pressure is back to normal. The most headache thing of our family is that my mother's mental state is very bad, sometimes sad, sometimes agitated. After taking magic remedy, my mother temper is much Please visit for more information.

better. Henan Province, Anyang City, 192 Dong Da street Liu Yanzhong

Magic remedy significantly improved my hyperthyroidism symptoms I am 60 years old and had hyperthyroidism disease 13 years ago. Less than a year, I lose weight from 78 kg to 50 kg. I also have fast heart rate, angina, serious fibrillation, body kept shaking and very weak. After medical treatment by Tianjin First Central Hospital, the disease is improved, but body shaking has not improved, I cannot describe the anguish inside my heart. After taking magic remedy, I got very positive health effects and it has maintained until now. I am sure magic remedy is the killer for many diseases. Now, magic remedy not only cures my heart disease, but the body does not shiver, and my weight has increased to 62 kg. Even more striking is that my root hair is now changing from white to black. Does it mean to rejuvenate? I feel very energetic now and is capable to handle housekeeping. Tianjin City, Ninghe County , Montai Towns, Retired officer, Zhong Xiaojing

Magic remedy is very effective to cure coronary heart disease and angina I have been suffering from diabetes for several years, and cause general weakness, lower legs edema, ten fingers numbness, urine sugar high up to three or four plus. Last November I started taking magic remedy, every 6 days one magic remedy until April of this year. To observe the effect of magic remedy, I stopped all drugs. The effect is obvious: no longer numb fingers, edema disappeared and the body felt strong. Under no medication, blood sugar steps Please visit for more information.

down to one plus, sometimes two plus. Our unit car driver father Mr. Xu is a retired carpenter of a construction company. Mr. Xu, 74 years old has coronary heart disease. Despite continuous medication and exercise every morning on the mountains, he still frequently suffered from angina. Stay in hospital for a while when symptom get serious and stay at home when symptom relieve. On winter 1987, he started taking magic remedy. Now he not only does not take medicine, but also angina never occurs again. He can eat a lot, body become stronger and gain weight. Every day he jogging on the mountain, practice sword. He feels very energetic all day. Heilongjiang Province, Shuangyashan City, Retired Cadres An Guozhen

Insist taking magic remedy and eradicate diabetes I have diabetes, urine sugar is generally four plus. After taking magic remedy, I am able to gradually reduce the drug to one tablet daily and control urine sugar in 1 or 2 plus. I am very satisfied. Two months later, I boldly disabled drug, only took magic remedy plus vitamin. After a period of time, urine sample testing result shows very little sugar or disappear. Even more gratifying is the associated complications such as shoulder pain, hand numbness have improved. I am so glad and I'm sure this time is completely cured. So I also disabled magic remedy. Less than a month, I am not feeling well again. After examination, my urine and blood sugar all increase. I quickly took magic remedy again. After taking magic remedy, my illness improves again. From this lesson, I intend to take magic remedy for long-term in order to eradicate the disease. Shandong Province, Jinan City, New Materials Factory Building, Li Chuan-Yin

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Magic remedy cured my diabetes I am a diabetic patient, 68 year old. I have the disease at the beginning of 1986. After treatment, I returned to normal. Early 1987, plus sign appeared on urine, and always maintained three or four plus. One year I spend two, three hundred dollars on medical expenses but cannot reduce the number of plus sign. I mentally feel extremely painful. By taking 8 time magic remedy, the urine plus sign steps down from 4 to 1. Until now I have been taking 12 time magic remedy, plus sign basically is gone. This shows that magic remedy is very effective to treat diabetes. My experience after taking magic remedy is: 1, increase appetite; 2, whole body feels strong. 3, the original urine color is mixing color. After taking magic remedy it becomes very clear. 4, gain weight 4 kg. Hebei Province, Lulong County, Shihmen trade warehouse Wei Zhiyuan

Magic remedy cures my rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases I am a sick old teacher. More than ten years ago I had heart disease, followed by rheumatoid arthritis, hand and leg joint pain. In recent years I had multi medical treatment but all ineffective. Because of illness, I quit my job. After taking 10 magic remedy, my hands, legs do not feel pain, and I can do labor work again. I insist on taking magic remedy. Now I cure my hemorrhoids, heart disease, and walking speed can compare with young people. More good news is I had fundus arteriosclerosis 4 years ago. This spring it has returned to normal after diagnosis by ophthalmologist. Magic remedy really has magic remedy effects, it cures my several diseases. Liaoning Province, Fushun City, Pinsain Elementary School Teacher, Please visit for more information.

Zhao Hongming

Magic remedy cured my twenty years trigeminal neuralgia I suffered from trigeminal neuralgia in 1967, lightning strike pain. I cannot eat and talk, really painful. Over these 20 years, I have visited Qingdao, Jinan and other large hospitals for either Western or Chinese medical treatment, and taken a lot of tranquilizer. Doctor suggests open the skull to cut the nerve in order to stop pain. I was afraid of surgery sequela and didn’t have surgery. In mid December 1987 I gave magic remedy a try. After serving two time magic remedy, I felt pain relief, the period and number of paroxysmal headache decreased. After serving 5 times, my illness was gone basically. I also suffered from coronary heart disease and magic remedy is also effective to this disease.

Shandong Province, Zhucheng Lubiao Township, Han-Tung Village Yang Xizong

Magic remedy finally cure my cervical spondylisis 1. Since 1987 I have taken 24 magic remedy, each magic remedy serves five day. 2. Starting from winter of 1986, because of cervical disease I feel dizziness, blurred vision, stool and urine difficult, knees feel cold, walking unstable and swaying. After medical treatment illness get better but not too much improvement. After taking three magic remedy, I began to see difference. 3. Only take magic remedy, no drugs, do not feel any discomfort. 4. Personal experience, taking before going to sleep produces better results than taking in the morning. 5. According to my personal experience, this remedy does have special health effect. In addition to eliminating the above symptoms, four fingers Please visit for more information.

of my right hand was numb for four years but now they basically do not numb. My paroxysmal tachycardia disease has not developed any symptoms after magic remedy come into effect. What makes me puzzle is that my skin feels smooth. Every winter, the skin of my two hand fingers and two heel will crack, and must be sealed with plastic adhesive paste. This winter is special. Two hand fingers are soft, no cracking phenomenon. Shandong Province, BingZao City, Retired cadres of food school, Wang Tongi

Magic remedy cure my grandson constipation with blood symptoms My grandson is one and a half years old. Stool is very dry. Medications do not work. Every two days has a bowel movement. Every time child is crying and make adults anxious. Recent half year stool started to have blood. I tried to feed him with magic remedy, once a day. After two days, I see improvement. Now it has been more than a month, and grandson stool is normal, no longer crying out for this. This makes our whole family very happy. Heilongjang Province, Harbin City, Retired Committee Cadres of Municipal People's Congress, Su Jingyun

Magic remedy cure my meniere's syndrome I am a teacher nearly 60 years old and have 15 years history of hypertension. Blood pressure is always between 100~160 mm Hg. This year also found arrhythmia, left ventricular larger and other Please visit for more information.

symptoms. Last spring, I had Meniere's syndrome. Since I served magic remedy, high blood pressure never occurs and blood pressure remains between 80/135 mm Hg. During 4 months, I basically do not take any drug. At the same time, I often go outside to do some light exercise, such as physical exercise for the brain, tai chi or tai chi sword. I feel heart beat rate was greatly reduced. The most gratifying is "Meniere's" syndrome never show up. This makes me very happy, feel full of energy, can concentrate my work. Also, my wife is suffering from back neuralgia problems and migraine. She and I both take magic remedy, and now her nerve does not feel pain, migraine are rarely occurred. My good wife's housekeeping work is better than before. We really happy from our heart. Tianjin City, Dagang Bureau of Petroleum Administration Li Changru

Magic remedy reduce incidence of cold Because of poor health due to frequent cold, I always feel very depressed. I tested magic remedy and got an unexpected effect. In previous years, I often had a cold every three days. Over five months till now, I do not have major cold. Sometime if I had a little cold, I just took some medicine, or drank a bowl of hot water and the cold is gone. Heilongjiang Province, Hegang City Wang Fonzhang

Magic remedy can improve various diseases such as hepatitis B, low blood pressure, shoulder inflammation On early July last year, I served magic remedy until the 18th of this month. I used to have duodenal ulcer. Before I tried magic remedy, I suffered from several chronic diseases: 1. 40 years of Please visit for more information.

internal hemorrhoids; 2. since 1985, I got hepatitis B, urine yellow and smelling bad; 3. two lower legs often swelling; 4. for 10 years often feel anal falling; 5. long term low blood pressure (high 90, low 50-60 mm Hg); 6. memory is significantly diminished due to age. After serving three magic remedy, hemorrhoids was cured, legs edema also disappeared. After serving to 4 magic remedy, urine color began to turn clear, odor began to disappear, anal falling feeling was basically gone. Blood pressure went back to normal (high pressure 120, low pressure 70 mm Hg). Memory is also improved. According to the experience from some old comrades, magic remedy is also very effective in the treatment of shoulder inflammation and stomach pain caused by the cold. Two retired female comrades had suffered from shoulder inflammation for years, difficult to raise hand and touch back. After serving magic remedy more than one month, the symptoms were significantly improved. Guangdong Province, Zhaoqing City, Fei Lang

Magic remedy cured my wife asthma I was suspicious about magic remedy in the beginning. Because of several sickness, I took a chance to try one magic remedy, quiet easy to drink, no side effects. Then I took a second one. The first improvement was no more chest pain, and then insomnia disappeared, lumbar, cervical bone hyperplasia felt better. Now my back is tough, neck is flexible, head is clear, eat well, sleep well, gain weight 7.5 kg, and even mild hemorrhoids is cured too. Since I had good health effects after taking magic remedy, my wife tried magic remedy too. She has asthma, very weak, walking will result in breathing heavily. My home is only two or three hundred meters away from food mart and she has to breathe heavily a long time after shopping. Since she took magic remedy, not only she was able to walk normally but also can ride three wheels bicycle carrying little nephew to visit our daughter who lives 10 kilometeres away from home. Our whole family was overjoyed. Guangxi Province, Office of Nandan Jinchengjiang factory

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No name

Magic remedy significantly alleviated liver disease I am suffering from various diseases, respiratory, circulatory, and urinary. The most serious one is chronic hepatitis at 1960's. I have not stopped the treatment of various diseases. Last year blood test result showed I had hepatitis B. Every day I felt so weak, headache, deaf ears, vision very poor. After I served magic remedy, I noticed. insomnia resolved, no longer depending on sleeping pills. Also liver and cardiovascular disease drugs are all stopped. Most worried liver disease has been greatly reduced. Long period labor work will not cause liver area pain. Once time I bought 2 tons of coal and loaded into the shed with sixty, seventy time back and forth, liver did not hurt, I am very happy. Jilin Province, Suihua City, Bureau of Forestry, Bai Xingyou

Magic remedy cured my two years vascular headache I am suffering from nerve vascular headache for two years. After careful medical treatment, medication only works when I took medicine. Once stopping medicine, pain come back again. After I tried magic remedy, not only headache was gone, but also accidently cured my several decades constipation problems. Henan Province, Coal Mine Design Institute Zhao Tingrui

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Magic remedy cure my whole body numb I'm 80 years old. Last two years suddenly feel whole body numb, especially on legs, very difficult to walk. After taking 20 magic remedy, now my body not only regained consciousness but also felt energetic. I am extremely happy. Our elderly here, they generally felt increasing appetite, sleep well after taking the magic remedy. Many of them cured arthritis, bronchitis.

Heilongjiang Province, Third Nenjiang Farm, Elderly team, Tsuei Binchung

Magic remedy is effective on bronchitis I am an old bronchitis patients. Everyday, I feel something always stuck in the throat, cannot cough out and swallow. Especially in the morning, even breathing is difficult. Later, I took magic remedy before going to sleep. Next morning I felt throat is not blocked. Now I already take 4 times magic remedy and feel better and better. Heilongjiang Province, Hegang City, Printing Factory, retired cadres Meng Xianwen

Magic remedy can cure indigestion disease One month ago, I and my wife took magic remedy as health food for three times. Surprisingly our digestive function have greatly been improved. Before taking magic remedy, my wife has fecal incontinence every morning in the bathroom. I am 67 years,

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indigestion since childhood, stool is not formed. After taking magic remedy, our symptoms are all gone. Also, my wife's sister, 73 years old, is suffered from cerebral thrombosis paralysis for one decade. After taking 20 times magic remedy, she can walk and speak clearly than before. Guizhou Province, Institute of Architectural Design School Shao Lishei

Magic remedy cured my wife long term chronic stomach pain My wife suffered from long term chronic stomach problems and has tried all kinds of medication without any improvement. On her daily diet, she can only eat one special brand rice. The other brand rice cause her stomach uncomfortable. She is very headache about this problem. In addition, she cannot eat oil and wine. Last year at the beginning of December, she tried magic remedy. Only three times treatment, her symptoms are all basically gone. During Chinese new year period, she boldly eat everything without any restriction, sleep is back to normal, and spirit is excellent. She works as an accountant in the garment factory. After work she buy a basket of food from the street, walk to home and no more feel tired. I also took magic remedy. The most obvious effect is that my long term headache resulting in not sleeping well has been cured. At present, due to insist on taking magic remedy, I feel much younger even though I am almost 50 years of age, and feel plenty of energy. Hubei Province, Heavenly Gate resin plant library Zhao Yujing

Magic remedy completely cured gastroenteritis and high blood pressure

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I am 56 years old. In 1960, I had chronic gastritis, colitis, indigestion, bad breath, belching, diarrhea, right side abdomen pain, and sometimes blood in the stool. In recent years, I also had hypertension. Blood pressure is around 170/100 mm Hg. For these diseases, I took a variety of Chinese and Western medicine, and failed to cure them. Last November I began to try magic remedy. After taking 6 times, chronic gastroenteritis has been completely cured, digestion normal, no bad breath, no belching, no diarrhea, no longer abdomen pain, no blood in the stool. Blood pressure remained at 130/100 mm Hg. Various drugs did not work on my diseases but magic remedy cured all of my diseases. Magic remedy is much more effective than drugs. Jilin Province, Changchun City, Bureau of Machinery Liu Junde

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