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The Strategy. Column Inches. The Audience.


The Opposition.

The Remedy.

The Brand.

The Field.

The Predicament.

Key Message.

Ideal Perception of the Brand.

The Technique.

Best of British - Charity Tea Towel. Tea For Two – Speed-Dating Event.

National Tea Week.

Beverage Bus.

Bringing Whittard to Britain’s Streets. Outcome.

The Budget.

The Diary.

The Directory.

The Results.

The Brand.

Whittard of Chelsea has a 124-year heritage as a family retailer of the finest quality tea and coffees from around the world. The strong brand values of innovation, speciality product, pride, responsibility and an extensive history make Whittard a brand with longevity and staying power. With 77 stand-alone stores in the UK, numerous concessions and a comprehensive online store, Whittard have the outlets to cater for the British public seeking outstanding quality tea, coffee, gifts and homeware.

The Predicament.

In December 2008, Whittard went into administration, after the collapse of Baugur investment, and were bought out by EPIC private equity. According to BBC news, the demise of Whittard was not just due to the Icelandic economic turmoil, but also due to fierce competition in the tea and coffee market. Numerous stores have closed over the past 12 months since the company has been getting back onto their feet, so Whittard must reinforce their market position to overcome more financial problems, particularly in such an unsympathetic economic climate. After this difficult financial period, Whittard are ready to take themselves to the top of the market in tea, coffee and related gifts, and with the help of a strategic PR plan, could boost their reputation and sales considerably. As the only shop specialising in these products, Whittard has the opportunity to become the market leader in a noticeably growing market.

The Remedy.

The Intention. 1. Position Whittard as the market leader in the specialist tea and coffee market in the UK.

2. Rejuvenate positive perceptions of the brand to the

press and the public, through campaigns including charity events and CSR campaigns. 3. To bring awareness to new, younger customers of the wide range of specialist products available at competitive prices. 4. Increase footfall and sales to the stores and the website. 5. Make Whittard an essential destination for gifts.

With an injection of fun, a focus on the customer and a spotlight on the specialist products, Whittard could hold a key position on the British high street. Whittard’s main business objectives are to increase profits, emerge from the red and maintain permanence in the market. By revitalising the perceptions of the brand, and strategically targeting potential new customers, it will in turn drive footfall and sales to Whittard and establish them as the market leader and the first stop for tea and coffee products. Promotion needs to show the unique personality and expertise that the brand has developed throughout their rich heritage, and embrace the increasingly diverse market. Whittard need to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm to their valued customers, and give everybody the opportunity to become a connoisseur at home.

The Field.

The tea and coffee market is becoming an increasingly competitive one, with the emergence of new blends, the growing popularity of herbal and fruit teas and the expansion of own-label supermarket products. 83% of British adults consume tea, therefore showing that it is a commodity with a wide range of consumers, Whittard just needs to find a focused market to target. According to the Mintel report on herbal and speciality teas, “the core of herbal tea drinkers is formed by women, 25-54, ABC1 and Londoners. Herbal tea thus has a feminine, affluent and urban appeal”. With just “15% of men drinking herbal tea”, it definitely opens up a promotional opportunity to target the male market, possibly on the premise of the health benefits of certain varieties. This is a lucrative market in which Whittard should focus. The future of the tea market is definitely in herbal and speciality teas, with an increased focus on health, individuals will want to feel like they are nurturing their bodies and preventing the ill-effects of the society we live in. Further research into the benefits of teas needs to be conducted, but Whittard would be foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity a responsible health campaign could bring. The market leaders are PG Tips and Tetley with almost a 50% share of the market between them, but Whittard is not directly comparable with these brands as they are sold in supermarkets and do not run a shop of their own. With the exception of Twinings’ one store in central London, Whittard are

the only tea and coffee specialists with their own stores. This gives them a uniqueness above all others, which must be promoted. Coffee, often drunk for its energy-boosting benefits, is being hastily embraced by a younger market. ‘The 16-34 year old age group is almost twice as likely to make coffee at home using coffee beans as the average, highlighting the impact that coffee bars have had in terms of promoting better quality coffee among younger drinkers. ‘ This Mintel finding will cement the target market chosen for this campaign, as the younger market are becoming connoisseurs at home. Recent research into the hot chocolate and malted drinks market shows that 88% of people drink hot chocolate in the home, a market that Whittard need to attempt to gain a larger share in. There are many selling points of hot chocolate, such as it being a filling treat that can be used as a lower-calorie substitute for snacking. However, it is often viewed as more of an ‘occasional’ drink, as opposed to tea and coffee which are drunk numerous times a day. Finally, the gift market is becoming so diverse, with a fifth of consumers looking for unique and unusual gifts that match the interests of the recipient, and with more occasions being celebrated with the giving of gifts, a full range throughout the year is essential, and Whittard already benefit from this, it just needs thorough promotion.



Strengths Long history Quality product Story to tell Innovative product Responsible Positive brand Tea and coffee drinking is a habit Part of British culture Health benefits of teas

Went into administration Tourist trap Not enough promotion Lost identity Tea is less suited to on-the-go consumption

Opportunities People stay in more Stopping buying as much out Want to become a specialist at home Treat products Gifting

Threats Economic climate still not strong Spending reduced in general A neutral reputation that needs turning around The convenience of shopping in a supermarket is still strong

The Opposition. Twining are Whittard’s direct competition. They have very similar brand values of heritage, speciality, high quality and loyalty.Their design is very similar also. A positive for Whittard is that Twining is now widely available, and Whittard still have the exclusivity of their own stores.

Fortnum and Mason are a strong competitor of Whittard. They are a British heritage brand with loyal customers. They are a valued destination for tea and coffee products and also related gifts. However, there is only one store, and the prices are relatively high.

John Lewis are a key competitor for the gift and homeware departments of Whittard. John Lewis is trustworthy, reasonably priced and a department store, therefore a destination for all the family to buy everything. Waitrose are more of a general competitor as they have a similar clientele. They also have the largest range of speciality teas of all the supermarkets.

With the current trend for shabby chic and traditional homeware, Cath Kidston are a competitor for Whittard. However, their products are a lot more expensive than Whittard, and less readily available as they have less stores on the high street.

As one of the top three tea brands, Tetley has built up a brand loyalty like no other tea brand. Along with PG Tips, their names are synonymous with a cup of tea. However, these brands only have one or two blends of speciality teas.

Own brand Products

Although not a direct competitor in style and values, the big brands play a huge effect on the purchase of Whittard. Nescafe is available in every food outlet, is reasonably priced, often on promotion and trusted.

e.g. Tesco Finest, Marks and Spencer... Often once a customer has a loyalty to a brand, they aren’t easily swayed. With more promotion, Whittard has the opportunity to be a trusted brand itself.

The Audience. Current. Whittard believe that their current market consists of: 50% of Whittard’s customers are 35-55 ABC1 female 40% are tourists 10% are one-off visits, mainly for gifts

Intended Female Consumer. 20-35 ABC1. This customer will work hard and enjoy socialising at the weekend, have a small amount of disposable income for going out, nice meals, and treats for the home. She buys one glossy magazine a week and one women’s monthly title, enjoys spending time with her female friends and discusses products and advice with them. She reads the news online in her lunch break at work, and only buys papers at the weekend. She shops at Sainsbury’s and Tesco, usually picking things up as and when they are needed as opposed to doing a weekly shop. Normally she buys tea and coffee products on price/promotion in supermarkets, but does enjoy herbal teas and usually has 1 or 2 varieties in the cupboard. With a busy lifestyle, she usually has 3 or 4 take away coffees a week but resents spending the money on them.

Aim. To retain current consumers, and to reach out to the new intended audience.

Intended Male Consumer. 20-35 ABC1. He works hard, reads the papers daily on the train to work and enjoys relaxing at the weekend with friends and spending Sunday mornings around the house. He reads Men’s Health magazine and takes pride in his appearance and fitness. He drinks regular tea and coffee, but doesn’t have much interest in speciality blends, they seem a little feminine to him. Gifts are always hard for him to find, he usually goes to John Lewis to buy gifts for his girlfriend, mother, and other female relatives. Gifts for the home and chocolate are often a safe bet for him.

Ideal Perception of the Brand.

As a fun, energetic, expert in original and eclectic products that cannot be found elsewhere. Making tea and coffee product must-haves, and injecting enthusiasm and amusement into the promotion process. Whittard need humour, heritage and personality to secure themselves as a must visit destination with exceptional and ever-changing product. Originality and eccentricity must be at the heart of Whittard, it needs to be a destination to visit even without a specific purchase in mind.

Column Inches.

Newspapers and Supplements: Metro Daily Mail Evening Standard The Guardian ES Magazine You Magazine

Magazines: Women’s Titles: Red Health and Fitness Good Food Magazine Grazia Marie Claire Stylist Men’s Titles: Men’s Health

Online/Blog: The UK Tea Council ( Londonist (

Industry: PR Week The Grocer

Key Message.

“Coffee, Tea and Me…” A simple yet effective phrase encapsulating the essence of Whittard: it is a personal brand with something for everybody. Whether it’s everyday coffee, speciality tea or a gift for a special someone, Whittard has it all. This personal touch will be the quintessential element of the promotional campaign.

The Strategy.

In 2011, Whittard of Chelsea will be celebrating their 125th anniversary, and kick starting a promotional campaign to bring awareness of the fantastic brand to a new, younger audience. The current consumers are mainly tourists and women over 45, and while we want to maintain these regulars there is scope in the ever-growing market to educate more people, and increase footfall. Whittard’s brand values are strong and passionate, their products are high quality and often exclusive. However, their promotional campaigns are lacking and failing to entice new customers, and inform them of the wonderful choice available both in store and online. Whittard are perceived by the many visiting tourists as a very ‘British’ destination, which is positive, however many Brits don’t shop there. As the merchandise is already top quality, the online function full to the brim of products and offers, and a product for all year round, Whittard just need to reach out to new customers. In a fast-paced society where having a take-away coffee is called ‘grabbing a Starbucks’, Whittard need to target those who want to become a connoisseur at home, particularly as a hot beverage is usually the solution to most problems.

Need to talk? Put the kettle on. Lacking energy? Have a cup of coffee. Fancy treating yourself? Luxuriate with a warm cup of cocoa. Want to impress the in-laws? Get the best china out. All of these phrases need to become synonymous with Whittard. For every whim there is a Whittard. From English Breakfast tea, through coffee at elevenses to afternoon tea and a post-dinner espresso, Whittard has a product for every age and for every occasion. The passion, expertise and exclusive product are already there, it just needs to be propelled into the roving and discerning eye line of the younger generations, to create a new market of consumers stocking up on specialist product and having the enthusiasm to make Whittard a household name. Coffee, Tea and Me…Whittard of Chelsea want to add the personal touch to specialist beverage consumption, and bring Whittard to Britain’s streets.

The Technique.

To increase PR coverage of Whittard of Chelsea, a strategic promotional schedule will be created. The two main tactics are: To encourage Whittard as a destination for personal consumption To promote Whittard as a key destination for gift purchases. Focus groups have shown these to be the two major reasons for visiting Whittard, and therefore with tactical techniques, Whittard will be able to fulfill all of their objectives for their PR need. With the help of strategic PR campaigns focussing on younger consumers, using means such as stunts, virals and surveys, and promotion on outlets such as blogs and Twitter, Whittard can make their mark on the British high street as a must-visit destination.

Best of British - Charity Tea Towel • Rejuvenate positive perceptions of the brand

to the press and the public, through campaigns including charity events and CSR campaigns.

• To bring awareness to new, younger customers

of the wide range of specialist products available at competitive prices.

As Whittard believe in giving back to the world, and particularly the British people, they have a strong connection with Macmillan Cancer Care, and are involved in fundraising annually by supporting Macmillan’s “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” event. However, this year, to tie in with celebrating Whittard’s 125-year anniversary, Whittard are going one step further. With the help of numerous Brits in the public eye, Whittard are creating an old school inspired tea towel, with mini self-portraits designed by the stars themselves. From Lily Cole to David Mitchell, the tea towel will encompass the many talents that the British are proud of from writing, singing, acting and modelling. This campaign will really highlight many key points that Whittard aim to get across; that they are a responsible company with passion who believe in supporting charity, that their heritage is impressive and their anniversary worth celebrating, and finally their ability to be current and appeal to a younger consumer.

Furthermore, the tea towel also targets the key area of gifts at Whittard; the notion of gifting both oneself as a treat, and gifting others. This will broaden the scope of product placement coverage, after the initial coverage of the launch has appeared. The tea towel will be sent out to selected press from National newspapers to women’s magazines, as a sneak preview to promote coverage. It will be a must-have item that will fit into news features, home articles and gift products pages.

Press Release

Febru a

W hitt

ry 20 11.


Best of Br itish To ki ck of Tea T f W hi (gosh owel. ttard , we’ ’s 12 re g e suppo 5th a tting r nn o Suppo ting the wonde ld, but w iversary rt do ce e r , par t n f ershi and cont ul work t prefer m a lebration i s p t birth hat M nui f u nd r d acmil ure), we’r aisin ng our l l e event ay, and t an on g for he , them. g running Cancer towel we’ve cre ir World’ To ho s Big , sho a n g wcasi ted an o ld pr est Coffe our both ng th our i m ar y e Mor e Bes With n t of s th Briti chool-ins ing tea t e help o sh ta p f nu m o lent. ired tea erous desig wel will be ad n B orned rits in David ed by the t he p w s M ith m t i a t rs th chell u blic talen i n i e , m ey t s t s singi s that th he tea to elves. F elf-portr e, the a e Bri r ng, a wel w its om Li tis cting il l and m h are pr l encomp y Cole to a oud o T he t odell f fro ss the m a e ing. n m wri store a towel w ting, y il s going and onli l be on sale ne, a exclu t any k directly s to Ma a price itsch of £1 ively at c one, m k i i l t lan. W chen! 0 wit or as h 25% hittard A m It a t re of pr at fo ’s perfec ust have ofits r you t as f rself a gif or . t to a lov ed Conta ct: If yo u Briti are thir sty f sh, o or mo r if c uppa re i n y ou ju a b out t fo st wa e m ail he w o : h ar nt to r m ation a rld o bo riet@ p ho n e have f W i : 078 a nat ut Best o 90 16 nspirepr. hittard f ter o co m 9254 ver a

Media Angles

Stylist – The Scoop In ‘The Scoop’ section, it has bite-sized news stories. There is a charity section, where the project can be featured.

Grazia – 10 Hot Stories section Metro – 60 Second Interview David Mitchell being interviewed on his current projects, and explaining his turmoil at having to be so self-critical in designing his portrait!

Daily Mail News feature explaining the collaboration, then a professional graphologist will interpret the meaning of a selection of the drawings.

A whole page dedicated to the collaboration, with a photo of the tea towel, and a few key quotes from a few contributors about their experience designing a self-portrait.

Red Editors Choice – Product Placement Page English Eccentricities themed homeware page.

PR Week A news feature discussing the charity collaboration between Whittard and Macmillan.

BBC Radio One – Chris Moyles Breakfast Show As Chris will be one of the contributors to the tea towel, it will be an opportunity for him to talk about his input and discuss the project.

Tea For Two – Speed-Dating Event • Position Whittard as the market leader in the specialist tea and coffee market in the UK.

• Rejuvenate positive perceptions of the brand

to the press and the public, through campaigns including charity events and CSR campaigns.

• To bring awareness to new, younger custo-

mers of the wide range of specialist products available at competitive prices.

As the rise of singletons involved in online and speed dating soars, and the themes become more and more specific to help people find their perfect match, Whittard are to arrange a dating event for tassophiles (or tea enthusiasts as they are more often known!), aptly named Tea For Two. The event will be supported by a survey of peoples’ ideal tea date, where those questioned will describe their ideal partner to drink tea with, and the perfect location. Five will be selected at random and these will be recreated and photographed by Alison Jackson, the famous photographer responsible for many photographs of celebrity look-a-likes in compromising situations. These will be displayed on a mini-website connected to the Whittard main site, and a press release compiled showcasing them to the press. It will be held in locations in the major cities across the UK, including London, Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff and Birmingham. Attendees will be asked to sign up on a mini-site linked to the Whittard website, and will be asked to fill in the survey about their perfect tea-date.

The event aims to bring awareness to young professionals about Whittard’s ethos, and also in turn to the products available in store and online. As the campaign will be mainly online, it is the perfect opportunity to drive traffic to the website. It will garner press attention, as it is a fun, on-trend event, which will hopefully be featured in ‘what’s on’ pages in papers and supplements, and the survey will be suitable for mini features in national newspapers. It will reach the women’s magazines, as speed dating is such a popular phenomenon at the moment. It will be publicised online via the Whittard website, Facebook page and Twitter and with the support of a key ‘tea blogger’ and the UK Tea Council, so as to reach a large amount of tea enthusiasts to attend the event.

Press Release

June 2011. Tea F or Tw o. Calli n not i g all tas so n t he k now. philes! (T ) hat’s Passi a tea onate lover your a bout to th inter t e ose a ? Lo est i fu r t h oking n all er. W hitt for a ting thing ar e s p thusi vent, tai d are hol tea rela artner t o sha lored asts. ted? ding re a n ex July to sp Look Acros 2011, c e no l usive tea, Whitt s the cou cifically s p ee ca a a n thusi nd ringin rd will s try, on 1 ter for t d-da5th a g t he et up asts nd 16 ea enfi nd t th of heir bell ever mini teas y h perfe Wheth ct da 10 minut ops ser vi er yo es to ng te. u’re a d ar a help k enteafo espresso fruity he rt r g chest wo to fi n uy, visit bal tea k d in e ting r, Leeds, your per us at w w w d of gal, fect .whit likeC a rd i or lo ta m i nd e f d fri f and Bi cation in r ends/ Along possi mingha m t London, M si o b eg ble l antasso de the e ove m i ve p atche n meecoa o hile’s per nts, we’r s! e con n fect d t a c u r a b a rge in th ea date. ucting a ry ho sur v e Th use?! to k n Jud o W hoev a mes? Ed e Law dri ey of recre w! Five er a nking wina en a Curr coestee ted using tries wil nd wherev er it y in, wel m ed s l be fa b l l n r of th o i e Que apper Ali ok-a-like andomly s s, we wa , nt elect s, an son J en on ed a n d pho ackso t he l t n (re d oo?) mem be ographed b r y Conta t he p c hotos If yo t: u or if are thir sty f y o the w ou just want r more in orld for m a to ha of Wh e m ail ti ve a it : natte on on Te phone harriet@ tard a r ove inspi : 078 r a c for Two, repr. 90 16 uppa co m 9254 a bout

Metro page 3 Media Angles

“Tea For Two” A montage of Alison Jackson’s recreations from the survey will be compiled, along with a mini supporting article. “Tea specialists Whittard of Chelsea created a survey to discover who the nation would most like to drink tea with, and where. The winners chosen at random were then photographed by Alison Jackson, and here we feature three of the best.”

Yorkshire Post

ES Magazine – The Knowledge

News Feature explaining how the phenomenon of niche speed dating has hit Leeds, and how the British heritage of tea drinking is a pleasant twist on the idea of speed dating.

What to watch, visit and think this week “If you’re tired of speed-dating events revolving around alcohol, Whittard’s Tea For Two speed dating event may be, well, your cup of tea. Made especially for tea enthusiasts to get together, the events are being held nationwide this weekend. Just visit to sign up.”

Stylist – Out Going

‘Meet Fellow Tea Lovers Nationwide.’ “A series of speed dating events for tassophiles (or tea enthusiasts) across the country, arranged by Whittard and much hyped to be the new dating craze, a few of the Stylist girls will definitely be popping along to have a nice cuppa with hopefully an equally nice gentleman!”

Life and Style – Editors Picks Gallery of Alison Jackson’s photos with a small blurb explaining the premise of the work, and saying that Whittard were behind it with an online survey linked to a dating service.

Web Function

National Tea Week

• Position Whittard as the market leader in the specialist tea and coffee market in the UK.

• Rejuvenate positive perceptions of the brand to the press and the public, through campaigns including charity events and CSR campaigns.

• To bring awareness to new, younger customers of the wide range of specialist products available at competitive prices.

• Increase footfall and sales to the stores and the website.

At Whittard, we just love tea, and think everybody should enjoy the benefits of it too. With hundreds of varieties from loose-leaf Earl Gray to delicious fruity blends, it seems about time that Britain celebrated one of its most popular pastimes, tea drinking. In our current climate, there is a big focus on health benefits of so much produce, and Whittard want to clear up the myths from the facts about the advantages of enjoying a nice cuppa. In association with the UK Tea Council and their Tea Advisory Panel, Whittard will seek to educate the British public about the many benefits of tea, and what better way than to create a pop up tea shop in the heart of London. It will be installed for five days, Monday to Friday, and offer tea, free Wifi and fun! A great place to just go and relax, catch up with friends and sample the wonderful products on offer at Whittard. Menus will be created with myths and facts on, there will be specialists on hand to inform customers about the health benefits of tea and to tailor-make a ‘prescription’ of products to help any ailments, and prevent any other illnesses. Each day between 3-4pm Giles, the ‘nose’ of Whittard will run a tea tasting session and teach patrons how to distinguish between different varieties, and to blend the perfect brew.

‘Fortune tellers’ will help provide the correct type of Whittard beverage for every mood, and recommend pick-me-ups or relaxants to ease the stress of day-to-day life. Research has shown that “tea really can be a pick-me-up - with the caffeine consumed by typical British tea-drinkers benefiting both mind and body without causing health concerns”; this experience will hopefully help to entertain, educate and ease Londoners hectic lifestyles. This event will garner much press attention as it has various angles. For example, there will be coverage of the event itself, and a supporting press release will be created in conjunction with the Tea Advisory Panel outlining the facts, myths and anecdotes associated with hot beverage consumption. This will lend itself to feature writing, and small features in the news press.

Press Release

July 2011 W hitt ard’s Tea R oo m. We a l l lov e a g that oo t coord here shou d nationa ld be inati l n ted t more! holiday, o the g ‘Nation a nd W Wit al Te enjoy a Wee h this in hittard t ment k’; a h m After of te whole ind we ar ink a. e Advis joining f week or o dedic aa bout ry Board, ces with t W t h h h e ittar e fac U K t he h Tea C d pl ts a e mood. alth bene nd my ths an to edu ouncil a n fits a c nd th surroundi ate the n d their ng te e per ation a con fect A nd w s tea t h o sui u mption, setti at better t ng up way t your don? o a Whitt Tea Room parade o 57 Ca ur ard’s right r in th products relax na by Stre Tea Room t ha n e he et an w d ope ill be op art of Lo by for me and hopef n ne u d a bo ut al lly go aw to the p n for 5 d u blic ay fe ays a l of el t Whitt to co With ard’s ing refr me an Giles e shed d wonde sessi our r a nd i rs. on e nevery s, fortu sident ‘n ne te ose’ ll o free mood and areas ers to re n hand fo Wifi o r r ch a c has s to ju o t ometh st ch m mend ble tea tasti ing f to your ng i nd ll ou fr or ev t and s to suit erybo iends, t So co use t he dy to m he a r n a e d ow n a n enjoy Whittard . d say Tea R littl oo m e a bo h ut th ello, hav With e a n e nat coffe ic ion’s e, te favou e cuppa a a a nd rite n Conta m e …e a bever d lect: t, dr age! i nk a If yo nd b e u . Tea W are thir sty f eek, or mo or if c uppa re y e m ail a bout the ou just w infor m at i : h ar ant t world r o hav on a bout p ho n e of Wh Nat e : 078 iet@inspi ittar a nat repr. 90 16 d ter o ional co m 9254 ver a

Media Angles

Metro Small news feature, combining the statistics and the event. “If you are a tea fan you should pop down to Whittard’s pop-up tea shop on Carnaby Street this week, as they will be serving up copious amounts of hot drinks along with teaching punters facts, figures, myths and tea tasting masterclasses. To compliment the event they have joined with the UK Tea Council to publish a comprehensive list of facts, ailment busting teas and anecdotes dedicated to the nations favourite – tea.” – Diet and Wellbeing A list of different types of tea, herbal specialities and coffee and their health benefits and when to drink them. For example, peppermint tea as a digestif, and jasmine tea to relax and soothe.

Health and Fitness Magazine Top Ten Tea Myths and Facts, taken from the press release with the most up to date tea research on it.

Stylist - Out Going “Pop Down to a Pop-up Tea Shop!” “We’ll be spending our lunch breaks learning how to taste tea and what teas cure what ailments at Whittard’s one week long Tea Room. Pop down and see for yourselves, and receive complementary tea and Wifi!”

Men’s Health Health-boosting teas Fire up your metabolism, beat cancer and strengthen your heart with a simple brew. This will put a male angle on the facts and myths.

Beverage Bus • Position Whittard as the market leader in the specialist tea and coffee market in the UK.

• To bring awareness to new, younger custo-

mers of the wide range of specialist products available at competitive prices.

• Increase footfall and sales to the stores and the website.

Whittard realise that times are hard and that there are some places where you just wish you could have a nice warming drink! So to help those in need of a quality tea, coffee or hot chocolate on the go, they will be hijacking several double decker buses, branding them up and taking them on a tour of Britain to bring drinks to those who need them most. The tour will take in locations such as train platforms, student halls and school gates, and act as a revamped version of the classic tea trolley, providing refreshment to anyone at any time. To keep as many people informed of their locations, a tie-in with Christian O’Connell’s breakfast show on Absolute Radio will be arranged to make daily announcements of where the buses will be each day. The event will last for five days, and take in as much of the country as they can! Whittard endeavour to bring their product to as many people as possible, and showcase the quality and variety of products and the personality of the brand too. An up-to-date Twitter timeline will keep followers posted of the buses whereabouts, and competitions will be held for the chance to win bundles of product.

The variety of locations visited will initially attempt to contact the younger generation, with students and young professionals the main target. The message of ‘taking time for tea’ will also resonate with all generations, and the various mediums used to promote the campaign will target a wide audience. Using these different media outlets, from radio and social networking to regional news in print and online will contact the younger audience, engage them in discussion and encourage them to take part in the classic British past-times of ‘elevenses’ and afternoon tea.

Press Release

Novem ber 2 011. Bever ag e B us. Where would is the on e pla ce t h coffe m agically at yo e or u w a nic appear an schoo d e l bring ish a tea sugar on ou gate or y troll you tea yo r ey Bever non-stop ur univer ? It cou a strong b l age B s tour l d i a t ck b y e t he h u We w a o gy m, nt to s will vi f the cou alls, but t he sit y ntry, encou fear boost ou r n W other age the B spirits o in these hittard’s ot, as ri n On ou hot bever tish pu bl chilly w destinati on ages. inter r tea ic to m to Chris morni s! take bring tian ngs t ime f O on ea back or te , and ch mo ’Connell, tea t a a nd r best w i reaso ning, whe ho will b me is A bs r n e olute chose e c al s why r u n ni n l Ra ng a win t destinat the Beve ers will promo dio’s rage ion, ring he o p tiB a nd e i p colle ntran us should n with th ag ues ortunity t e f /frie v nds/f or the bu s will ba isit thei ir ttle a mily s to r There . it ou visit t t t he m count will be t a nd t o h re e r heir buses winne y, and wh en t h r ey ar on the fiv train s they wi e-d en’ ll be Keep stations rando t visitin ay tour a of th y m g co m n e wont our peepe d other b ly appear p rs pe b e ha ing a etition usy d eled rd to t offi tow n estin for t ces, a c miss he Be tions. desti entres!), t verag natio Twitt hem, par e ti ns a n e annou d you r refresh cularly o Buses (it n ed fo r ea r u our j cements, r the t of bus s a nd w o y e loo alert fo l (A bso urney. ive f r Ch r k for lute e e d i w of Radio st 1215A a rd t M o see ian’s i ing y web.) & digita s availa b l nat ou al ionwi le on 105 ong .8FM de, a i n n d Conta Londo world c n, wide If yo t: v ia th u a re e Bever thirs a t a cup ge Bus, o y for mor r p e e m ail a a bout t if you ju infor m at ion a he w o : h ar st wa rld o b r n p ho n e f Whi t to hav out the : 078 iet@inspi e a n ttard repr. 90 16 atter co m 9254 over

Media Angles

Manchester Evening News Photo call and small interviews with a few people who have visited the bus, saying how fun it was and how nice it was to have tea and coffee wherever they fancy.

Metro News feature discussing that there is a Whittard ‘Beverage Bus’ touring London giving hot drinks to those who need them. It will give the Twitter address to find out where the bus is, and encourage readers to tune in to Absolute Radio.

Absolute Radio

Daily Mail

Christian O’Connell will mention the bus daily, talking to callers and directing the bus to those most in need. His fellow DJs will also refer to the promotion and advise listeners to tune in to Christian’s breakfast show.

“As a backlash to the “Starbucks Generation”, for one week only, Whittard will be providing free refreshments on the streets of Britain. Listen to Absolute Radio’s breakfast show with Christian O’Connell and follow Whittard on Twitter to request the bus to visit you! At the gym, at work or at the bus stop, hail the Whittard Beverage Bus.”

The Sun Online A photo gallery story of the bus at different locations across the country, showing how Whittard are bringing people together, and bringing tea and coffee to the streets of Britain.

Bringing Whittard to Britain’s Streets Giant Product Stunt • Position Whittard as the market leader in the specialist tea and coffee market in the UK.

• Rejuvenate positive perceptions of the brand to the press and the public, through campaigns including charity events and CSR campaigns.

• To bring awareness to new, younger customers of the wide range of specialist products available at competitive prices.

Whittard will create oversized products to be placed strategically across the country to promote their extensive range. The giant teapot, tea bag, coffee beans and mugs will be very subtly branded with the Whittard logo, and will feature instructions and a number to text to receive a free sample product. One lucky winner will receive a year’s supply of Whittard’s products! This stunt will also feature a You Tube viral of the props being assembled, however to begin with it will be unclear who is behind the operation to create speculation. It will generate news coverage, and is a great photo opportunity. An exclusive partnership with The Daily Mail would reveal that it was all in relation to Whittard to end speculation, and explain that it was to celebrate the beginning of a new PR campaign, to drive awareness to the public of Whittard’s products, and to help make them synonymous with tea, coffee and related gifts on the UK high street.

A Facebook page will be set up, for members to upload photos of themselves with the giant items, and to begin discussion about Whittard, people’s opinions of it and their favourite products. Whittard staff will encourage discussion, and regulate talk on the site. As part of the covert operation, ‘undercover’ calls will be made to tip-off picture desk editors at a range of daily newspapers. This campaign will show that Whittard are savvy and fun and aware of innovative tactics like stunts to garner press attention, and in turn make the public interested in the brand.

Febru a

Press Release

ry 20 11.

Bring in

g W hi tta

rd t o Somet Brita hing in’s Stree stran this ts. ge h a week, s b ee h i nd a n d n occ m any t he w ur t h i nk eirdl sets y a that ring acro ss Br the p nd coffee wonderfu t he M l itain a a b Other st few da eans in m emergence d Hatter ys. i s hav any o o f overs s bee sp e caugh f t he culat t on b i g cit ized tea ed t h ca mer ty pr ies o at a of ver kid”, essor Way positioni the m ask ed vi ng th ne Sz after gil ali wrong e yet a . nothe nski fro items wor antes Howev ked f m r “ one o e or nu f his Honey, I brain r, we can tblew ex per s (an n o up t h w iment revea d t he littl e s we n l t ha e inc braw n t t id tai n ) of smile ent. We Whitt it was in a to ta wante first k d to rd who pl fact the a otted m ake cupbo e over th nd forem os e th a t ge of rds and j British H t, and an e people his u n i o s s ounce gh St f t ce Hopef pecialis our p Brit pro lebrate t reet and ully lans h d if pe t he k fig ure e joy ople uct we ha itche ’s of s t he v h n y wil Whitt e in a t l hav ve looke ard, store he huge d r e i direc an f not a nd o close spott t nline is a ion in or we’ll giv ed the li enough o . n t der t e you n tt o win your u m ber on a pok le messag he each na m e yours e e fro in of th a a sa m e e fig u lves a t the right m ple o nd addres reat. r s to f our will and y es which a w you c There ou wi We ho lso win a onderful an te ll in p produ whole xt and c e we’ve b turn ct. O y e a r ro n h r s de, p illy Febr ught a sm supply o e lucky s eceive ou f ut th ile t e ket ary day, o you Whittard and-so re m e m a nd w tle o r fac ber, produ hy n a nd e for e c very enjoy don’t you on this d t! whim, Conta u a ll p op i n nice c there siwar m If yo t: i s a W d u hitta rink. A ca mpa are thir nd rd. sty f ign, or mo or if c uppa re y e m ail a bout the ou just w infor m at io : h ar ant t w orld r p ho n e o hav n a bout of Wh our : 078 iet@inspi e ittar a nat repr. 90 16 d ter o new co m 9254 ver a

Media Angles

The Daily Mail and Mail Online Initially, The Mail Online will have a feature with the photographs and the YouTube video, questioning who was behind the stunt. The Daily Mail will then exclusively reveal two days later that Whittard orchestrated the stunts, to “bring tea and coffee to Britain’s Streets”. This will have a small feature including the viral, explaining that this bizarre incident has happened all over the country, and speculating who is behind it.

Londonist blog This blog will showcase the photos of various Londoners taken with the giant props.

Manchester Evening News Small news piece explaining that a giant mug has appeared in the centre of Manchester, along with a teapot in London, sugar lump in Birmingham, spoon in Bristol etc.

The Metro Before the stunt is revealed, the Metro will compile the photos of the models as a humorous piece to encourage speculation.

PR Week Piece explaining that Whittard are beginning a strategic PR campaign to reignite Britain’s passion for tea and other hot beverages, and that Whittard plan to position themselves at the forefront of this market.


the Londonist



Health and Fitness

Marie Claire

Men‘s Health Online



UK Tea Council

Yorkshire Post

The Diary. Tea For Two January February

Bringing Whittard to Britain‘s Streets

National Tea Week

Beverage Bus

Best of British



Event/Photocall/ Press Release after

Press Release

March April





Press Release




Press Release

August September October

Event Preparation


Press Release



The Budget. Campaign


Material Costs (£)


Tea For Two

Best of British Tea Towel

Event Locations:

Press Shots Gifting to journalists

London Leeds Cardiff Manchester Birmingham

Catering Urns Refreshment Crockery Visuals Staff Survey Mini web page Alison Jackson Hire of look a likes

Half day hire, Old Queens Head pub, N1 8LN Half day hire, Coopers Bar Brasserie, LS20 8AH Half day hire, Terra Nova, CF10 5BZ Half day hire, Waldorf Hotel, M1 3AQ Half day hire, Lamp Tavern, B5 6AH 5x hygienesuppliesdirect. com Selection of products provided by Whittard Provided by Whittard


£650 National Tea Week

£300 Venue Hire £250 £275



57 Carnaby Street, 5 days + half day set up/take down tables and chairs, ‚bar‘.

Decoration £307.5

Staff Crockery Visuals Staff


£200 £10,000 £1,000 £14,062

Material Costs (£) £500 £150


£400 6x staff at each event, £6.50 an hour for 4 hours.


Refreshment Crockery Catering Urns Leaflets to be distributed

£6000 £500 £1,500

4 staff, £6.50 an hour, 5 days Provided by Whittard

£910 £400

6x staff at each event, £6.50 an hour for 4 hours. Selection of products provided by Whittard Provided by Whittard Reuse from previous event 500 @ 20p each,






Material Costs (£)

Beverage Bus Bus Hire Driver Hire

x3 @ £600 a day x 5 days, x3 @ £100 a day x 5 days

Refreshment Disposable Cups

£1,500 £300

Decoration Staff


x6, £7 an hour, 5 days Provided by Whittard 5000 x 8oz blue Ripplecups,


£320.25 £12,590.25

Bringing Whittard to Britains Streets Models Staff Video

10 @ £500-£1,750 20 x 2 hours @ £10

£400 £500 £24,900



The Directory. We believe media lists should be selective. PR is about developing relationships with like-minded publications to your brand, and over time (and a few cups of tea) it will become easy securing coverage. If we provide a strong story, who wouldn’t want to cover it!





Evening Standard Guardian Online Mail Online Mail Online Manchester evening News Metro - 60 Seconds Interview Metro Page 3 The Guardian (Editors Picks) The Sun Online Yorkshire Evening Post

Ian Walker Dave Hill Carol Driver Emma Messenger Graeme McGilliard Elaine Lipworth John Higginson Alan Rusbridger Martin Phillips Andy Manning

Assistant News Editor London Blogger News Writer News Writer Features Editor Celebrity Correspondent News Features Writer Editor Senior Features Writer Picture Editor

Weekly Grazia Grazia - 10 Hot Stories Stylist Stylist - Outgoing Stylist - The Scoop

Ashleigh Rainbird Rachel Loos Alix Walker Amy Grier Amy Grier

Junior News Reporter Homes Editor Features Editor Junior Writer Junior Writer






Gemma O'Reilly Alex Beckett

Reporter Food and Drink Editor

Supplements ES Magazine You Magazine

Emilie McMeekan Danielle Roberts

Features Editor Lifestyle Assistant

Monthly Health and Fitness Marie Claire Men's Health Red

Joanna Ebsworth Jess Wood David Morton Mary Norden

Fitness Editor Fashion Features Editor Features Writer Interiors and Food Director

Richie Firth Rachel Jones

Producer Producer

Veronica Kirby Becky Taylor Sally Butcher

Lifestyle Editor Health Writer Contributor

Trade Press PRWeek The Grocer

Broadcast Absolute Radio Radio 1 - Chris Moyles Show Blog Londonist

The Results.

As the overall aims of the “Coffee, Tea and Me� campaign are to rejuvenate awareness of Whittard, especially to a younger market, to increase media coverage and to drive footfall and sales, measuring the success will be assessed in three areas. After each campaign success will be analysed, but it wont be until the end of the 12-month period that we will definitely be able to see a positive increase in both public perception of the brand, store and website visits and finally, sales.

Opinions We will commission an opinion poll in January 2011 to discover the attitudes toward Whittard within our target demographic, and then once again in January 2012 to see how perceptions have changed, whether the audience had been aware of a PR drive through seeing coverage, and if it had encouraged them to shop at Whittard.

Coverage Press coverage will be analysed monthly, and the number, frequency and span of mentions will be recorded. It will be the quality of coverage we will

be most content with, not just sheer volume. Our main concern will be whether our key target publications have featured the campaigns, as we will render it successful if we have succeeded in gaining column inches in these. We hope to see a 25% increase in product placement, particularly in features alongside our competitors.

Financially We will measure the financial success by evaluating like for like sales with the previous year, and anticipate a 20% rise is sales figures attributable to the increased public awareness of the brand. As we wish to drive sales both instore and online, website visits will be monitored, and both transactions online and instore will aim to increase, as well as items per transaction. Finally, we aim for an increased market share of the tea, coffee and gift markets, endeavouring for a 2-5% increase in market share.

pitch document for inspire pr  

Marketing Plan for Whittard Tea of Chelsea

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