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VERVE – Graduate scheme Who are we? Verve is an innovative marketing services company that combines research, marketing, technology and panel management to help brands engage with their customers in an entirely new way. We work across all sectors and have some very big name clients – Lloyds Banking Group, Orange, Which? and McDonalds to name a few. We are a highly entrepreneurial team of around 30 people who have big ambitions of becoming a major international company. Our hard work and dedication to delivering great work has recently been recognised by the Market Research Society who awarded us „Best New Agency‟.

What does VERVE do? We specialise in creating, managing and maintaining online environments – customer advisory panels and communities - where brands can talk to their customers about whatever they want, whenever they want. We help our clients build a more informed picture of their customers. We help our clients make better decisions about products, services, positioning, advertising… and pretty much anything else. We put the voice of the customer on their desktops. We help understand and amplify positive customer experiences.

What can VERVE offer you? Verve is a growing company that offers the opportunity to work in a fast-paced and fun environment. We will provide you with extensive structured and hands-on training in order for you to develop and build your career. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with one of the best teams around - some of the best project managers, insight researchers, web design and service delivery professionals in the industry – facilitating the dialogue between brands and their customers on a long-term basis to clients across a variety of sectors. As our business grows we will offer a whole host of opportunities for growing your career. We‟re called VERVE for a reason, so if you‟re the sort of person who loves a challenge, won‟t stop until they‟ve succeeded and loves working out how to make things better we‟d love to hear from you. We are looking for recent graduates to join our London team We are offering two position types in 2011 (please state your preference on your application):  Graduate executives involved in communities and client engagement: community management, community engagement and marketing support  Graduate executives involved in operations: project management, research programming and data analysis We are looking for people with the following skills:  You are inquisitive and curious, and want to understand why  You are enthusiastic about what you do and have a pro-active can-do attitude  You have excellent organisational skills, be able to handle multiple tasks whilst maintaining a high level of focus on each For those interested in the community and client engagement position, you will also need to have excellent interpersonal and creative skills. For those interested in the operations position, you will also need to have a high degree of numeracy, would ideally have experience of different software solutions, data manipulation and an aptitude for learning new software packages.


Practicalities  Location: Central London office (see and click on „how to find us‟)  Contract type: Full-time  Remuneration: Up to £23k depending on experience

Next steps Interested in joining the Verve team? Please send the following to:  Your CV + A short outline of why you‟d like to join the team and what you‟d bring to the party  Details of your current notice period - if applicable - and your current basic salary and any additional benefits, bonuses or commissions (please note that if we were to appoint you, we will check on your previous salary, so no porkies, please)  Please note that due to the number of applications we receive you will not receive a response unless you are selected for interview

The Verve Philosophy As mentioned earlier, we are not called “Verve” accidentally. The name itself captures our approach and attitude to the way we live life and the way in which we do business. Verve is different to other agencies in that we are raising the game in terms of service, people and innovation. We believe in structuring our business around our clients‟ needs, whilst ensuring that projects are delivered consistently end-to-end. We believe strongly in accountability, a client‟s experience with Verve will always be with a person rather than a process. We believe strongly in partnership – not just with our clients, but right across our whole team. Our partnership beliefs are supported by a very strong, positive and inspiring culture. Working at Verve is all about doing amazing things for clients and challenging ourselves to continually improve how we do things. And, importantly, having fun while doing it! In terms of innovation, we want to make sure that we‟re always bringing added “verve” to clients in the future, as well as today. Continuous improvement, innovation and invention are at the heart of our organisation. We‟re constantly challenging ourselves to become better. We take inspiration from our work with clients to innovate and develop new products and services to save our client‟s money. This combination of partnership and inspiring culture means that our team really is revved up and raring to deliver more for our clients.