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LOG-ON: LIBRARY! THE MUSEUM FIRST DRAFT Written by John C. Millunzi, Jr. Based on PRINCESS BASIA & THE REVOLUTIONARY SUPER CRITTERS 0F WILLOW GLEN by John C. Millunzi, Jr. Created and Developed by John C. Millunzi, Jr., Gina C. Millunzi and Stephen Millunzi

25315 Twister Trail, Spring, TX 77373 713.449.2002


PAINTED BROADCAST TOWER SFX: TELETYPE ANNOUNCER (V.O.) You are looking live at the Virtual Kids Broadcasting Tower. Your virtual bus will arrive shortly. (beat) This is U.N.N. The Underground News Network. BOOKSHELVES An overstuffed easy chair, a large faux flat screen. (NOTE: The flat screen is painted and slides OPEN/CLOSED.) STEVE is seated, wearing a beret reading the newspaper. STEVE Margi? The bus will be here soon? FLAT SCREEN SLIDES OPEN revealing MARGI wearing a flowered straw hat. MARGI Bus Route Twenty-seven is delayed for a squirrel crossing, Stephen? BROADCAST TOWER ANNOUNCER (V.O.) Clearance to view this broadcast requires your lunch packed, homework done, and your shoes by the door. STEVE Folding paper. STEVE Bus Twenty-seven, are you sure, Margi?



MARGI It’s waiting politely? BROADCAST TOWER ANNOUNCER (V.O) Any further viewing of today’s program, assumes your agreement. STEVE We’re on Margi. FLAT SCREEN SLIDES The flat screen slides open to reveal Margi in prison stripes. MARGI Going to school always felt like a jail break to me, Stephen. Flat screen slides shut. STEVE I want to go! ANNOUNCER (V.O.) Is your homework done? END INTRO



ACT ONE FADE IN: EXT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - BACK PORCH - DAY DARE opens the back door to find MOLLY wagging her tail. DARE Choo-choo, choo-choo, choo-choo, choo-choo, toot-toot! Molly takes off for the chicken coop; Dare chases. INT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - KITCHEN - LATER (NOTE: Background border, live action horses.) (NOTE: DEVICE ICONS on kitchen flat screen: MYPHONE; Seneca, swinging on porch. MYPAD; Margaret, drawing on art pad. MYPHONE; Claire, in round pen. LAB COMPUTER; Timothy, in lab. CALENDAR; Cadette Daily Planner. All icons jiggle/wobble.) SFX: TOUCH-SCREEN BEEPS Dare places a full egg basket on the counter, then presses “CADETTE DAILY PLANNER” and sees FOUR (4) unchecked entries; “HOMEWORK”, “CHORES”, “ELEVEN MILES”, and “THEODORE JUDAH”. INT. MARGARET’S ROOM - CONTINUOUS MARGARET is drawing a portrait of Theodore Judah. EXT. SENECA’S FRONT PORCH - CONTINUOUS FOUNDER leaps from the porch swing as Seneca flops down. BACK TO KITCHEN Dare presses “SENECA” and “MARGARET”. DARE (CONT’D) We’ll only do eleven.



SENECA I don’t want to go on the field trip today, grandfather doesn’t even like the railroad. MARGARET Oh, come on? Did you read the whole chapter? MOLLY (barks) DARE We can do eleven? MOLLY (whines) DARE You can ride, Seneca? MARGARET I want to ride? DARE I’ll crew then, okay? EXT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - ROUND PEN - CONTINUOUS Claire is inspecting a gelding’s feet. PROTECTIVE FLY MASK



BACK TO KITCHEN Dare presses “MOM”. DARE (CONT’D) We’ll only ride eleven, mom, right after Story Hour and the railroad museum. CLAIRE I don’t think so, you girls can run, though. Give Basia’s feet a rest today. DARE Mom??? I have to crew? CLAIRE Let her watch. She’ll know what you’re doing? DARE It’s not fair, mom??? EXT. AURL - PROVING GROUNDS - ESTABLISHING LANDING RUNWAY A split-drum diesel roller is on the runway rolling asphalt. INT. TIMOTHY’S LAB - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: The runway shows on lab flat screen. TIMOTHY is wearing a lab jumpsuit and dark safety goggles, ALPHA wears the same, plus his motorcycle jacket.



ROGER is wearing his ala - SUPERMAN pajamas and a white medics jacket with stethoscope and loose surgical mask around his neck.) Timothy and Alpha are in front of the flat screen using laser levels to measure the asphalt’s thickness. TIMOTHY It’s too high! Roger rolls up on his electric 4 wheel off-road medic-jeep. ROGER It wasn’t a fever? ALPHA’S CONFUSED FACE TIMOTHY Look! Right there! He’s right! BACK TO KITCHEN Dare presses “TIMOTHY”. DARE What do you want, Timothy? TIMOTHY We need an algorithm! It’s like triple bonus points! ROGER I can’t go on the field trip!



TIMOTHY Some creeps tried hacking into the museum’s computer and now they don’t want pre-schoolers attending. ROGER Even I get bonus. I want to go, too! DARE Take your brother, Timothy! I want to go riding? ROGER Will you help, me? I think it’s his heart??? TIMOTHY I can’t go, if my brother can’t go!!! DARE Do something about it! ROGER If we catch them, they have to let me go! Please? EXT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - PASTURE - CONTINUOUS BASIA grazes.


EXT. VIRTUAL SCHOOL BUS - DAY (NOTE: Background border, live action school bus.) BUS DOORS CLOSING BUS CONTINUOUSLY JIGGLES (NOTE: DEVICE ICONS on bus windows: MYPHONE; Seneca, at her desk. MYPAD; Margaret, at her easel. MYPHONE; Dare, feeding Basia. MYPAD; PAUL, snoogling Lexis-Nexis. MYPAD; Frederick, thumbing a football GameToy. MYPAD; Roger, wearing surgical mask. LAB COMPUTER; Timothy at his computer. All icons jiggle/wobble.) FREDERICK Football Twelve is awesome! You can play these on field trips! EXT. WILLOW GLEN YOGA STUDIO - LIBRARY - ESTABLISHING Passersby. INT. LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS MRS. SCIENCEFELD arrives behind the book counter carrying a gift box. She hangs her purse and bicycle helmet on the coat tree. PIXIE is scanning library book returns on her computer. (NOTE: Book covers wipe across her screen.) #1 - “I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST RECESS” #2 - “A PARTIAL COLLECTION OF PARDONED PUNS” #3 - “DOUBLE STANDARDS - SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS : REAL HOMEWORK” PIXIE (growls) Mrs. Sciencefeld drags her finger across her DVD rack, selecting “THEODORE JUDAH”.



MRS. SCIENCEFELD Good morning, boys and girls! Oh, my, what do we have here, Pixie? She opens the gift box revealing golden Twinkies. PIXIE (whimper) BACK TO BUS MARGARET What happened, Roger? ROGER He didn’t have a fever! TIMOTHY It’s my fault, not my brothers’. PAUL Those hacker guys are going to get in trouble. There’s no way they can claim gold fever! MARGARET Someone tried stealing the Golden Spike, Frederick! EXT. ALCATRAZ ISLAND PRISON - ESTABLISHING Sail boats.


10. CONTINUED: (2)

INT. PRISON LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS THREE MEN IN STRIPES LARRY, a large prisoner with round bald head and pursed lips, FRENCHY, a small prisoner with slim mustache and french beret, and WILSON, a skinny, tall prisoner wearing a monocle, are huddled at a library computer. BACK TO BUS FREDERICK They better not call off the field trip. Sometimes they give samples, you guys! ROGER It doesn’t matter, the patient doesn’t have a fever! MARGARET Act your age, Frederick! The spike isn’t real! PAUL You guys better watch it. This could turn into class action. I mean really big! FREDERICK If it’s not gold, what did they even try hacking in for??? BUS CEASES JIGGLING


11. CONTINUED: (3)

BUS STOPS, DOORS OPEN. ROGER (O.S.) Those guys are crooks.

SENECA (O.S.) Grandfather was right! I’m calling an emergency recess Cadette meeting! We have to help Roger! BUS DOORS CLOSE SFX: FIRST SCHOOL BELL INT. LIBRARY - DAY Mrs. Sciencefeld is opening the gift card with a tissue in hand. Pixie is entering data in her computer, her screen shows the library pre-school toy box open to a board game (ALA - PETER PAN). MRS. SCIENCEFELD (sniffling) Oh, Pixie. It’s from Annie?? PIXIE (whines) MRS. SCIENCEFELD Dear Trudy, Theodore always loved the library. These are for the children.



PIXIE (growls) MRS. SCIENCEFELD Twinkies always helped him keep his eye on the prize. PIXIE (sobbing) EXT. JALOPY LIMO - ESTABLISHING The jalopy limo is crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. INT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: The limo flat screen is showing THE LIBRARY CHANNEL. MORTIMER is wearing a chef’s hat.) Mortimer is emptying a cereal box in Mayor Bart’s breakfast bowl. BREAKFAST BOWL Three corn flakes. Mortimer is shaking the empty box. MORTIMER Somebody took the prize, boss? BIG MIKE’S PSYCHO EYE SFX: WHAM Mayor Bart body slams Mortimer, sending him crashing spread eagle into the terrarium glass. MORTIMER SLIDING DOWN GLASS


13. CONTINUED: (2)

BACK TO LIBRARY MRS. SCIENCEFELD’S COMPUTER Mrs. Sciencefeld is at her computer posting Story Hour reminders on Student Profile pages. PIXIE’S COMPUTER Pixie’s computer cam zooms in on the Twinkies. MRS. SCIENCEFELD (sniffling) Pixie has her eye on the prize, Annie. I even call her Pixie Twinkle. PIXIE (growls) MRS. SCIENCEFELD’S COMPUTER Mrs. Sciencefeld’s screen is filling with “WILL ATTEND” icons. MRS. SCIENCEFELD And so do the children. PIXIE’S SAD EYES PIXIE (whines) Mrs. Sciencefeld is using her tissue, composing herself.


14. CONTINUED: (3)

MRS. SCIENCEFELD You’re such a good defender of the library, Pixie. I certainly hope we have enough Twinkies. PIXIE (sobbing) INT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS SFX: WHAM BAM CLANGGG Mayor Bart repeatedly body slams Mortimer, leaving him leaning against the corner with stars circling his head. MORTIMER Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Mortimer shakes his head clear. MORTIMER (CONT’D) Fine, boss. We’ll stop at JUNGLE JIM’S then can we go to the library? BIG MIKE’S PSYCHO EYE The Dumbwaiter arm telescopes, grabs and body slams Mortimer. SFX: WHAMMO EXT. AURL - PROVING GROUNDS - ESTABLISHING A windsock gently wafts. INT. TIMOTHY’S LAB - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Paul is showing on Timothy’s myPad screen.)



Timothy is entering data in his lab computer, he’s SNOOGLING “ISOTOPE MIRRORS”, receiving a null return. TIMOTHY We need to get in there! PAUL You better be really careful, Timothy! Do you have any idea how much homework you’re going to make? SFX: MOTORCYCLE ENGINE STARTING TIMOTHY It is homework! PAUL I’m serious, Timothy. There is no room to get grounded! Roger runs past carrying his medic bag and lunch box. ROGER It’s a holograph heart procedure! SFX: MOTORCYCLE ENGINE REVVING Alpha tapes on his handlebar mustache and lowers his Vuarnets as Roger hops in the sidecar. TIMOTHY You’ll need the particle separator!


16. CONTINUED: (2)

ROGER, ALPHA, TIMOTHY TRADING SALUTES ROGER You’re the greatest, Timothy! Alpha shrugs and backs into the Time Travel Tube. TIMOTHY Just tell dad it’s a design change, and test it out, before, you use it! SFX: MOTORCYCLE ENGINE ROARING SFX: WHOOSH ZOOM Alpha, Roger and the space motorcycle dematerialize. The Time Travel Tube control panel is flashing: “NEW MEXICO 1904” “SECURITY PENDING”. INT. GURDEEP’S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: MRS. FAEBER is showing on Gurdeep’s computer screen. The runway and paving crew show on his office wall flat screen.) MRS. FAEBER You’re over-working yourself, Gurpy. I won’t put up with it!! It’s not good for your heart! SFX: WHOOSH SFX: MOTORCYCLE ENGINE SHUTTING OFF SPACE MOTORCYCLE MATERIALIZING Alpha lowers his Vuarnets, Roger jumps out of the side car and runs to a shelf behind Gurdeep’s desk, causing Gurdeep to immediately put his lunch box in his desk.


17. CONTINUED: (3)

MRS. FAEBER (CONT’D) It’s not good for you! ROGER Hi grandma! Hi, dad! Timothy said design changes. Roger loads a box on the shelf into his medic bag. ROGER (CONT’D) I have my first holograph heart transplant, grandma. It’s extra credit homework, dad! And the Cadettes, grandma, they’re really in trouble. SFX: WHOOSH The office doors slide open revealing a lab security robot escorting an obviously combative runway paving crew to Gurdeep’s desk. PAVING MEMBER You need to spec this job all over again! MRS. FAEBER Did you hear what your son’s doing? GURDEEP SCOWLING Roger runs back to the sidecar, trades salutes with Alpha.


18. CONTINUED: (4)

ROGER I’ll give dad a complete workup, after school, grandma? BACK TO LAB PAUL We’re totally dead meat, Timothy. I’m getting too old for this! TIMOTHY You’re only in third grade! PAUL Only??? That’s a violation of section two-thirty-two, all ready. Timothy? It’s grade discrimination! TIMOTHY Exactly! It’s why we needed the particle separator! EXT. DEEP SPACE - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Timothy is showing on both Alpha and Roger’s control console monitors.) ALPHA’S MUSTACHE FLAPPING BELOW VUARNETS The space motorcycle is exiting the Intergalactic Freeway under a sign: “JUPITER NEXT 63 MOONS”.


19. CONTINUED: (5)

Roger is removing the extractor from his medic bag. He fidgets with the particle separator, sending eight separate ray beams at an irregular shaped moon, causing if to expand perfectly round. A wall of fifty-five more irregular shaped moons gather, menacingly and charge the space motorcycle. ROGER Roger, Timothy, this is Roger. It’s like a virus, they’re attacking! SFX: WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH Roger fires the extractor, swinging around as the wall of irregular moons zooms past. BACK TO TIMOTHY’S LAB TIMOTHY’S LAB COMPUTER SCREEN An IM appears. “REFUEL SHUTTLE ASAP, PLEASE.” TIMOTHY Great! The runway is shutdown!!! EXT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - DAY (NOTE: A placard next to the rear wheel well reads: “NOW PLAYING - THE REVOLUTIONARY SUPER CRITTERS OF WILLOW GLEN”.) A cloud floats over the fender fin. INT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - CONTINUOUS Teddy jams jazz on the piano. Roxanne arrives waving her memory sticks. INT. TEDDY’S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS MUSIC: ALA - “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” Teddy leads Roxanne through security.



SFX: BEEP BEEP TEDDY We’re clear. Roxanne inserts her first memory stick into Teddy’s computer: revealing her UNN footage of Larry, Frenchy, and Wilson. TEDDY (CONT’D) Do you know what they’re in for, Roxanne? ROXANNE For not acting their age!!!! Roxanne swaps memory sticks in Teddy’s computer: revealing her UNN footage of Mrs. Sciencefeld using her tissue. TEDDY She’s eighty-four, Roxanne??? ROXANNE (ala - SGT. FRIDAY, DRAGNET, JACK WEBB) And every day mature people in every nook, cranny, and corner of this land, are just begging not be treated any differently than anyone else, and its our job to keep them safe. Roxanne swaps her last memory stick: showing the jalopy limo approaching Jungle Jim’s.


21. CONTINUED: (2)

TEDDY Nice, Roxanne? They’re not going to find anything other than monkey business there? ROXANNE That’s what they were doing before kids even had computers!!! EXT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - CONTINUOUS A small cloud quickly floats past the fender fin. FADE OUT. END ACT ONE


22. CONTINUED: (3)

ACT TWO FADE IN: EXT. BARN - ESTABLISHING Horses graze. SFX: FIRST RECESS BELL INT. BARN - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Device icons showing on barn flat screen: MYPAD; Margaret, at her desk. MYPAD, Seneca, at her desk. GAMETOY; Frederick, thumbing GameToy. MYPAD; Paul at his desk. LAB COMPUTER; Timothy in lab. All icons jiggle/wobble.) Dare is brushing Basia. DARE You can tell how old a person’s soul is. SENECA’S CADETTE HOMEWORK TRACKER SENECA The Cadettes are finished with their homework except for Story Hour and referrals and testimonials for Roger have been sent. Even grandfather and he hates trains! Nothing from Frederick or Timothy. FREDERICK’S GAMETOY FREDERICK What’s for lunch?



MARGARET Monkey meat, Frederick. We’re supposed to be helping Roger!


acts older than you! SENECA What about, Timothy? DARE It’s recess guys??? PAUL We’re, we’re . . . getting things in shape. SENECA What about Roger? His homework is already done, does he know we’re helping? MARGARET Except for Frederick! Football’s a team sport, get with it? PAUL Roger’s helping, mostly. EXT. DEEP SPACE - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Timothy stressed face shows on Roger’s monitor. MUSIC: ALA - INTRO BEETHOVEN’S NINTH



SFX: WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH Roger jumps atop Alpha’s rear seat with the particle separator. ROGER Watch this! The moons start dancing with each other. ALPHA’S OPEN PALM Roger’s hand slaps Alpha’s. ROGER (CONT’D) I can control the signal no matter where they are. It’s just like the heart plaque laser I used. SFX: WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH BACK TO TIMOTHY’S LAB Timothy is entering data, his lab wall screen is showing the prison librarian wagging her finger at Larry, Frenchy, and Wilson. TIMOTHY Yes!!! Roger, this is Timothy, Roger? ROGER Roger, Timothy, this is Roger. TIMOTHY We’re going on a field trip! Get back here!


25. CONTINUED: (2)

INT. GURDEEP’S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Mrs. Faeber shows on Gurdeep’s computer screen.) The paving crew are rolling out a long blueprint of the runway on Gurdeep’s desk. MRS. FAEBER It’ll be the perfect time for you to take a rest. Then we can play basketball. PAVING MEMBER We’ll need the lab shut down for as little time as possible. PAVING MEMBER #2 The fate of the entire civilized world is in your hands, if the runway plans are leaked anyone could land there? MRS. FAEBER You need the rest, Gurpy? BACK TO TIMOTHY’S LAB TIMOTHY’S DISTRESSED FACE TIMOTHY They’re shutting the power down.


26. CONTINUED: (3)

PAUL They’re shutting the power down, they’re shutting the power down, oh? THEY’RE SHUTTING THE POWER DOWN?????!!!!! SFX: FULL ALARM SEQUENCE EXT. WILLOW GLEN YOGA STUDIO - LIBRARY - ESTABLISHING Cars and pedestrians move past. INT. LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS TISSUE BOX Mrs. Sciencefeld grabs a new tissue from Pixie, watching a grainy looking black and white film on the wall flat screen of a sailing ship (circa 1860). MRS. SCIENCEFELD I love this story. GOLDEN TWINKIES PIXIE (sobbing) EXT. JALOPY LIMO - ESTABLISHING SFX: JUNGLE NOISES MONKEYS SCREECHING The jalopy limo is pulling through a wrought-iron gate past a sign reading “JUNGLE JIM’S SMOG-FREE JUNGLE - WE MAKE SURE IT NEVER RUNS AGAIN!”.



INT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS Mortimer and Mayor Bart are looking out the mid-rear side window. Big Mike is clutching the Dumbwaiter in fear. SFX: ZIP The Dumbwaiter’s lens turns toward Mortimer. (POV) DUMBWAITER LENS WITH CROSS-HAIRS ON MORTIMER MORTIMER This place gives me the creeps. DUMBWAITER Your eminence. It’s all because they want to go the library again. BIG MIKE’S PSYCHO EYE Mayor Bart body slams Mortimer. MORTIMER I think he’s afraid of monkeys, boss? SFX: WHAM SFX: JUNGLE NOISES MONKEYS SCREECHING EXT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - PASTURE Basia grazes. SFX: FIRST LUNCH BELL



INT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: DEVICE ICONS on kitchen flat screen: MYPAD; Seneca, in her room. MYPHONE; Margaret, at her easel. MYPAD; Paul, flipping through law book pages. MYPAD; Frederick, Snoogling “ANNE PIERCE”.) Dare is feeding Molly. INT. SWEAT TEEPEE - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Many Eagles’ computer screen shows a WILLOW GLEN ONLINE PARTNER PATROL insignia. MANY EAGLES SMILES BACK TO KITCHEN SENECA Grandfather was right! FREDERICK You guys??? Don’t forget I’m the one who said they had free samples. MARGARET Those are ticket stubs, Frederick! FREDERICK What are we going there for then??? MARGARET / SENECA / DARE Because we want to go riding!!! DARE Because it’s our homework.


29. CONTINUED: (2)

SENECA That’s the deal, Frederick. If you’re old enough to do your homework, you get to do lots of things. Grandfather’s still coming and he promised not be weird. PAUL I know I dodged a years worth of homework on class action age cross complaints alone, and I’m not trying to be ungrateful, but we saved Roger, what about Timothy??? MARGARET If Roger can go why can’t Timothy? SENECA That’s not fair! EXT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - DAY (NOTE: A placard next to the rear wheel well reads: “NOW PLAYING - THE REVOLUTIONARY SUPER CRITTERS OF WILLOW GLEN”.) A cloud floats over the fender fin. INT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - CONTINUOUS Teddy jams jazz on the piano. Roxanne arrives waving her memory sticks.



INT. TEDDY’S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS MUSIC: ALA - “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” Teddy leads Roxanne through security. SFX: BEEP BEEP TEDDY We’re clear. Roxanne inserts her first memory stick into Teddy’s computer: revealing her UNN footage of Basia being given vitamins by Dare. TEDDY (CONT’D) What’s wrong with taking vitamins, Roxanne? ROXANNE As long as you always take them!!! Roxanne swaps memory sticks in Teddy’s computer: revealing her UNN footage of Alpha and Roger operating the particle separator even before they get it's aim down. TEDDY Roxanne, he was testing it??? ROXANNE (ala - JACK WEBB) And that’s the point!! Now if somebody tries logging on, they have to prove they’re old enough!!! Roxanne swaps her last memory stick: showing the jalopy limo pulling past monkey bars at Jungle Jim's.


31. CONTINUED: (2)

TEDDY It’s going to be way too easy to get in there, Roxanne? ROXANNE Going there in the library is always easy! EXT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - CONTINUOUS A small cloud floats past the fender fin. FADE OUT. END ACT TWO


32. CONTINUED: (3)

ACT THREE FADE IN: EXT. BARN - ESTABLISHING Basia grazes. INT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Device icon showing on kitchen flat screen: MYPHONE; Claire at gift shop.) Dare packs her backpack and presses “MOM”. DARE I’m going, mom. CLAIRE Did you guys like the museum? MOLLY (barks) DARE Yes, mom. CLAIRE What did you guys learn there? DARE Seneca’s grandfather is funny. INT. GURDEEP’S OFFICE - DAY (NOTE: Mrs. Faeber is showing on Gurdeep’s computer screen. Paul is showing on Timothy’s myPad.



Theodore Judah is dressed identical to Gurdeep; with rolled up sleeves, and a pencil holder and slide rule in his shirt pocket.) Timothy stands at attention in front of Gurdeep’s desk, holding his myPad. GURDEEP’S FINGER REACHING FOR THE “GROUNDED BUTTON”. PAUL No!!! Sir, don’t do it??? SFX: WHOOSH The office doors slide open revealing two lab robots escorting Alpha, Roger, and the Judah to Gurdeep’s desk. MRS. FAEBER Gurpy??? TIMOTHY We were just doing our homework, dad! Alpha and Roger pinkie-swear. Roger approaches, causing Gurdeep’s face to turn frantic. MRS. FAEBER Did you take your nap, Gurpy? PAUL No, sir!!! We studied that today for homework?? No, sir, you faced it wide awake. Just like the alarm clock, every morning, sir, (whining) (MORE) (CONTINUED)


and you were only doing homework, too?? ROGER You were right, grandma! SFX: WHOOSH The office doors slide open revealing Mrs. Faeber smiling at Gurdeep spinning a basketball on her finger. PAUL Sir? The internet can’t be like the wild west, sir?? Please??? Make you ruling count??? ROGER Did you take your vitamins, too, dad? Alpha leaps atop the desk, spinning a basketball on his fingertip. MRS. FAEBER Too tired for basketball, Gurpy? TIMOTHY We have to get to Story Hour, dad? ROGER Can I play, grandma? MRS. FAEBER After Story Hour?


35. CONTINUED: (3)

Alpha tosses the basketball for the dais, Gurdeep, Mrs. Faeber, Roger, and Judah give chase. TIMOTHY Thanks, dad! You’re the greatest! PAUL Is your little brother trying to give me a heart attack??? I thought he fixes them??? TIMOTHY Both. He’s my brother??? INT. LIBRARY - DAY Mrs. Sciencefeld removes her purse from the coat tree and turns off her computer. Pixie smiles, bobbing her eyebrows. MRS. SCIENCEFELD It’s time to say good bye and thank you, boys and girls. Thank you, Annie, for always being there! Thank you for helping us with reminding us we built the internet and we can make it safer. Thanks for the Twinkies! Pixie licks her lips, bobs her eyebrows.



MRS. SCIENCEFELD (CONT’D) I’m telling you Pixie, we definitely need more like her in the library! EXT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS JIM, a safari hunter mouse is rapping on the rear limo window with a net. JIM (British accent) Gentlemen? A head start is rather sporting. INT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS Mayor Bart and Mortimer exchange frightened looks. Big Mike nervously quakes. MORTIMER (incredulous) A head start?????????? INT. FREDERICK’S ROOM - DAY (NOTE: DEVICE ICONS showing on wall flat screen: MYPHONE; Dare standing next to Basia. MYPHONE; Margaret, standing next to Basia. MYPHONE; Seneca, standing next to Basia. All device icons wobble.) MARGARET Okay, Frederick, time to pay up.



FREDERICK I didn’t do anything! SENECA That’s not paying up, Frederick! DARE It really is simple, if you do your homework, Frederick. FREDERICK I did!!! One, eat right and take your vitamins. Two, get plenty of rest. MARGARET Frederick!!!! FREDERICK And quit picking on my little sister? EXT. LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS Mrs. Sciencefeld turns her key in the front door, Pixie gets jiggy with her boom box.



RADIO ANNOUNCER That was the Revolutionary Super Critters of Willow Glen taking us right up to Homework Helping Time on your favorite Library Channel. MRS. SCIENCEFELD Is there any way possible to have any more fun at the library, Pixie? PIXIE (barks) MRS. SCIENCEFELD Thank you, boys and girls. See you at school! EXT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS Mortimer and Mayor Bart exit the rear of the limo and go running down the middle of the street. MORTIMER We got to start going to the library, boss! END ACT THREE FADE OUT.


39. CONTINUED: (2)


(NOTE: DEVICE ICON on tree house flat screen: MYPAD; CLAIRE, making dinner.) Dare, Seneca, and Margaret are on the couch with their bare feet up, wore out from practice. SENECA It was a great practice, Mrs. Butler! MARGARET / SENECA / DARE (laughter) It was a lot of fun! CLAIRE What’s so funny??? MARGARET / SENECA / DARE Basia fell asleep and so did we!!! MOLLY LOOKING OUT TREE HOUSE DOOR MOLLY (barking) DARE Go get mom, Molly! FADE OUT.





When Roger is excluded from a field trip because of a computer program, Timothy and the Cadettes have until Story Hour to prove he should be...

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