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Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained. -C.S. Lewis

To live like Christ, even to the point of giving ourselves up for our brother or sister is something in which I have been striving to do with my work here in Panamá.

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Love is such an intense word and the example of how much God loves us is so much more than we can possibly comprehend. That example is Christ crucified and resurrected. John 3.16 says that God loved the world, that’s you and me, and He gave Jesus as a sacrifice for us. That freaks me out! I cannot imagine what that is like!

I am reminded in this busy month, this month of love that we have such a wonderful example of love. John 15.13 says, “Greater love has no one that this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” Christ is talking about himself, but also giving us instructions on how to pursue one another in relationships. I am so challenged to live that way as I continue to build relationships.



No Greater Love February is a particularly interesting month. This year we celebrated Lincoln’s birthday, Washington’s birthday, President’s Day, Super Bowl Sunday, Groundhog’s Day, National Freedom Day, Boy Scout Day, Black History Month, American Heart Month, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, and Ash Wednesday. That is quite a list of holidays for the shortest month of the year with only 28 days.

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The C.S. Lewis quote I put at the beginning of this article I think really brings the message home for me. Love is that steady wish for a person’s ultimate good. What does this mean? It means living a life in service to others. It means doing for others as best you can. It means sharing Christ with EVERYONE! It means making less of yourself and more of God for all to see. Share His love my friends, not just this month, but all the time. For it is in this sharing that God can be glorified in all our lives! Love, Jack

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Let Everything That Has Breath Praise the Lord!

Things to Praise God for… Many New People I have had many new people show up for classes

Psalm 150.6 Classes All of my classes are going well and I am thankful that I have been able to plan ahead and be prepared Opportunities to Share the Gospel The Lord has giving me lots of opportunities to share the Gospel Reconciliation

Things to Bring Before God… ESL Classes Pray for Christel as she begins her ESL classes and has the chance to outreach and minister LCMS Missionary Anthony DiLiberto Continue to offer up prayers for Anthony. He has hosted several short-term teams and continues to work hard in Peru

Classes are going very well. I have been in the middle of teaching so many different people and enjoying it so much. There is so much to say. I wanted to share with you about one student of mine. Hazel is a 16 year old who plays guitar at El Redentor in Balboa. She is involved in the Choir Class, takes guitar and piano lessons, and attends the Music Ministry Class. She is a great student with such a desire to serve the Lord and to learn. She approached me the other day and informed me that she will be leaving to study in the US next year. This means that she and I have to move her through the Music Ministry Program in one year. That is two years of instruction in one year. But she is excited and fired up about doing it.

Panama Portrait Milton

IELPA The National Church here in Panamá Pray for their continued growth and strengthening in the Lord LCMS World Mission Missionaries Pray for all missionaries around the world as they reach out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

All of the classes have been going well. We are moving forward with the Choir Class. People are actually learning how to sing correctly. It is a challenge because the natural position for the Spanish speaking voice is in the middle and wide. I have to pull the voice forward and make it tall. It is a challenge, but I love it. This month in the Music Ministry Class we are doing basic music theory. Ah, how I enjoy teaching about scales, intervals, and basic chord progressions! The students are getting it quite nicely and I’m looking forward to going deeper in the curriculum and more learning to happen. The classes are going well. I plan to add another church in the next couple of weeks. And the blessings will continue!!! Be in prayer for that.

Milton at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

This month I want to introduce you to Milton Castillo. Milton is the National Church President here in Panamá. Milton has brought vitality and life to the church. He has been working very hard to advance the work of the National Church and to engage the congregations in many new and exciting outreach projects. Milton also serves as the Volunteer Coordinator for Short-Term Groups that come to serve Panamá. Milton is a member of the Gloria Dei, the congregation in Los Andes. He served as the Treasurer of that congregation before taking on the role of National Church President.

To support my work financially, you may send a tax-deductible gift to: LCMS World Mission 1333 South Kirkwood Rd, St. Louis, MO 63122-7295.

Milton on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic

Milton works very hard with the congregations and is earnestly seeking to move the church in a positive and effective direction. He brings a great deal of energy to the church in Panamá and is seeking to make it all about Jesus.

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NEWSFLASH I am now a GEO. What does that mean? Well, LCMS World Mission has changed the names of all Long-Term Missionaries to GEO Missionaries. GEO stands for Globally Engaged in Outreach Missionary. This is a great name change that truly embodies the essence of my work here in Panamá.

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