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Learn Selecting The Right Wedding Band

Synopsis 1. What to Look for In Wedding Bands 2. Finding the Right Wedding Bands

What to Look for In Wedding Bands • Get Referrals o When you want to find a quality band that will play the tunes you like for your wedding reception, ask your family and friends for recommendations. If you’ve attended a wedding for a loved one in the last few months and enjoyed the band, ask your relative or friend for the band’s contact information. If your company has recently had a band to perform for a corporate event, talk to the colleague who organized the event to get more information on the band. This will make it easier for you to narrow down your choices and pick the band that best suits you.

• Hear the Band Play o When you find a wedding band that you’re interested in, go to a few of their live performances before making the final decision to book them. This will allow you to see how the band interacts with an audience and how professional they are under pressure. You’ll also get to see how the audience responds to the band, and these factors will give you an idea of how your wedding guests will like the music. Of course, it also helps to listen to a few online clips of the band performing at various venues to help you make your final decision.

What to Look for In Wedding Bands • Decide On Your Theme o Once you’re clear on your theme, it will be easier for you to figure out which wedding band is right for your big day. If you’re a fan of jazz music and want to hear the intricate sounds of an era gone by, choose a band with an authentic jazz sound. If lite rock is more your speed, a cover band that plays music from your favorite bands is likely a good choice for your wedding. Make sure that you hear plenty examples of your potential wedding band playing the music that you want at your wedding.

• Include Special Songs o If you want specific types of music at your wedding or particular songs that are special to you, inform the wedding band of this as far in advance as possible. Listen to the band play the songs you want at your wedding ceremony and reception several times to make sure you’re satisfied with the sound. It may also be helpful to provide sheet music to the band if you have a song that is of special cultural or familial significance to you. Once you know that the band has perfected the songs you want at your nuptials, you can ask a soloist or two to make the musical experience even more enjoyable by adding vocals to the music that the band provides.

Finding the Right Wedding Bands • Figure Out Your Theme o Before you find the perfect wedding band for your big day, figure out the theme you want for your wedding. For instance, if you’re wearing a vintage dress and your wedding party will be dressed in clothing that is reminiscent of past decades, you should find a band that plays music indicative of the style period. For instance, wearing a flapper style wedding dress and birdcage hat in lieu of a veil probably means that you’ll want live jazz music at your reception.

• Get Recommendations o If you’re not sure which bands are the best in your area, get a few recommendations from family and friends. For instance, if a colleague of yours had a great band at his/her company Christmas party, ask about the band so that you can book them for the wedding. If you’ve been to a wedding or vow renewal recently and enjoyed the band, don’t leave the reception without getting the contact information on the band. If you mention that you’ve got a referral for the band, there’s a chance that the wedding band may offer you discounted prices.

Finding the Right Wedding Bands • “Sample” the Band o There’s a good chance that the wedding band you choose will have a website or video clips where you can listen to their music. In addition to this, it’s a good idea to go to some of their live performances so you can get an idea of how the band will sound in person. Ask the band if you can attend a few of their upcoming shows so that you can get a feel for the band’s professionalism and ability to connect with the crowd. This will eliminate any unpleasant surprises on your wedding day.

• Ask About Special Songs or Music o Finally, if you want certain songs or types of music to be featured at your wedding, be sure to let the band know this well in advance. It may also be best to listen to the band play the songs you’ve chosen, so you’ll know exactly how the music will sound on your big day. If you want cultural music that celebrates your ethnicity to be featured at the reception, it may be best to provide sheet music or a video reference to the band, so they’ll have time to get accustomed to the music and you can enjoy songs that remind you of your childhood or instill pride in your culture and traditions. Of course, you can also give the band a song that you and your spouse deem special. It could be the first song that you danced to, or the song that was playing when you realized you were in love.

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Learn Selecting The Right Wedding Band  

1. What to Look for In Wedding Bands. 2. Finding the Right Wedding Bands.

Learn Selecting The Right Wedding Band  

1. What to Look for In Wedding Bands. 2. Finding the Right Wedding Bands.