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About Applied Speciation: Established in 2004 as a small business in Washington, Applied Speciation and Consulting, LLC, is a NELAC Certified analytical testing and consulting laboratory proffering superior quality trace metals and metal speciation analysis for the environmental, and research community. Focusing its knowledge, experience and talent on speciation and consulting, Applied Speciation and Consulting LLC is capable of proffering services unavailable by any other commercial laboratory in North America.

Trace Arsenic: Applied Speciation implements state-of-art methods and instrumentation techniques for trace arsenic and selenium analysis. The zero tolerance policy concerning chromium, arsenic, and selenium compounds in drinking water triggers the demand of absolute results for trace arsenic analysis. Applied Speciation utilizes fool proof methods like ICP-DRC-MS to get interference elimination and robustness for true total arsenic and selenium analysis in any matrix.

Total Mercury Analysis:

Applied Speciation proffers ultra trace mercury analysis. Total mercury analysis is implemented through cold vapour inductively coupled with plasma mass spectrometry (CV-ICP-MS). CV-ICP-MS is a robust mercury method with ultra trace detection limits which is fully validated as per EPA requirements for alternate test methods. Applied Speciation offers total mercury analysis at a fraction of cost.

Halogen Speciation: Applied Speciation has developed a wide range of analytical techniques for halogen speciation. These tailored analytical methods help to separate halogen compounds, which cannot be supported by promulgated methods. It currently supports following halogens: Cl, I, and Br. Besides, it also employs low level sulphur and phosphorus speciation analysis for the determination of sulfate, thiosulfate, thiocyanate and various phosporus species.

Pharmeceutical Charecterization: Applied Speciation has successfully developed a wide range of analytical techniques for Pharmaceutical characterization or active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). APIs are halogenated compounds, which usually contain impurities.Applied Speciation currently supports molecules containing the following active pharmaceutical ingredients: Cl, S, I, Br, and P.

Stable Isotopes ratio Testing: Applied Speciation proffers stable isotopes ration testing of a wide range of elements for application to environmental forensic studies. Each element has a unique isotopic pattern and small differences in the ratios of these isotopes helps in identification of the source, transport and biogeochemical fate of elements in atmospheric bulk deposition, soils, freshwater, and seawater matrices.

Treatability Studies: Applied Speciation provides treatability studies. Such study is approached in phased manner, which minimizes upfront cost and determines the viability of the technology before its implementation on large scale. Also reduces the time demand of the project along with reducing temporal variability. knowledge, experience, and capacity to perform molecular quantization also allows for mechanistic studies which can be applied for treatment optimization or identification of new treatment methodologies.

Applied Speciation and Consulting: Applied Speciation and Consulting is dedicated to meet the current and future scientific needs of the commercial, industrial and academic world. The company constantly research and develop new and historical analytical methods to provide superior quality race metals analytical service.

Contact Info: Applied Speciation and Consulting LLC. Address: 18804 Northcreek Parkway Bothell, WA 98011 USA Phone: (425) 483-3300 Fax: (425) 483-9818 Email :

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