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Game Reviews Elite: Dangerous Elite: Dangerous is a space exploration game with the entire Milky Way recreated. This games genre includes Vehicle simulation with flight simulation, MMO as it is a MMORPG and is also an action-adventure game with a huge open world and real-time space battles. This game incorporates asymmetric, active and emergent gameplay with the way ever player can have a different experience based on what path they choose. It is all real time across the whole galaxy.

Grand Theft Auto V Grand Theft Auto V or GTAV is an open world, sandbox game which follows the story of three characters, Michael, Trevor and Franklin. It is a violent money-making life for all three working towards that one ‘dream’ however the game has an online mode completely different to story of the main characters. In this mode you have your own character, your own story. This creates an action genre, with all the guns and shooting you take part in the missions. It is also an actionadventure game as you have a huge open-world to explore. It also has some racing and flying involved making it partially a simulation game however the physics are not life-like. Within the single player mode GTAV is a Twitch game as the player’s reactions and emotions are changed throughout every mission and sub-mission you do. It is also passive and there are no time constraints, you are in control of what you do and when you do it. The online mode however incorporates an asymmetric and active gameplay everything happens in real time and your experience differs from others.

N.O.V.A 3 An Interactive sci-fi action adventure FPS shooter. With an intensive campaign where the volterite have invaded earth and it’s up to you (kal Wardin) to help defend the human race from being wiped off the face of the earth. N.O.V.A 3 also has a multiplayer option of up to 12 players with six different game types including pvp modes and pvall Death match modes. With the ability to upgrade and unlock new weapons and abilities.

Project Cars Project cars is an advanced racing simulator, making it a vehicle simulation game, however unlike other racing simulators this game has an asymmetric gameplay as every individual player can choose from a number of championships all already unlocked and ready to jump into when you want. It is uses twitch and active gameplay, due to the player having to react to every corner of a track, competing with other players in real time. This is a game that truly tests your skills as a racer.

Civilization V Civilization V is a turn-based, micromanagement strategy game focusing on a simulation of the centuries of human life, travelling through the eras in a passively controlled environment where each player takes a turn one at a time and your decisions can change the way other civilizations react to you, making this an emergent gameplay. However when playing multiplayer the gameplay changes to being both passive in the decisions you make but active in the way that all the effects of each players decision happens in real-time.

Dead Rising 2 Dead Rising 2 is an over the top zombie survival game. Making this an Action and ActionAdventure game where you can explore the open world and build weapons to get through your day-to-day tasks or rescuing survivors and battling bosses and beating up zombies along the way. Dead Rising 2 also supports co-op gameplay, so you can team up with your friends and take part in your chosen path whether that’s to survive until rescued, or to save others from turning into zombies creating an active gameplay.

Mario kart Mario Kart is a very family targeted, competitive racing game, with crazy power-ups which you can use to your advantage to rank up to the top of the scoreboard. This can be a co-op game as you can team up with one goal, to win the races, or collect the most amount of coins in Balloon Battle. With many different race tracks and characters to choose from, this game has a lot to offer and never fails to bring smiles to your faces when you’ve squashed your friends by getting a super-size power-up.

The walking Dead Series: 1 In this emergent game you follow a character in a serious decision making zombie apocalypse. A passively played game where your decisions change the way the game plays, there are times when your decisions decides who lives and who dies. This is adventure game as it is a visual novel telling an emotional story which grasps hold of the players, making them feel a real connection to the characters, specifically clementine, a young child who is suffering from her missing parents who left before the apocalypse happened and never returned, it is up to you to look after her and find her parents, as long as they’ve not become a zombie

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Also Known as CoD or MW2, this game is purely based on warfare, an action FPS shooter, where the situations you are put in, really put you on the edge of your seat, anticipating what the outcomes will be. The game has aspects of a death match gameplay, especially within the multiplayer modes, where you face player vs player and even player vs all all in active real time. These game modes make for some intensive battles between players and as you progress you can unlock more weapons and weapon attachments.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed In this Hack and slash, action-adventure game you play as Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, hunting down Jedi and defeating rebel. However as you play through the missions your characters mind-set changes with the people he meets, seeing the real path of his future, turning against the dark side. You take part in third-person competitive lightsaber duels and huge out-numbered heroic battles using different skills and abilities to overpower your enemies. Featuring eras from the original star wars movies, you will experience never seen before Jedi powers such as Digital Molecular Matter.

10 mini game reviews  
10 mini game reviews