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Gameplay Report Destiny Destiny is a multiplayer based action shooter where you hunt for loot and complete quests. In addition Destiny could be an adventure game due to the hunt for loot and the adventures around the different planets. Destiny is a death match gameplay because it has PvP and PvE which is Player vs Player and Player vs Environment. It is and enjoyable game where you hunt for guns and armour but also face different players from around the world. Finally it can be an Asymmetric gameplay due to people getting different loot but experiencing the same quest line.

Skyrim The game Skyrim is an Adventure game where you roam around the world of Skyrim defeating monsters and collecting loot along the way. It is a game which is a Hack and Slash but also Passive gameplay. It is Hack and Slash due to the sword fighting, but it is Passive because you do not have a time limit to complete a quest, it is an open world game where anything can happen.

Madden NFL This is a sport simulation game which is a game based off of American football. Madden is a Cooperative game as well because up to 4 players can play once on the same console. Madden is controlled in first person with really fun gameplay for all the family. Even though it is an American football game many people play this game due to the cooperative because they can play with their friends or family, just like other sport games like FIFA or NBA. It can also be played on mobile.

World of Warcraft World of Warcraft is a Role-Playing game because the players controlling the characters control the way the character works. For example you create a certain character and control the appearance with the clothes and armour your character has. World of Warcraft has released many DLCs and the game is a Hack and Slash but also an asymmetric game because you use combat and different players play the game in different ways. The only problem with World of Warcraft is that you need to pay monthly to play.

Civilization This game is a Strategy game because you have to control your civilization against attacks from opposing players online. This is why Civilization is a MMO because many people log onto this game and try and defeat other players Civilizations. This game can be enjoyable for the whole family and strategy games are for the person who is a good leader. It is a very good strategy game.

Outlast This is a good example of a survival horror because the game depends on your decisions, where to hide and how to escape. Even though the game has a quest line you need to stick to the game has aspects of where to hide, in the lockers or under a bed. Outlast has released one DLC called Whistle blower and this carries on with the story from the first game. Outlast is not for everyone neither are other survival horror because most of them do not have multiplayer.

Clash of Clans This is a mobile MOBA game which is where you have to build your village and face other people’s villages. It is a MOBA because you control your characters, well your actual weapons while in the other people’s village arena. In Clash of Clans you join or create a clan to take on other clans in a clan war to secure XP for your clan. But also you receive rewards for you efforts in the actual war. This game is a very enjoyable mobile game with features and updates that change a lot, this game is an updated game to play.

Call of Duty Call of Duty is a first person shooter that is in the genre of Action. Call of Duty have released many games which have all been popular throughout the community. Many of the games incorporate Cooperative gameplay where you can play with your friends and see who the best is. The game is very popular on Twitch because pro players play and many people love to see the best of the best. Watching Call of Duty on Twitch may improve your gameplay because you can take actions from how other people play and add them to your gameplay.

Runescape Runescape is a very good example of a MMO game (Massively Multiplayer Online) because it is an open world where you can meet new players from around the world. But Runescape also has some aspects of a Role Playing Game. In Runescape you are a fantasy character who goes around completing quests and crafting items. The game was released in 2001 and still players on Twitch enjoy the game and then react when the get the materials to craft items. Runescape reminds me of a crafting game such as Minecraft but Runescape is a third person MMO.

WII Sports This is in the sport genre of video games but is interactive in real life. This game is interactive in real life because when using a WII you exercise while playing a fun sport game. There are many options such as Tennis, Bowling and Golf of which you can have fun with the family but exercise at the same time, this makes it into a Cooperative game. When you try the game you will know how the game is a simulator, sport and a real life video game.

Game play report ( Jack Berrecloth)  
Game play report ( Jack Berrecloth)  

This is a report on different Games and what genre of games they are. It shows genres of the games but also a mini review of how the game fu...