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Perspective From Museum Island Towards Alexander Platz

GROWING TOWARDS BERLIN Graduate Berlin, Germany Berlin is a city that is constantly growing and actively defining its character through its blend of past, present and future. Through the investigation of self, the youth culture has become the predominant force in transforming Berlin into one of the western world’s epicenters for creative people. The people of Berlin have always been able to influence and sculpt the landscape of the city with their ideals and visions for the future. As a result, Berlin’s character has become a realization of several visions that have grown together to create something uniquely Berlin. Berlin’s youth culture has sculpted the landscape of their city through their use of various types of expression. Activities such as music, shopping, and dining have allowed the youth culture and the city to overcome a series of hardships by actively defining themselves. These activities act as forces that help to generate architectural epicenters within Berlin. The epicenters crystallize in the urban fabric where predominant forces in the youth culture interact with one another, and become the foundation for the investigation of expression that identifies Berlin’s character.

Distance From Site Magnitude of Influence on Site

Kaiser Palace, 1918

Epicenter of Berlin’s Youth and Culture, 2010

Interior Music Center

Interior of Shopping Center

Low Birdseye Perspective of Residential Tower

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Growing Towards Berlin  

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