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Relay Receive and pass on (information or a message)

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[Typographic Argument]

[Week one]

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Typographic Argument



Why have you got two yogurts? You’ve already eaten a ton! Because I wanted two yogurts. But you really don’t need two yogurts Jim! I’m hungry. You can’t be hungry at all; you’ve just eaten a massive dinner and then a pack of Jaffa cakes!

Jack Wells 25/12/2013 Home

(Laughing) Yeah and I’m still hungry.

Your just being a greedy, you fat fuck!

You’re just being greedy, if you actually let your food go down you would realise that you’re full, but instead you just keep stuffing your face!

Sorry, I didn’t realise you were the food police.

So you can read my mind now? That’s what I thought! I don’t need you telling me if and when I’m hungry! I’m more than capable of making my own mind up on that. (Laughing)

Well just to let you know, I won’t be seen stood anywhere near you on holiday when your the size of a house.


In response to Megan’s typographic argument I chose to take the following line to the argument she referenced. I made an on screen based piece where through tilting the screen the missing word was revealed. I did this to leave the question open to interpretation, giving Megan full reign over the response if she didn’t discover the hidden word.


Week one




Week two


The use of the Lego head in Megan’s relay brought back memories as a child of how much I loved Lego. This acted as my main inspiration behind this piece and chose to illustrate my excitement as a child towards Lego.


When I read Megan’s piece the fact that the “Don’t” was being crossed out stood out to me, I chose to take the chant like feel to the “live” and flipped it on it’s head. A rather morbid response, however I think it is perfectly fitting.


Week three




Week four


The recording that I received for this weeks relay inspired this digital print. The recording which sounded very much like a recorder instantly made me think of Native American wood wind music, which led to this Native American style pattern.


I picked up on the addition of the ECG to my last relay. I decided to run with this idea and based this weeks response on heart attacks. My piece highlights all the symptoms of a heart attack, shaped into a heart.


Week five




Week six


The mathematic equipment photograph that I received instantly brought back memories of maths at school. I chose to create this as I feel it sums up secondary school maths for me and possibly most people. (Spelling words on a calculator, not actual boobs)


This is my response to Meg’s visual interpretation of necrosis. After fairly in depth research into necrosis I stumbled across ‘Radiation Necrosis’ which is caused by radiotherapy in cancer patients. One of the side effects of radiation necrosis is something called ‘Phantosmia” which is a hallucination of the sense of smell, where smells that aren’t there can be smelt. After looking Online it came apparent that one of the most popular phantom smells was smelling burnt toast. I then stenciled the sentence onto the toast using butter and a hand cut stencil, after letting the toast to cool so the butter wouldn’t melt instantly.


Week seven




Week eight


This is in response to the photograph of the statue covering it’s upper half. During this week of the relay Cancer research campaigns were very prominent, so it was hard to not be inspired by these. This was based on a campaign I had seen that week in The Sun newspaper, using a charity called Coppa feel.


This response was to Meg’s piece which highlighted the idea of Synesthesia. Synesthesia is an disorder in which those that have it experience two or more senses at once. This disorder is mainly genetic but can be caused by people who have taken, or do take large amounts of hallucinogenic drugs, which is what I chose to respond with.


I chose to use the image is of ‘Magic’ mushrooms to capture the drugs side and use the half tone to try and capture the idea of how Synesthesia is so undefined, and that there isn’t just one solid definition or explanation to disorder.

Week nine




Week ten


When it came to responding to the ‘square melons’ piece that I had received I was completely stumped. I started off by drawing slices of melon, which eventually ended up with this. I chose to keep a very geometric grid like feel to the pattern in reference to the word ‘square’.


For my final response I took the negative feel to the finger wagging, keeping the same format with the hand and doodled a foam finger. I chose to do this to express how easy it is to turn something from a negative to a positive by simply removing one thing, which in this case was the movement of the finger.


Week eleven


The relay task was something that I did enjoy doing over the duration of the semester. I used this task as an escape from the other tasks set on the module, so that I could take time off from the main tasks, but still utilise that time fully. I do feel that over the duration of the task that the responses had their low points as well as their highs. I think this was mainly due to the increase of work that was going on simultaneously which meant that some weeks the relay responses were either rushed or done without much interpretation of the previous relay. I think this lack of interpretation made the responses feel really rather dull, meaning topics and themes that were touched on seemed to fizzle out and change continuously week on week. Although this was good in terms of idea generation and keeping fresh responses coming, it makes the relay task to me feel really rather disjointed in the fact that the relays never really reach their full potential concluding to create a solid body of work.

Jack Wells