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Suggestions whilst reading the story of The Egg by MP Robertson Show the children the front cover of the book and read the title to them. Tell the children that the story is about a boy who finds a golden egg. Explain to the children that some animals lay eggs that grow into a new baby animal. Ask which animals they know that do. Ask the children to start thinking about what might be inside the egg and what the boy might be reading about on top of the egg from looking at the illustration on the front cover. Read the first part of the book to the children up to where the egg begins to hatch. Ask the children to talk about some of the things that they can see in the illustrations. • How does George look when he first saw the egg? • Why does George need a wheelbarrow to carry the egg? • What is coming out of the top of the egg? • Who does the eye belong to? Show the children the illustration of the egg hatching. Get the children to predict what is inside the egg and what George is going to do when it comes out of the egg. Read the next part of the story to the children up to where George knew that he must teach the dragon dragony ways. Get the children to predict what George might need to teach the dragon before reading on. Ask the children to think about the things that their parents had to teach them to help them grow strong and find out about the world. Get the children to suggest some names for the dragon. Write these on the board in lower case - children to identify that the name of the dragon should start with a capital letter. Some children may write the capital letters for each name correctly. Discuss with the children how George was feeling about having a dragon to look after. Do you think he was happy or sad? Do you think the dragon was naughty for George? Do you think that George liked having the dragon as a friend? Read the final part of the story to the children. Ask the children to think about what George could do to help the dragon when he is sad. Discuss with the children why the dragon came back to visit George. Ask the children to think about why the story did not end with the dragon leaving George i.e. you want to find out why the dragon has disappeared.

Literacy Y1 Narrative Unit 4

Story – The Egg


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