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Personalized Weddings

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Let us know your requirements: Gifts for the Entourage? Gifts for Sponsors? Gifts for Parents? Tokens for the Guests?

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Step 3 PERSONALIZE your gifts with YOUR WEDDING LOGO and names of the recipients

Choose products from our catalog. Or, let us know your wedding theme or gift sets you have in mind and we’ll gladly suggest suitable plant leathergoods based on that.

About Us The water hyacinth is the most damaging aquatic plant worldwide because of its capability to reproduce at an extraordinary rate. We asked ourselves, “How can we transform the challenges of the poor into opportunities?” Hence, this led to the creation of Jacinto&Lirio which actually means “Hyacinth and Lily”. J&L serves as a viable environmental, social and commercial solution to the water hyacinth, poverty and colonial mentality problem. Our flagship brand, Jacinto & Lirio provides beautifully handcrafted plant leathergoods made from water hyacinth, which are impressively multi- functional yet stylish conversatio​nal-pieces with a lifestyle appeal for professionals who wants to create a strong environmental and socio-ethical statement. We make INDIGENOUS LOOK SEXY.


Jacinto & Lirio products are the beautiful and matchless result of a harmonious relationship between man and his environment—between people and water hyacinths. An eco-ethical Jacinto & Lirio product is more than just a statement of style—with Jacinto & Lirio, you hold the story of a community in your hand. With a strikingly chic and functional Jacinto & Lirio plant leathergoods, you can wear your nationalism proud.




Our Vision To be a model God glorifying global company innovating with Filipino artisans to elevate indigenous materials to the global design market.

Our Mission Through the creation of well-designed, functional and Philippineinspired plant leathergoods, Jacinto & Lirio aims to improve the lives of people from both ends of the spectrum—the water hyacinth communities and employees who are empowered through meaningful work, and the advocates purchasing who are enriched by the ecofriendly water hyacinth leathergoods.

Style with Social Impact Advancinglivelihood development in the Philippines is a crucial step for food security and poverty alleviation. However, our experiences around community livelihoods revealed to us the constraints they face for their sustainability – specifically market access. EcoIngenuity aims to provide this market link to the sustainability of community livelihoods, most of which use indigenous materials for their products. We work with water hyacinth community livelihoods in Rizal, and other areas where there are huge water hyacinth infestations.


More intense floodings

Harmful Effects of the Water Hyacinth

The water hyacinth blocks the

Hindrance water transport

water flow to the dams.

Clog irrigation, hydrogen, & water systems

The rivers become impassable as they clog upwith densely intertwined carpet of the weeds.

Water hyacinth blocks the flow of electricity and causes equipment damage.

Increased disease in the habitat

Increased water evaporation

Malaria, dengue, and water borne parasites and other water borne diseases increased.

Less fishing opportunities

Water loss is as much as 1.8 times higher than evaporation in waterways free of this pest.

Decrease in biodiversity Water hyacinth out competes Damage fisheries by making it more difficult for some fishing methods such as fishing nets to be spread on water.

other aquatic plants. This causes an imbalance in micro-ecosystem resulting in reduced flora and fauna that depend on it.




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Jacinto & Lirio Personalized Handmade Vegan Leathergoods Gifts for Occasions  

Made from water hyacinth plant leather

Jacinto & Lirio Personalized Handmade Vegan Leathergoods Gifts for Occasions  

Made from water hyacinth plant leather