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LOG-ON: LIBRARY! GOBBLEDYGOOKE Written by John C. Millunzi, Jr. Based on PRINCESS BASIA & THE REVOLUTIONARY SUPER CRITTERS 0F WILLOW GLEN by John C. Millunzi, Jr. Created and Developed by John C. Millunzi, Jr., Gina C. Millunzi and Stephen Millunzi

25315 Twister Trail, Spring, TX 77373 713.449.2002

ACT ONE FADE IN: EXT. STABLES - BACK PORCH - DAY DARE opens the back door to a gust of wind and MOLLY wagging her tail. DARE Tell it not to rain?! Molly takes off for the chicken coop; Dare chases. INT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - KITCHEN - LATER (NOTE: Background border, live action horses.) (NOTE: DEVICE ICONS on kitchen flat screen: MYPHONE; Seneca, swinging on porch. MYPAD; Margaret, drawing on art pad. MYPHONE; Claire, loading pickup truck with water irrigation hose. LAB COMPUTER; Timothy, entering data. CALENDAR; Cadette Daily Planner.) SFX: TOUCH-SCREEN BEEPS Dare places a full egg basket on the counter, then presses “CADETTE DAILY PLANNER” and sees FOUR (4) unchecked entries; “HOMEWORK”, “CHORES”, “PRACTICE” and “GUGLIELMO MARCONI”. INT. MARGARET’S ROOM - CONTINUOUS MARGARET is sketching MARCONI’S portrait on her art pad. EXT. SENECA’S FRONT PORCH - CONTINUOUS SFX: WIND GUSTS SENECA is swinging on the porch with FOUNDER on her lap. BACK TO KITCHEN Dare presses “SENECA” AND “MARGARET”.



DARE (CONT’D) Good morning? SENECA Are we still practicing? I can get rain ponchos from grandfather? MARGARET What does eleven minus three equal? DARE / SENECA / MARGARET (laughter) DARE / SENECA / MARGARET (CONT’D) Kid’s eleven mile in three days! SENECA I want to crew this time. SFX: RADIO DIAL TUNING MUSIC: ALA - HEADBANGER PUNK/ROCK MARGARET Get ready to hear Frederick’s radio homework. Turn it down! SENECA I can’t even spell Marconi’s first name.



DARE G - u - g - l - i - e - l - m - o!

EXT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - GIFT SHOP - CONTINUOUS CLAIRE is loading her pickup with irrigation hose. BACK TO KITCHEN Dare presses “MOM”. DARE (CONT’D) We’re still practicing after school, mom. It’s not raining that bad? CLAIRE Let’s see what its like after school? MOLLY (barks) DARE Mom??? EXT. ADVANCED UNIVERSITY RESEARCH LAB - ESTABLISHING A busy windsock atop a flagpole. INT. AURL - TIMOTHY’S LAB - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Timothy’s computer and ROGER’S myPad display circular sonar sweeping screens.)



Timothy and Roger are wearing headphones and eating cereal at Timothy’s lab counter. SFX: HEARTBEAT TIMOTHY Did you hear that? ROGER Self-induction system sustaining energy levels. Vitals show distress. BACK TO KITCHEN Dare presses “TIMOTHY”. TIMOTHY We need you to go to the lake. For Space Camp, real fast, please? ROGER Something’s out there? MOLLY (barks) DARE What do you want, Timothy? TIMOTHY By the lake! It’s energy system is self-sustaining.



ROGER I heard it. DARE We’re practicing for eleven-mile, Timothy! TIMOTHY It’s really important?? EXT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - PASTURE BASIA grazes. EXT. VIRTUAL SCHOOL BUS - DAY (NOTE: Background border, live action school bus.) (NOTE: DEVICE ICONS on bus windows: MYPHONE; Seneca, at her desk. MYPAD; Margaret, at her easel. MYPHONE; Dare, checking Basia’s feet. MYPAD; Paul, snoogling lexis-nexis. GAMETOY; Frederick, thumbing GameToy. MYPAD; Roger, sonar screen. FREDERICK Dudes! I get to be on the radio today!


EXT. LIBRARY - ESTABLISHING Patrons walking on the sidewalk, cars passing on street. INT. LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS



MRS. SCIENCEFELD arrives behind the book counter carrying a gift box. She hangs her purse and bicycle helmet on the coat tree. PIXIE is scanning library book returns on her computer. (NOTE: Book covers wipe across screen.) #1 - “MONKEY BAR PHYSICS: UNDERSTANDING GRAVITY” #2 - “MOMENTS IN GYM CLASS - SECONDS OF GLORY” #3 - “CANINE CONFESSIONS: THEY DO EAT HOMEWORK!” PIXIE (growls) Mrs. Sciencefeld drags her finger across her DVD rack, selects “GUGLIELMO MARCONI”. MRS. SCIENCEFELD Good morning, boys and girls! She opens the gift box, revealing holograph chocolate-covered turtles. MRS. SCIENCEFELD (CONT’D) Oh, Pixie??? Look what we have for the kids, today??? PIXIE (growls) BACK TO BUS FREDERICK It’s the Frederick radio show, today, live at Story Hour! How’s my voice?



ROGER There’s something out there. We heard it. FREDERICK No noises, Chemosabi. Frederick, your sixth grade counterpart, is taking over the air waves! SENECA Dare told us. It was probably the rain storm last night? ROGER No! Today? FREDERICK Roger? It’s not raining on the radio? MARGARET It probably was just the storm. I think Frederick was hit by lightning. (NOTE: BUS CEASES JIGGLING) ROGER Something’s out there!



BUS DOORS OPEN DARE (O.S.) How does it get you space camp points? TIMOTHY It’s a double-blind study and both are showing audio disturbances. Something’s out there. FREDERICK (O.S.) Oooo, something’s out there??? SENECA (O.S.) I’m calling an emergency recess Cadette meeting! EXT. LIBRARY - DAY Patrons and cars pass by. INT. LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS Pixie is wearing a Halloween turtle mask (ALA - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), holding a sabre to the gift box. Mrs. Sciencefeld opens the gift card. PIXIE (growls)



MRS. SCIENCEFELD Turtles don’t eat turtles! Right, boys and girls? PIXIE (whining) Mrs. Sciencefeld reads the gift card. MRS. SCIENCEFELD (feigning deep Italian male voice) Hey, my respect to the library, and turtles just for the kids. PIXIE (growling) MRS. SCIENCEFELD (same voice - winking privacy) Pixie?? You’re my assistant. Everyone knows you’re still a kid. PIXIE (whining) EXT. JALOPY LIMO - ESTABLISHING The jalopy limo backfires and spurts across the Golden Gate Bridge.



INT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: The jalopy limo flat screen shows Mrs. Sciencefeld’s Library Channel live vlogcast.) MUSIC: ALA - “DAH-DUM” THEME FROM “JAWS”. BIG MIKE sits in front of his dumbwaiter station watching “JAWS”. The dumbwaiter arm presents Big Mike with a bowl of cheddar cheese fish crackers. DUMBWAITER (synthesized) They thought they could hide them. MAYOR BART is stretching exercise bands in the wrestling ring. SFX: WHAM MORTIMER is in the galley slamming the cupboard. Big Mike is giving the cheddar cheese crackers the psycho eye. MORTIMER Who took them!? Big Mike switches the limo flat screen to a live shot of himself nibbling cheddar cheese fish crackers. SFX: WHOOSH CLANG An exercise band snaps up Mortimer bringing him to Mayor Bart. MORTIMER (CONT’D) Can we please get to the library, boss? They got books for everything there!?!????? SFX: KABAM KABOOM KAPOW The flat screen wipes to live footage of Mayor Bart repeatedly body slamming Mortimer in the wrestling ring with Big Mike watching from the terrarium.



INT. LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS Mrs. Sciencefeld is posting alarm clock icons on student profile pages wiping past her screen. Pixie is holding a fishing net pole, staring at the turtle through her scuba diving mask, licking her lips and bobbing her eyebrows. DREAM SEQUENCE Pixie is swimming the backstroke in the water at the beach. A beach umbrella covers a chocolate turtle on a beach blanket. BACK TO SCENE MRS. SCIENCEFELD I think she wants her own turtle, boys and girls? What do you think? Pixie snaps out of it. Her fishing net pole is on her head. PIXIE (growling) MRS. SCIENCEFELD Pixie Doodle Poodle! You’re


librarian assistant! You know the rules!!! INT. AURL - TIMOTHY’S LAB - CONTINUOUS Timothy and Roger are in front of circulating sonar computer screens.



ROGER See? It’s sustaining. It’s alive? Roger’s myPad screen reveals a signature line below a NASA KIDS SPACE CAMP DAILY CHALLENGE insignia. TIMOTHY Sign your screen. SFX: MOTORCYCLE ENGINE STARTING PAUL What’s alive? ROGER Heart rate and breathing are elevated. PAUL What did he just sign? SFX: MOTORCYCLE ENGINE REVVING Alpha pulls his space motorcycle sidecar next to Roger. TIMOTHY We’ll try to reconstruct when you reach holographic vortex. Timothy, Roger, and Alpha trade salutes. SIDECAR GURDEEP shows on the sidecar control console monitor.



INT. AURL - GURDEEP’S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Gurdeep’s computer screen shows Alpha backing the space motorcycle and sidecar into the Time Travel Tube and MRS. FAEBER showing in the bottom right corner of his screen.) Gurdeep is at his desk buried in paperwork. MRS. FAEBER You better start thinking ahead, Gurpy, those boys are going to be in college any day at this rate!! Plus they’ll need toys! SFX: WHOOSH The office doors slide open revealing a lab Robot delivering a bound computer printout, titled “COST ANALYSIS”, a small tea cup, and a chocolate turtle to Gurdeep’s desk. Gurdeep’s eyes smile. MRS. FAEBER (CONT’D) I made those myself for Mrs. Sciencefeld. I saved you one. BACK TO TIMOTHY’S LAB SFX: MOTORCYCLE ENGINE ROARING SFX: WHOOSH ZOOM Alpha, Roger, and the space motorcycle dematerialize. The Time Travel Tube control panel reads “TARGET DATE: 1924” and “HOLDING FOR SECURITY TEST”.



PAUL Timothy? What’s taking them so long? They’re still passing security??? TIMOTHY My dad’s in trouble over something, I think? BACK TO GURDEEP’S OFFICE SFX: WHOOSH The office doors slide open revealing Roger escorted to Gurdeep’s desk by a lab robot. ROGER It’s almost time for the bus, dad. MRS. FAEBER Not doing so is almost like taking food from your children! Roger approaches the desk and puts Gurdeep’s chocolate turtle in his own lunch box. ROGER Timothy and I are working on extracredit homework, Grandma? Gurdeep’s eyes are distressed. EXT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - DAY (NOTE: A placard next to the rear wheel well reads: “NOW PLAYING - THE REVOLUTIONARY SUPER CRITTERS OF WILLOW GLEN”.)



A cloud floats over the fender fin. INT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - CONTINUOUS Teddy jams jazz on the piano. Roxanne arrives waving her memory sticks. INT. TEDDY’S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS Teddy leads Roxanne through security. SFX: BEEP BEEP TEDDY We’re clear. Roxanne inserts her first memory stick into Teddy’s computer: revealing her UNN footage of Claire’s truck splashing through water past a “WILLOW GLEN LAKE” road sign. TEDDY (CONT’D) It did rain a lot, Roxanne? ROXANNE Cadettes don’t have to be afraid of the rain! It’s in their manual!!! Roxanne swaps memory sticks in Teddy’s computer: revealing her UNN footage of Roger placing Gurdeep’s chocolate turtle in his lunch box. TEDDY Into the lunch boxes of babes, Roxanne. That could be trouble???



ROXANNE He was only thinking ahead to snack time!! Roxanne swaps her last memory stick: showing the jalopy limo pulling into Izzy’s Ice Cream and Car Repair. TEDDY I don’t think they should try Rocky Road, Roxanne? ROXANNE They’re stuck on a rocky road because they never learned to go to the library when they were in school!!! EXT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - CONTINUOUS Clouds quickly float past the fender fin. FADE OUT. END ACT ONE



ACT TWO FADE IN: EXT. BARN - ESTABLISHING Gusty weather. INT. BARN - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Background border, live action playground.) (NOTE: DEVICE ICONS on barn flat screen: MYPHONE; Seneca, at her desk. MYPAD; Margaret, at her easel. MYPAD; Paul, snoogling “MARCONI”. GAMETOY; Frederick, thumbing GameToy. LAB COMPUTER; Timothy, entering data, MYPAD; Roger entering data.) SFX: FIRST RECESS BELL Dare is cleaning Basia’s feet. PAUL I think you guys need to check on the weather. The radio says it’s going to rain? FREDERICK I think you need to check yourself. My radio homework is on at Story Hour! You’ll stay nice and dry. SENECA Cadettes aren’t afraid of the rain! DARE We’re going riding. SFX: RADIO DIAL TUNING AND LOUD MUSIC



MARGARET We’re trying to hear it, Frederick. Turn it down! INT. FREDERICK’S ROOM - CONTINUOUS Frederick is speaking to live video of himself on his computer screen. FREDERICK This is Frederick’s radio network, saying today’s Willow Glen Weather, Earthquake, Volcano Watch, forecast is it’s going to rain as far as you can hear my voice? BACK TO BARN ROGER We’re still getting audio signal from the lake! FREDERICK Did you guys dig my radio voice? I’m calling him the Boogie Man because the Wolf Man has left the building! MARGARET It’s probably just noise from the storm, Roger? It’s still windy?



DARE It’s hard to tell sometimes? If you knew what it was, we’d know where to look. TIMOTHY Roger’s right. I ran double-blind refractions. It’ll count for extra credit? FREDERICK Extra credit’s gobblydegooke! ROGER And we get Space Camp. Grandma heard it. We have to find it. No music, please?




SENECA I know grandfather heard it! I’m calling an emergency Cadette lunch meeting. ROGER I’m getting all it’s vitals! It’s alive!!! EXT. ADVANCED UNIVERSITY RESEARCH LAB - LATER Steady rain falls. INT. AURL TIMOTHY’S LAB - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Paul is shown on Timothy’s myPad screen.) SFX: BEEPING Timothy is entering data in his computer with Roger at his side, watching the screen. ROGER We are getting Space Camp points, right, Timothy? Alpha is on the space motorcycle putting his mirrored sunglasses on his face. His tape-on handlebar mustache comes loose. He sticks it back on. TIMOTHY Try it backwards! Try it backwards! Try it backwards!



ROGER Space Camp points are going to get us? SFX: MOTORCYCLE ENGINE STARTING TIMOTHY No! If there’s water everywhere reverse the signal! Alpha pulls his motorcycle and side car up to the Time Travel Tube. TIMOTHY (CONT’D) Get the signal scrambler up there immediately and get back here for lunch! Roger runs past wearing large unfastened rain boots and a yellow rain slicker and cap. Alpha and Roger exchange salutes with each other and Timothy. Roger hops in the sidecar, Alpha backs into the Time Travel Tube. Roger opens his lunch box and sees Gurdeep’s chocolate turtle. TIMOTHY (CONT’D) You better save that in case dad gets in trouble? PAUL You can use it for plea bargain points when you get grounded!



TIMOTHY Tell the Cadettes to meet at the lake in case we’re right! SFX: WHOOSH ZOOM Alpha, Roger, and the space motorcycle dematerialize. PAUL Timothy!!!??? What case might that be? The Cadettes versus Timothy for knowingly sending them out in the pouring rain??? EXT. LIBRARY - ESTABLISHING Cars splashing water puddles in pouring rain. INT. LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS Mrs. Sciencefeld is posting umbrella icons on student profile pages. Pixie, dressed as a mariner, cruises through the stacks returning books in a tug boat library cart. She brings her boat to a sweeping stop in front of the turtles. PIXIE (growling) MRS. SCIENCEFELD Aye, aye, Captain Pixie??? Turtles aren’t afraid of the rain, silly girl!



PIXIE (whining) MRS. SCIENCEFELD (feigning privacy) Apparently Pixie is afraid of not getting a turtle, boys and girls. A wave of water crests over Pixie. PIXIE (sobbing) MRS. SCIENCEFELD Somebody IM that girl before she gets all wet! EXT. JALOPY LIMO - ESTABLISHING The jalopy limo is chugging into Izzy’s Ice Cream and Car Repair drive-thru lane in the pouring rain past a temporary sign that reads “ICE CREAM ONLY”. INT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Mrs. Sciencefeld’s Library Channel shows on the limo flatscreen.) SFX: WHAM BAM WHAM BAM Mortimer body slams Mayor Bart in the wrestling ring. Big Mike is enjoying a fish cracker, flashing his psycho eye in the terrarium. SFX: BAM Mortimer slams a thick repair book in front of Mayor Bart’s dazed face.



MORTIMER Do you turn lugs nuts to the left or right, boss!!!??? They’re only serving ice cream!!! SFX: KABOOM KABANG The dumbwaiter screen hands Big Mike an ice cream cone. BIG MIKE (snide snicker) BACK TO LIBRARY SFX: OCEAN LINER HORN BEEPING Pixie is on the bridge of a giant holograph ocean liner in front of the turtles. Mrs. Sciencefeld is feather-dusting the DVD rack. MRS. SCIENCEFELD Pixarelli Princess??? I see you’ve done your homework, again? PIXIE (growls) MRS. SCIENCEFELD What do say, boys and girls, can Pixie have her own turtle? PIXIE (whining)



Mrs. Sciencefeld feather dusts her computer screen as it fills with student thumbs up icons.

MRS. SCIENCEFELD As soon as we get home. PIXIE (growling) EXT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS Pouring rain. INT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS SFX: CLANG CLANG CLANG CLANG Mayor Bart is body slamming Mortimer. MORTIMER Look, boss? MAYOR BART FOLLOWING MORTIMER UP THE TERRARIUM GLASS Big Mike is wiping his mouth (ALA - LIKE DON CORLEONE from “The Godfather”.) MORTIMER (CONT’D) They were real cheddar cheese fish crackers. We could have been at the library by now! SFX: ZIP The dumbwaiter lens turns to Mortimer. POV THROUGH LEN CROSS-HAIRS Mortimer snarls.



MORTIMER (CONT’D) Arghhh!!!! SFX: DING Mortimer crashes spread eagle on the limo flat screen. BACK TO LIBRARY Pixie is sniffing gingerly at the gift box, wagging her tail. PIXIE (whining) GIFT BOX SLOWLY MOVING Mrs. Sciencefeld is surreptitiously moving the gift box. PIXIE (CONT’D) (yelp) Pixie jumps back. PIXIE (CONT’D) (barking) MRS. SCIENCEFELD Will Pixie get a turtle, boys and girls? PIXIE (growling) MRS. SCIENCEFELD Find out at Story Hour???



EXT. LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS Pouring rain. EXT. STABLES - ESTABLISHING Pouring rain. INT. KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Border background live action, school cafeteria.) (NOTE: DEVICE ICONS on kitchen flat screen: MYPAD; Seneca, sitting at kitchen table. MYPHONE; Margaret, straightening her Cadette beret. MYPAD; Paul, wearing oversized rain boots. MYPAD; Frederick, snoogling himself. MYPAD; Roger, with lunch box.) SFX: FIRST LUNCH BELL Dare’s feeding Molly. DARE Mom’s all ready down at the lake. Are you guys ready? We have to get back. SENECA We’re all set. Grandfather gave us ponchos. FREDERICK No way, you guys? MARGARET More than ready.



DARE Where is Timothy? INT. AURL - TIMOTHY’S LAB - CONTINUOUS Timothy enters data in his computer, his screen revealing Willow Glen Lake, with reeds, choppy water, and a baby duck caught in a bush by the foot, struggling to stay above water. BACK TO KITCHEN PAUL He’s found a baby duck! Trapped! MOLLY (whines) DARE Let’s go! MOLLY (barks) EXT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - DAY (NOTE: A placard next to the rear wheel well reads: “NOW PLAYING - THE REVOLUTIONARY SUPER CRITTERS OF WILLOW GLEN”.) Steady downpour. INT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - CONTINUOUS Teddy jams jazz on the piano. Roxanne arrives in a rain slicker and boots, waving her memory sticks, and stomping her feet.



INT. TEDDY’S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS Teddy leads Roxanne through security. SFX: BEEP BEEP TEDDY We’re clear. Roxanne inserts her first memory stick into Teddy’s computer: revealing her UNN footage of Dare cleaning Basia’s feet. TEDDY (CONT’D) She has to when it’s raining, Roxanne? ROXANNE That makes it even more extracredit!! Roxanne swaps memory sticks: revealing Alpha’s space motorcycle and sidecar landing at the lab, followed by Marconi in horse and buggy. TEDDY (angst) Roxanne? They did their homework!!!??? ROXANNE (ALA - JACK WEBB) It’s a beautiful thing. Kids come home, have a snack, do their homework, and look to you and I to keep them safe!



Roxanne swaps her final memory stick: revealing a robot (ALA MR. FREEZE) banging in the jalopy limo’s rear window, with the rain turning to snow. TEDDY It’s looking awfully cold out there??? ROXANNE They thought they could freeze kids out of the library!!! Teddy’s computer screen flashes to a jpeg of Alpha, Pixie, Roxanne, Teddy, Mrs. Sciencefeld, and Many Eagles, in action poses, wearing capes in front of a yellow sunburst b.g. MUSIC: SUPER CRITTER THEME EXT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - CONTINUOUS A cloud floats over the fender fin. It’s drizzling. FADE OUT. END ACT TWO



ACT THREE FADE IN: EXT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - BARN - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: No rain). Molly is leading Basia, Amazing, Bandit, and the Cadettes down a wet trail to the lake. EXT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - IRRIGATION CHANNEL - LATER Claire is turning a water irrigation gate. EXT. WILLOW GLEN LAKE - CONTINUOUS Dare is kneeling in front of Molly and a dry, fluffy, grateful baby duck with a feeding bottle. She stands places a small radio device atop a fence post. Seneca and Margaret stand holding the horses. SFX: BABY DUCK QUACKS DARE They’ll find her. SENECA We have to get back! Dare presses “MOM” on her myPhone. DARE We’re going, mom? CLAIRE You better get your homework done!



SENECA It’s done! Marconi! Frederick’s radio show? This was all extracredit homework Frederick called gobbledygook! MARGARET Maybe he can interview Roger? DARE We want to still go riding after school, mom? EXT. ADVANCED UNIVERSITY RESEARCH LAB - ESTABLISHING Light breeze and scattered white clouds. INT. AURL - GURDEEP’S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Mrs. Faeber is shown on Gurdeep’s computer screen, Paul is shown on Timothy’s myPad. Marconi is wearing a “NEW YORK RADIO CITY” basketball jersey and walkman. Gurdeep is frowning, tapping his fingers in front of the “GROUNDED” button on his desk. SFX: WHOOSH The office doors open to reveal two lab robots escorting Alpha, Roger, and Marconi to Gurdeep’s desk. PAUL Don’t do it, sir??? A Robot hands Gurdeep a spreadsheet marked FIFTY-TWO TRILLION DOLLARS for future toys.



PAUL (CONT’D) Ohhh!!! Sir???? We thought, you, were in trouble? Alpha smirks. Roger approaches placing the turtle in Gurdeep’s lunch box. TIMOTHY We did our homework, dad?? MRS. FAEBER Gurpy? Marconi approaches Gurdeep and places a walkman on him before stepping back and smiling. PAUL No, sir, we did? It can be all so confusing, sir??? ROGER Hi, grandma? I’m hungry? GURDEEP (whines) TIMOTHY We had to save a lost duck, grandma? Marconi glares at Gurdeep.



MRS. FAEBER Gurpy? Why don’t you just play Roger for the turtle? How sweet of you to save it? Alpha bobs his eyebrows. PAUL No, sir??? I’m an officer of the court??? We wanted Space Camp bonus points so we could trade them for an algorithm! We’re troubling you for extra-credit, sir???!!!! Alpha dashes to Gurdeep’s side, placing his arm around him and spinning a basketball on his fingertip. TIMOTHY The Cadettes need us at Story Hour, dad? SFX: WHOOSH The office doors open to reveal Mrs. Faeber snarling at Gurdeep, spinning a basketball on her fingertip. PAUL We’ve troubled you enough, sir. Alpha hugs Gurdeep, feigning tears. MRS. FAEBER Gurpy???



TIMOTHY We have all our homework done, dad, and the Cadettes had to go riding in the rain?? Alpha leaps on Gurdeep’s desk, spinning his basketball. PAUL Oh, sir, please??? You can’t stop Cadettes??? Rain, snow, big brothers???? Nothing, sir!!! Alpha tosses the ball to the dais court, causing Gurdeep to chase after with Mrs. Faeber, Marconi, Alpha, Roger and the robot following. PAUL (CONT’D) (muted to Timothy) You better have your homework done. Roger returns to Gurdeep’s desk for the chocolate turtle and dashes back. TIMOTHY Thanks, dad, we’ll be right home. EXT. LIBRARY - DAY Mrs. Sciencefeld removes her purse from the coat tree and turns off her computer. Pixie smiles, bobbing her eyebrows.



MRS. SCIENCEFELD It’s time to say good bye and thank you, boys and girls. Thank you Mr. Marconi! Thank you for helping us. Thanks for the turtles! Pixie licks her lips, bobs her eyebrows. MRS. SCIENCEFELD (CONT’D) I’m telling you Pixie, we need more like him in the library. EXT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS IZZY, a large Robot (ALA - DR. FREEZE) is knocking at Mayor Bart’s window. INT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS Mayor Bart and Mortimer exchange frightened looks. Big Mike nervously eats more cheese crackers. BACK OUTSIDE LIMO Izzy’s antennae flashes bolts of flashing light, freezing the jalopy limo’s tires in blocks of ice. BACK INSIDE JALOPY LIMO MORTIMER Can you turn the heat on, boss? EXT. LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS Mrs. Sciencefeld turns her key in the front door, Pixie gets jiggy with her boom box.



RADIO ANNOUNCER That was the Revolutionary Super Critters of Willow Glen taking us right up to Homework Helping Time on your favorite library channel. MRS. SCIENCEFELD Is there any way possible to have any more fun at the library, Pixie? PIXIE (barks) MRS. SCIENCEFELD Thank you, boys and girls. See you at school tomorrow! EXT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS Mortimer and Mayor Bart exit the rear of the limo and go running down the middle of the street. MORTIMER I told you to go to the library!!! END ACT THREE FADE OUT.




(NOTE: DEVICE ICON on tree house flat screen: MYPAD; CLAIRE, making dinner.) Dare, Seneca, and Margaret are gathered in a circle around Molly, drying her off, brushing her coat and attaching a ribbon. Molly wags her tail. DARE Wait ‘til you see your next mission! CLAIRE That would be homework. SENECA She’s so den mother! Margaret straightening her Cadette beret. MOLLY (barks) FADE TO BLACK. THE END


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