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“Victorian Certificate of Education” is the real test of every student VCE acts as a very good span in the life of an adolescent. According to many, VCE and the similar type of curriculum carry much importance in outside states as the parents, teachers or the peers make out of it. There are many successful people throughout the world who are expert in their own field, like business, philanthropy, education, music, also in some highly expertise field such as chess were dropouts or failures from their schools, high schools, college and universities. Some well mentioned name from them are Bill Gates, Benjamin Franklin, Richard Branson, George Washington, Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Sachin Tendulkar, Elvis Presley, J D Rockefeller, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Pablo Picasso and Henry Ford. VCE can be described as the pinnacle of an individual’s life; it can be a huge aspect of their life. Try here and get to know that after some years in future VCE will seem to a person as a score which matters a lot. Only due to low VCE score a person should never get demoralize. If any person ever after feel down or becomes stressed out due to the VCE score, they should think about those achievers who were actually failures in schools. Why not look here and understand the fact that VCE can earn happiness, health and success in a person’s life only if a person dedicates his efforts in right direction. A misconception about VCE score commonly is that it is a measurement of an individual’s intelligence. It does deals with academic intelligence. So, it is very important on the part of the system not to differentiate a person in a water tight container according to this score and label them as ‘dumb’ or ‘clever’. By this self confidence of an individual person can be destroyed. It is possible for the system to judge anyone but not to label them. The actual intelligence of a person you can find out more by judging an individual’s intelligence on other fields like financial intelligence, naturalistic intelligence, emotional intelligence, logical intelligence, existential intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, sporting intelligence and survival intelligence. Unless like every system VCE is scheduled taking into account certain positive aspects of it but due to its spreading through various medium and word of mouth it seems to person having some negative aspect in it. Then also VCE has a wide spread popularity throughout the world for judging an individual’s intelligence. Since nowadays society is not stagnant and changing constantly we should open up our options and

create a high standard of intelligence in us to score a good result in VCE. Further help in this area should be taken by studying under VCE teachers. In various ways schooling system sometime seems to be unreasonable. Through regular examination the stagnant schooling system always show mistakes as bad and prefer perfectionism. But in real life it is completely wrong and problematic philosophy, only mistakes can make a person perfect in their individual fields. A person has a lot of things to learn from their mistakes. Every famous person like Edison, Newton failed a lot of times before making their new inventions. In that case VCE plays an immense important role. Click here to find out more in this website. Website:

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