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Junior Achievement of Central Virginia, Inc.

Criteria for Laureate Selection Greater Richmond Business Hall of Fame May 19, 2011 Since 1988, Junior Achievement of Central Virginia has annually recognized the most esteemed leaders of the area at the Greater Richmond Business Hall of Fame. To be considered as a Business Hall of Fame Laureate, an individual's record of business achievement must demonstrate: a) business excellence, b) courageous thinking and actions, c) vision and innovation, d) inspiring leadership, and e) community mindedness. In addition, nominees must serve as a role model for those who follow. Stated more simply, Business Hall of Fame Laureates are individuals whose work has moved American society in a better, stronger direction. Laureates will be selected from two categories: Historical Laureates (deceased) and Active/Retired Laureates (individuals still engaged in the day-to-day activities of their businesses or individuals who have retired from active business involvement).       

Chairman, CEO, President, Founder, Owner, Principal or a partner of a Richmond area business Recognized for his or her significant business achievements Known for innovations pertaining to his or her industry Displays characteristics of sustained business excellence and integrity Demonstrates inspiring business and community leadership Is an exemplary business and civic role model Has a long record of professional and civic achievements that are a direct result of their use of the free enterprise system to improve the quality of the lives of those in their company and community LAUREATES - GREATER RICHMOND BUSINESS HALL OF FAME

John B. Adams William W. Berry Rudolph H. Bunzl Gordon L. Crenshaw C. Edwin Estes William H. Goodwin, Jr. Brenton S. Halsey Stanley K. Joynes Benjamin J. Lambert, Jr. E. Morgan Massey Robert F. Norfleet, Jr. E. Claiborne Robins, Sr. Frank J. Sprague William B. Thalhimer, Jr Robert S. Ukrop Marcus M. Weinstein

Thomas N. Allen William C. Boinest Thomas E. Capps Frederick Deane, Jr Joseph C. Farrell Floyd D. Gottwald, Jr. Philip Haxall Alan I. Kirshner C. Coleman McGehee Moses D. Nunnally, Jr. John Rolfe Robert C. Sledd Wallace Stettinius Richard G. Tilghman Henry L. Valentine II James C. Wheat

Ruth & Franco Ambrogi Thomas C. Boushall J. Harwood Cochrane Norwoord H. Davis, Jr. Thomas F. Farrell II Floyd D. Gottwald, Sr. Vernard W. Henley Sydney & Frances Lewis G. Gilmer Minor, Jr. Stanley F. Pauley W. Harry Schwarzchild, Jr. John W. Snow Fred T. Tattersall Clarence L. Townes, Sr. Maggie Walker J. Harvie Wilkinson, Jr.

Gordon Reid Anderson David Tennant Bryan Josée G. Covington Neverette A. Eggleston, Sr. Charles H. Foster, Jr. Bruce C. Gottwald Charles T. Hill Charles S. Luck, III Steven A. Markel G. Gilmer Minor, III David P. Reynolds Carroll L. Saine William B. Thalhimer, Sr. James E. Ukrop Hays T. Watkins E. Carlton Wilton, Sr.

Deadline for nominations is November 16, 2010 Applications may be sent to: Junior Achievement of Central Virginia Greater Richmond Business Hall of Fame 4600 Cox Road, Suite 107 Glen Allen, VA 23060 Phone: 804-217-8855 Fax: 804-217-8850 Email:

Beverley W. Armstrong J. Stewart Bryan, III Walter W. Craigie Robey Estes Michael D. Fraizer Nathan S. Gumenick Hugh E. Joyce, Sr. David N. Martin T. Justin Moore W. Thomas Rice S. Buford Scott Richard L. Sharp Charles Thalhimer, Sr. Joe & Jacquelin Ukrop Carole M. Weinstein Samuel S. Wurtzel

Greater Richmond Business Hall of Fame Laureate Nomination Form

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Please briefly describe the nominee's major business accomplishments.

Please briefly describe some examples of the nominee's community leadership and involvement.

Describe how their leadership, innovation and civic activities have positively affected the greater Richmond community.

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