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LOG-ON: LIBRARY! FREDERICK-ARMA Written by John C. Millunzi, Jr. Based on PRINCESS BASIA & THE REVOLUTIONARY SUPER CRITTERS 0F WILLOW GLEN by John C. Millunzi, Jr. Created and Developed by John C. Millunzi, Jr., Gina C. Millunzi and Stephen Millunzi

25315 Twister Trail, Spring, TX 77373 713.449.2002

ACT ONE FADE IN: EXT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - BACK PORCH - DAY DARE opens the back door to find MOLLY wagging her tail. DARE You deserve crew captain. Molly takes off for the chicken coop; Dare chases. INT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - KITCHEN - LATER (NOTE: Background border, live action horses.) (NOTE: DEVICE ICONS on kitchen flat screen: MYPHONE; Seneca, reading on porch. MYPAD; Margaret, drawing on art pad. MYPHONE; Claire, holding a trophy. MYPHONE; Timothy, in lab. CALENDAR; Cadette Daily Planner.) SFX: TOUCH-SCREEN BEEPS Dare places a full egg basket on the counter, then presses “CADETTE DAILY PLANNER” and sees FOUR (4) unchecked entries; “HOMEWORK”, “CHORES”, “25 MILE” and “RALPH WALDO EMERSON”. INT. MARGARET’S ROOM - CONTINUOUS MARGARET is drawing a portrait of Emerson. EXT. SENECA’S FRONT PORCH - CONTINUOUS SENECA swings on the porch, reading. BACK TO KITCHEN Dare presses “MARGARET” and “SENECA”. MOLLY (whines)


DARE Twenty-five? SENECA Everyday. I’m already reading Waldo! I like his middle name. MARGARET The look on your mom’s face when we got the trophies! SENECA Overall Time, Best-Conditioned, and Best Crew! MOLLY (barks) DARE So, we’re ready then? EXT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES GIFT SHOP - ESTABLISHING Beautiful weather. INT. GIFT SHOP - CONTINUOUS CLAIRE is placing three trophies on a full trophy shelf. BACK TO KITCHEN Dare presses “MOM”.


DARE (CONT’D) We’re practicing for twenty-five, mom? CLAIRE Let the dust settle, girlfriend. DARE We want to win it! CLAIRE That’s a lot of winning? DARE Mom??? EXT. ADVANCED UNIVERSITY RESEARCH LAB - ESTABLISHING A windsock gently flutters. INT. TIMOTHY’S LAB - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: The lab’s flat screen is tracking orbiting satellites. Timothy’s lab computer shows the same, and Timothy and Roger’s myPad show they’re playing a video game ALA “OPERATION”. Roger is wearing a green surgical mask.) ROGER Respiration normal. TIMOTHY Pick one. The bus is going to be here.


ROGER (deep breath) His knee bone. SFX: RINGER TIMOTHY You won. Can we go? ROGER It’s not here, yet? FREDERICK FLASHES ON TIMOTHY’S MYPAD MUSIC: COUNTRY FIDDLE FREDERICK You guys have to help me! EXT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - PASTURE - CONTINUOUS BASIA grazes. EXT. VIRTUAL SCHOOL BUS - DAY (NOTE: Background border, live action school bus.) BUS CONTINUOUSLY JIGGLES (NOTE: DEVICE ICONS on bus windows: MYPHONE; Seneca, at her desk. MYPAD; Frederick, at his desk, MYPAD; Margaret, at her easel. MYPHONE; Dare, feeding Basia. MYPAD; PAUL, snoogling lexis-nexis. GAMETOY; Frederick, thumbing GameToy. MYPAD; Roger, wearing surgical mask. FREDERICK Yeah, you guys are looking at Tex Critter’s new drummer! I have the lucky entry!


EXT. LIBRARY - ESTABLISHING Patrons walking on the sidewalk, cars passing on street. INT. LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS MRS. SCIENCEFELD arrives behind the book counter carrying a gift box. She hangs her purse and bicycle helmet on the coat tree. PIXIE is scanning library book returns on her computer. (NOTE: Book covers wipe across her screen.) #1 - “JOURNEY TO THE EXACT CENTER OF MATH CLASS” #2 - “CLASS CLOWNS: THE EXHAUSTIVE TEACHER’S PET EDITION” #3 - “GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT GRUNTING IN GYM” PIXIE (growls) Mrs. Sciencefeld drags her finger across her DVD rack, selecting “RALPH WALDO EMERSON”. MRS. SCIENCEFELD Good morning, boys and girls! She opens the gift box revealing dozens of chocolate eclairs. MRS. SCIENCEFELD (CONT’D) Oh, Pixie??? What kind of trouble are you in this morning??? I bet their stuffed with strawberries!!! PIXIE (growls)


MRS. SCIENCEFELD (reading card) My dearest Gertrude, these are not to be given out until Story Hour. I had the good fortune to stuff them with strawberries at the peak of season! PIXIE (whines) MRS. SCIENCEFELD Not ‘til your homework’s done, Pixie Mae. PIXIE (growls) BACK TO BUS FREDERICK It’s like that movie you always watch, Margaret? I’ll be like the richest, coolest kid at school because of luck????? You’ll all want my autograph!


PAUL That means you’ll have tons of paperwork requirements for taxes, travel, and permission slips! FREDERICK Ha, rich people don’t worry about taxes! MARGARET Frederick? You don’t even play country! FREDERICK It doesn’t matter? The entry form said right on it ‘The lucky entry!’” ROGER We ran the numbers on my dad’s supercomputer? MARGARET Ran what? FREDERICK (singing off key) Oh, home on the range.


TIMOTHY A complete double-blind, redundant, synchronized, flow-through analysis. ROGER Winning numbers. FREDERICK Yeah, I was just lucky, see? SENECA If you’re lucky, then do your Story Hour homework! PAUL And there has to be verification from the principal personally! SENECA / MARGARET / DARE We want to go riding! BUS CEASES JIGGLING - DOORS OPEN FREDERICK (O.S.) We’re talking Tex Critter? Get serious? PAUL (O.S.) Legally that means it just started! Section 737. (MORE)

9. PAUL (O.S.) (CONT'D)

You actually have to do your homework, even if something good is happening. TEX CRITTER WEBSITE ON FREDERICK’S MYPAD FREDERICK No, it’s perfect! I’m lucky enough not to even have to do homework just because I’m lucky! It’s simple. SENECA I’m calling an emergency recess Cadette meeting! BUS DOORS CLOSE SFX: FIRST SCHOOL BELL INT. LIBRARY - DAY Mrs. Sciencefeld is posting fancy invitation icons for Story Hour on student profile pages wiping across her screen. Pixie is wearing over-sized glasses sniffing at the gift box. MRS. SCIENCEFELD It just tickles me Pixie Twinkle? PIXIE (growls)


MRS. SCIENCEFELD Are you lucky you can take out library books, boys and girls? PIXIE (whines) MRS. SCIENCEFELD Or are you lucky you read them? PIXIE (growls) MRS. SCIENCEFELD Or are you lucky when you return them on time? PIXIE (barks) MRS. SCIENCEFELD I know Pixer Twinkle Toes!!! It’s the twenty-first century! Hello-o? Everybody gets library books on their own computer??? PIXIE (growls)


MRS. SCIENCEFELD (feigning privacy) Without killing trees, boys and girls. EXT. JALOPY LIMO - ESTABLISHING The jalopy limo sputters across the Golden Gate Bridge. INT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Mrs. Sciencefeld’s Library Channel is showing on the limo flatscreen.) MAYOR BART is lifting weights in the wrestling ring. ROSE BOUTONNIERE MORTIMER is leaning against the ropes, smelling a rose boutonniere pinned to the towel around his neck, watching Mayor Bart. BIG MIKE is in the terrarium watching a spider crawl out from behind spider webs and books in the corner. He flashes his psycho eye. The DUMBWAITER plunks an open jar, upside down, trapping the spider. DUMBWAITER (synthesized) Hmmmn. My favorite. Big Mike flips a switch on his control panel and the limo flat screen wipes to a live shot of the spider. MAYOR BART (whines, shaking) Mayor Bart drops a bar bell on his foot. SFX: CLANG


MAYOR BART’S FOOT is throbbing next to a bar bell. SFX: WHAM Mayor Bart body slams Mortimer into the flat screen. MORTIMER I’m tellin’ ‘ya, boss, that even looked like it hurt!!! SFX: KA-BAM KA-BAM KA-BAM Mayor Bart repeatedly body slams Mortimer. Big Mike flashes his psycho eye. BACK TO LIBRARY SFX: SCREAMING JET ENGINE Pixie is flying a holograph fighter jet library cart, wearing a pilot mask, looking left and right, zooming through the stacks with library books perfectly rearranging themselves in its wake. PIXIE (growling) MRS. SCIENCEFELD Waldo’s a reading nut, boys and girls! He’ll love it!!!!!! SFX: SCREAMING JET ENGINE Pixie’s cockpit computer shows the gift box in her sights. Mrs. Sciencefeld grabs the gift box at the last second. PIXIE (sobbing) SFX: JET CRASH


Mrs. Sciencefeld puts ear muffs on. MRS. SCIENCEFELD Remember, this is a library young lady. Keep it down, please. INT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS Big Mike is wearing a safari hat with face netting. The Dumbwaiter is holding the spider in a small glass bottle. SFX: SLAM BAM SLAM Mortimer repeatedly body slams Mayor Bart with verve, knocking his rose boutonniere free. He picks the rose up, smells it, and pins it back on. MORTIMER He just keeps them around to scare us into doing his bidding, boss!! SFX: ZIP The dumbwaiter lens turns to Mortimer, and extends one arm, holding the spider jar, terrifying Mortimer. MORTIMER (CONT’D) Make him stop, boss, please! You want a stuffed eclair???? We’ll go to Turell’s Taxidermy, they’ll stuff anything!! SFX: BOING Mortimer’s boutonniere pops loose. BACK TO LIBRARY Pixie sits at her desk watching her computer screen display a huge chocolate-covered strawberry-filled eclair, oblivious to the pile of book returns growing on her desk.


MRS. SCIENCEFELD That’s exactly what I’m talking about, my little Pixie Precious! You came to the library and found strawberry-stuffed chocolatecovered eclairs, and just thought your dreams had a come true! (feigning privacy) They always do at the library, boys and girls. (stern to Pixie) All you have to do is your homework! PIXIE (whining) MRS. SCIENCEFELD See you at Story Hour, boys and girls. (feigning privacy to Pixie) Pixarelli? Will you just get over it? PIXIE (sobbing)


INT. AURL - TIMOTHY’S LAB - DAY (NOTE: Frederick and Paul are showing on Timothy’s myPad.) Timothy is entering data in his lab computer. SFX: MOTORCYCLE ENGINE STARTING ALPHA is on his space motorcycle lowering his mirrored sunglasses on his face and straightening his tape-on handlebar mustache. Roger wears a surgical mask and light reflector head band, holding a light pen to his myPad screen. ROGER’S MYPAD SCREEN FLASHES “DIAGNOSIS, DOCTOR?” ROGER (angst) It’s a heart transplant! Alpha rolls the sidecar up to Roger. Roger dons a medic’s helmet. ROGER (CONT’D) He’s lucky, he’s gonna pull through. I can present the data at Story Hour with Frederick. FREDERICK Told you guys! ALPHA BACKS THE SPACE MOTORCYCLE INTO THE TIME TRAVEL TUBE ROGER This doesn’t even look like homework, Timothy!


Roger comes running past carrying his medical bag and lunch box, wearing a red tee shirt ALA- “SPIDERMAN”. ROGER (CONT’D) I’ll need to bring your lucky entry to Story Hour, so it counts as my lucky homework, too! Alpha, Roger, Timothy, and Frederick trade salutes. FREDERICK Ten-four. Roger. Wilco. Told you guys. PAUL Great, Timothy! Just great! I’ll tell the three Ride and Tie trophywinning Cadettes they can forget about twenty-five mile practice! They’re just lucky??? SFX: MOTORCYCLE ENGINE ROARING SFX: WHOOSH ZOOM Alpha, Roger, and the space motorcycle dematerialize. INT. GURDEEP’S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS MRS. FAEBER is unloading her purse of a chocolate-covered, strawberry-filled eclair in front of GURDEEP’S growing eyes and smile. SFX: MOTORCYCLE ENGINE DOWNSHIFTING SFX: WHOOSH Alpha, Roger, and the space motorcycle materialize.


MRS. FAEBER Eclairs today, Gurpy! Did you read my horoscope? Roger jumps from the sidecar. ROGER Hi, grandma. The bus is almost here, dad. MRS. FAEBER Roger? Your grandmother made an extra eclair, today? Gurdeep’s eyes reflect grave concern. ROGER We’re doing important extra-credit homework, grandma. It’s real touch’n’go. It’s his heart. Roger open his lunch box, revealing a matching eclair and runs back to he sidecar. ROGER (CONT’D) Thanks, grandma!! BACK TO TIMOTHY’S LAB SFX: BEEPING Gurdeep and Mrs. Faeber are showing on Timothy’s lab computer screen. TIMOTHY Oh, no!!!!


EXT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - DAY (NOTE: A placard next to the rear wheel well reads: “NOW PLAYING - THE REVOLUTIONARY SUPER CRITTERS OF WILLOW GLEN”.) A cloud floats over the fender fin. INT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - CONTINUOUS Teddy jams jazz on the piano. Roxanne arrives waving her memory sticks. INT. TEDDY’S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS Teddy leads Roxanne through security. SFX: BEEP BEEP TEDDY We’re clear. Roxanne inserts her first memory stick into Teddy’s computer: revealing her UNN footage of Dare, Seneca, Margaret, and three trophies. TEDDY (CONT’D) You gotta love it, Roxanne, those Cadettes sweep preliminaries and make it look easy? ROXANNE The reason it looked easy is because they worked hard on it! Roxanne swaps memory sticks in Teddy’s computer: revealing her UNN footage of the TEX CRITTER Fan Webpage morphing to a shady run down office building with a sign reading “1-900 SCAM - KIDS”.


TEDDY That’s not Tex Critter, Roxanne??? ROXANNE (ALA - DET. FRIDAY, DRAGNET) No. It’s the same type that runaround every village, town , and neighborhood looking to find new ways of stealing kids’ lunch money. Crums, creeps, and grumpy old men that only want to keep to their crooked little paths, but that too, is why we suit up and show up! Roxanne swaps her last memory stick: showing the jalopy limo pulling into Turell’s Taxidermy Drive-Thru. TEDDY Those guys are unreal, Roxanne? ROXANNE Did they ever even go to a library!!!??? EXT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - CONTINUOUS Clouds quickly float past the fender fin. FADE OUT. END ACT ONE


ACT TWO FADE IN: EXT. BARN - ESTABLISHING Claire’s horse trailer is parked in front of the barn. INT. BARN - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Background border, live action playground.) (NOTE: DEVICE ICONS on barn flat screen: MYPHONE; Seneca, at her desk. MYPAD; Margaret, at her easel. MYPAD; Paul, snoogling “SUPREME COURT”. GAMETOY; Frederick, Tex Critter’s phone app. LAB COMPUTER; Timothy, entering data, MYPAD; Roger wearing green surgical mask.) SFX: FIRST RECESS BELL Dare is hanging tack. FREDERICK Told you guys! MUSIC: COUNTRY BUFFALO HEAD NICKEL SENECA Where did you find that? FREDERICK On the playground. More proof Frederick has the golden touch. PAUL It’s the finders-keepers ruling, exemption. Items found on school playgrounds belong to the school.


SENECA It probably belongs to my grandfather! MARGARET It doesn’t get you out of doing your homework for Story Hour, Frederick. FREDERICK You’re just jealous. INT. AURL - TIMOTHY’S LAB - CONTINUOUS Timothy is merging two buffalo head nickel jpegs on his screen. TIMOTHY It’s not matching! BACK TO BARN MARGARET Jealous? You have to do your homework, Frederick! FREDERICK (singing off key) Oh, homework on the range. DARE We want to go riding, Frederick.


INT. PAUL’S ROOM - CONTINUOUS Paul is searching his online legal database under “HOMEWORK EXEMPTIONS”. PAUL You’re going to have appeals homework. There’s no way out! BACK TO BARN ROGER You promised! SECOND RECESS BELL FREDERICK That’s your tough luck. I’m playing with the Tex Critter Band. I don’t have to do homework. You guys don’t even know what luck is??? SENECA I’m calling an emergency Cadette lunch meeting! EXT. ADVANCED UNIVERSITY RESEARCH LAB - DAY (NOTE: Paul shows on Timothy’s myPad.) Timothy enters data in his lab computer, his screen revealing row after row of scrolling seventeen digit numbers. Alpha and Roger are playing nerf basketball.


PAUL I don’t believe you told Frederick he has the lucky entry for Tex Critter! ALPHA’S TONGUE-WAGGING MONSTER THUNDERDUNK Alpha’s bobbing his eyebrows. ROGER You were lucky! TIMOTHY’S FROWNING TIMOTHY Something’s wrong? PAUL See what I mean??? ROGER We didn’t say his numbers were the lucky numbers. It was the patient’s numbers. (to Alpha) You double dribbled! TIMOTHY’S COMPUTER FLASHING “WARNING” PAUL Great??? You’re making even more homework!


INT. AURL - GURDEEP’S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Mrs. Faeber is showing on Gurdeep’s computer screen.) Gurdeep is entering data in his computer. SFX: WHOOSH The office doors slide open revealing a LAB UTILITY ROBOT wearing a hard hat and leather tool belt holding a Geiger counter. MRS. FAEBER My horoscope was right, Gurpy. It really is a lucky day! GURDEEP’S DISTRESSED FACE The lab robot is waving the Geiger counter over each computer monitor on Gurdeep’s supercomputer shaking his head. The robot approaches Gurdeep’s computer. SFX: GEIGER COUNTER BEEPS ROBOT (synthesized) Signal leak. BACK TO TIMOTHY’S LAB SFX: FULL ALARM SEQUENCE PAUL Who’s lucky now, Timothy??? EXT. LIBRARY - ESTABLISHING Patrons and cars passing on street.


INT. LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS Pixie is cruising past the book counter in a holograph riverboat dressed as a riverboat gambler. Mrs. Sciencefeld is posting smiley faces on student profile pages passing across her screen. MRS. SCIENCEFELD Everyday is your lucky day at the library, boys and girls. PIXIE (growls) MRS. SCIENCEFELD And especially today! PIXIE (whines) MRS. SCIENCEFELD Don’t tell me you’re afraid of a little homework, Pixie Twinkle? (feigning privacy) Somebody IM that girl so she’s not afraid? EXT. JALOPY LIMO - ESTABLISHING The jalopy limo is pulling into the drive-thru lane at Turell’s Taxidermy. INT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Mrs. Sciencefeld’s Library Channel shows on the limo flat screen.)


SFX: WHAM BAM BAM WHAM ROSE BOUTONNIERE Mayor Bart lies dazed on the wrestling mat with stars circling his head, and Mortimer’s rose boutonniere lying in front of his face. BACK OUTSIDE JALOPY LIMO A MENU BOARD Offers a choice of “WINTER SPECIAL - BEAR”, “DAILY SPECIAL WOLF (Bring Your Own)”, and “CHEF’S SPECIAL - SURPRISE” BACK INSIDE LIMO A POKER CHIP EMBLAZONED WITH A GOLD SPIDER The dumbwaiter places a poker chip in front a chocolate eclair on Big Mike’s desk. Mayor Bart is following Mortimer as he crawls up the terrarium. MORTIMER How much you want to bet he cheats? SFX: ZIP The dumbwaiter lens turns towards Mortimer. POV: DUMBWAITER LENS with cross-hairs on Mortimer. SFX: KA-BAM Mortimer is splattered on the limo flat screen. BACK TO LIBRARY


A GIANT CHOCOLATE ECLAIR ON LIBRARY FLAT SCREEN MRS. SCIENCEFELD See you at Story Hour, boys and girls. EXT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - PASTURE - ESTABLISHING Horses are grazing. INT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Border background live action, school cafeteria.) (NOTE: DEVICE ICONS on kitchen flat screen: MYPAD; Seneca, holding a trophy. MYPHONE; Margaret, holding a trophy. MYPAD; Paul, flipping through law book pages. MYPAD; Frederick, snoogling “EMERSON”.) SFX: FIRST LUNCH BELL Dare’s feeding Molly. FREDERICK I found a frog! MARGARET You are a frog, Frederick! Your drummer contest is busted! FREDERICK I know, but I still found a frog! MARGARET Jump, Frederick.


PAUL You can’t file for a delay at lunch! It’s strictly prohibited? FREDERICK I worked hard chasing this frog! SENECA’S MYPAD, HOMEWORK TRACKING SCREEN The screen shows Dare, Margaret, Seneca, and Paul “COMPLETED”, with Timothy, Roger and Frederick “INCOMPLETE”. SENECA We’ll never make it! DARE Everybody just keep doing your homework. EXT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - DAY (NOTE: A placard next to the rear wheel well reads: “NOW PLAYING - THE REVOLUTIONARY SUPER CRITTERS OF WILLOW GLEN”.) A cloud floats over the fender fin. INT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - CONTINUOUS Teddy jams jazz on the piano. Roxanne arrives waving her memory sticks. INT. TEDDY’S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS Teddy leads Roxanne through security. SFX: BEEP BEEP


TEDDY We’re clear. Roxanne inserts her first memory stick into Teddy’s computer: revealing her UNN footage of Roger and Timothy playing “OPERATION”. TEDDY (CONT’D) You never know what those two are going to do next, Roxanne? ROXANNE And you never know when doing your homework is going to save someone’s life! Roxanne swaps memory sticks in Teddy’s computer: revealing her UNN footage of Alpha’s tongue wagging while slam dunking on Emerson. TEDDY He dominated, Roxanne??? ROXANNE Anybody can post up on Emerson, he’s in every library in the world!!

Roxanne swaps her last memory stick: showing the jalopy limo pulling into Turell’s Taxidermy Drive-Thru. TEDDY Those guys don’t look too lucky, Roxanne?


ROXANNE That’s because you make your own luck when you do your homework!!!??? EXT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - CONTINUOUS Clouds quickly float past the fender fin. FADE OUT. END ACT TWO


ACT THREE FADE IN: EXT. BARN - ESTABLISHING Basia grazes. INT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - KITCHEN (NOTE: Device icon showing on kitchen flat screen: MYPHONE; Claire at livestock auction.) Dare packs her backpack and presses “MOM”. DARE I’m going, mom. CLAIRE I’ve got a full load, me, too. DARE We’re running twenty-five, mom? CLAIRE That’s about a tenth of how far I have to go? Basia just raced, let her rest. DARE Mom??? She doesn’t want to rest! CLAIRE Oh-ho-ho? Really? She doesn’t know better? Let’s see? (MORE)


The race is in a month? How many times are you going to feed her before then? DARE Mom? CLAIRE Once? Don’t feed it all to her today, darling, she’ll want to eat it all. Let her rest. DARE Mom????????

INT. AURL - GURDEEP’S OFFICE - DAY (NOTE: Paul shows on Timothy’s myPad screen.) (NOTE: Mrs. Faeber shows on Gurdeep’s computer screen.) Timothy is standing at attention in front of Gurdeep. Gurdeep sneers, his finger reaching for the GROUNDED BUTTON on his desk. PAUL No! Don’t do it, sir???!!! SFX: WHOOSH The office doors slide open, revealing two lab security robots escorting Alpha and Roger to Gurdeep’s desk, towing EMERSON with a bandaged toe on a rolling stretcher reading a book.


ROGER Hi, dad. Hi, grandma! He tried posting up on Alpha. He can play, but I’m recommending a splint until pre-game. TIMOTHY We were doing our homework, dad?? Alpha bobs his eyebrows. MRS. FAEBER Gurpy? PAUL Sir!!!!???? If this is about the supercomputer? We’re ready to agree to consecutive allowance forfeitures in return for any possible room in your heart for mercy! Sir????? Alpha’s face turns confused. Gurdeep’s face turns frantic. Emerson, lowers his book, revealing a spinning basketball. Alpha’s face changes to a smile. MRS. FAEBER Gurpy!


ROGER I’m thirsty, grandma? PAUL No, sir!!! No! Muster all your forgiveness!!! Please??? Alpha approaches Gurdeep, whispers in his ear and begins slapping his knee, smiling, and shaking his head. TIMOTHY It’s only like super important we get to Story Hour, dad?? PAUL No, sir. I’m not too proud to beg for justice. It those Cadettes, again! Something about homework and complete social desolation? Grounding might spare us, sir???!!! TIMOTHY We have to be back to help Roger, too, dad? ROGER It’s a heart operation, remember Grandma?


PAUL How much harder can it get on you, sir??? How is it possible??? Emerson gets up off his stretcher, hobbling over to Gurdeep with a sneer and a spinning basketball on his finger. He removes his splint. SFX: WHOOSH The office doors slide open to reveal Mrs. Faeber with a basketball spinning on her fingertip, with a handsome, big, smile. MRS. FAEBER Gurpy? I told you my horoscope was right! Gurdeep’s face fills with fear. Alpha jumps atop the desk spinning his basketball back at Mrs. Faeber. PAUL No!!!!!!! TIMOTHY We’ll be right home after Story Hour, dad?? PAUL Sir? They want you to be on Emerson’s team???? Don’t do it! They’ll wipe you guys???? Mrs. Faeber approaches, pinkie swears Alpha. PAUL (CONT’D) Oh!!!!!!


TIMOTHY And we’ll do more homework, dad?? Roger approaches Gurdeep, opens his lunch box, revealing two strawberry-stuffed chocolate eclairs. ROGER Please, dad? I have to perform heart surgery or I’d help you. You can have both of them? MRS. FAEBER Gurpy!!! Alpha tosses his spinning basketball, causing Gurdeep to dash to the dais with Mrs. Faeber, Emerson, and Alpha chasing. TIMOTHY Thanks, dad. You’re the greatest! PAUL It was a lot to ask, sir? It’s been an incredible day of homework. INT. LIBRARY - DAY Mrs. Sciencefeld removes her purse from the coat tree and turns off her computer. Pixie smiles, bobbing her eyebrows. MRS. SCIENCEFELD It’s time to say good bye and thank you, boys and girls. Thank you Waldo! Thank you for helping us. (MORE)


Thanks for the strawberries and chocolate eclairs! Pixie licks her lips, bobs her eyebrows. MRS. SCIENCEFELD (CONT’D) I’m telling you Pixie, we need more like him in the library. EXT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS TURELL, a large, Swahili medicine man, with headdress and grass skirt stands with a bone in his nose rapping on the rear limo window with a spear. TURELL (British accent) Did you fellas order the surprise? INT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS Mayor Bart and Mortimer exchange frightened looks. Big Mike nervously quakes behind his safari hat and net. MORTIMER / MAYOR BART Arghhh!!!!!!!!! EXT. LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS Mrs. Sciencefeld turns her key in the front door, Pixie gets jiggy with her boom box.


RADIO ANNOUNCER That was the Revolutionary Super Critters of Willow Glen taking us right up to Homework Helping Time on your favorite Library Channel. MRS. SCIENCEFELD Is there any way possible to have any more fun at the library, Pixie? PIXIE (barks) MRS. SCIENCEFELD Thank you, boys and girls. See you at school! EXT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS Mortimer and Mayor Bart exit the rear of the limo and go running down the middle of the street. MORTIMER (ALA - GOMER PYLE) Surprise!!! Surprise!!!! END ACT THREE FADE OUT.



(NOTE: DEVICE ICON on tree house flat screen: MYPAD; CLAIRE, making dinner.) Dare, Seneca, and Margaret are on the couch with their feet up, wore out from practice. SENECA Twenty-five miles is far! SENECA / MARGARET / DARE (laughter) CLAIRE I told you to let Basia rest? MARGARET She was the lucky one. DARE She watched from the pasture while we did all the running!!! MOLLY (barking) DARE Molly???


CLAIRE Smart horse. Molly is at the tree house door, wagging her tail. DARE Go get mom, Molly!



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