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How do people gain too much weight? The simplest answer is over intake of calories. If you go beyond the suggested RDA for your age and weight, then that means excess calories. Excess calories are converted energy reserves or simply fat and starch. Obesity happens when people chronically eat too much as more and more calories get stored in the body. There are other factors affecting weight gain and obesity and these need more attention such as genetic makeup and pre-existing medical conditions.

The rate of burning calories is metabolism. Everyone has their own metabolic rates that are why sometimes, there people who really eat a lot but never get fat whereas there are those who deprive themselves of eating yet still easily get fat. Basal Metabolic Rate is the relative caloric needs of each person. More and more people get obese nowadays mainly because of lifestyle. With modern technology, we don’t need to move around much. With all the progress and advancement, the environment seems to be more stressful. As the cost of our daily needs increase, everyone seems too busy to do anything else but work and sleep. With this type of lifestyle, we develop very poor eating habits. There is little time left for preparing homemade food and junk fast food seems like a common option. Weigh gain and obesity results from this type of lifestyle. Aside from the inconvenience of being overweight, there are health risks associated with it. To mention a few, they are type 2 diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, serious heart conditions, fatty liver, heart failure, dementia, gallstones and osteoarthritis. With the Page 2 Obesity And Weight Loss

inconvenience of physical limitations and health problems that are fatal, obesity causes depression and tends to be chronic. How then can we effectively lose weight? The usual answer is exercise and proper diet. But what if you have chronic eating habits? This is the reason why we need to take supplements. There are weight loss pills and appetite suppressants that can help us burn fat and reduce on calorie intake. Appetite suppressants reduce appetite and increase satiety. In a clinical sense, appetite suppressants work by making the body release more noradrenaline. Noradrenaline then stimulates the brain giving you a feeling of fullness. Other appetite suppressants work by acting on the endo-cannabinoid system. There are numerous ways on how weight loss pills work. Some pills work as fat burners while others work by controlling the body’s capacity to absorb fat. Some pills have multiple effects as fat burners, appetite suppressants and muscle builders.

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Appetite Suppressants To Supplement Your Weight Loss Goal  

We ask ourselves how we got to the point of being overweight? The simplest answer is over intake of calories. This means the calorie intake...