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LOG-ON: LIBRARY! EMPEROR ELECTRIC FIRST DRAFT Written by John C. Millunzi, Jr. Based on PRINCESS BASIA & THE REVOLUTIONARY SUPER CRITTERS 0F WILLOW GLEN by John C. Millunzi, Jr. Created and Developed by John C. Millunzi, Jr., Gina C. Millunzi and Stephen Millunzi

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ACT ONE FADE IN: EXT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - BACK PORCH - DAY DARE opens the back door to find MOLLY wagging her tail. DARE Race you? Molly takes off for the chicken coop; Dare chases. INT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - KITCHEN - LATER (NOTE: Background border, live action horses.) (NOTE: DEVICE ICONS on kitchen flat screen: MYPHONE; Seneca, swinging on porch. MYPAD; Margaret, drawing on art pad. MYPHONE; Claire, in Gift Shop. LAB COMPUTER; Timothy, in lab. CALENDAR; Cadette Daily Planner.) SFX: TOUCH-SCREEN BEEPS Dare places a full egg basket on the counter, then presses “CADETTE DAILY PLANNER” and sees FOUR (4) unchecked entries; “HOMEWORK”, “CHORES”, “TIES”, and “THOMAS JEFFERSON”. INT. MARGARET’S ROOM - CONTINUOUS MARGARET is drawing a portrait of Thomas Jefferson. EXT. SENECA’S FRONT PORCH - CONTINUOUS SENECA is on the porch swing with FOUNDER. BACK TO KITCHEN Dare presses “SENECA” and “MARGARET”. SENECA (mid-sentence) . . . (MORE) (CONTINUED)


So he said don’t make a big deal out of it if you’re not hurt, but make sure it doesn’t happen, again. MARGARET I’m still sorry. DARE You guys ready for ties? SENECA As long as he apologized. MARGARET Tell your grandfather it was my fault, too, and I apologized. MOLLY (barks) DARE What happened? EXT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - GIFT SHOP - ESTABLISHING A delivery van pulls away. INT. GIFT SHOP - CONTINUOUS CLAIRE’s glasses hang half-way down her nose, looking over her mail.



BACK TO KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS Dare presses “MOM”. DARE (CONT’D) Hi, mom. We’re practicing ties today. CLAIRE I’ll be home all day. Maybe I’ll join you. DARE I can crew for you, mom? I should crew anyway, for Seneca. CLAIRE We’ll see. Let’s talk about it at lunch. EXT. ADVANCED UNIVERSITY RESEARCH LAB - PROVING GROUNDS ESTABLISHING A breeze pushes a windsock above the proving grounds. INT. TIMOTHY’S LAB - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: PAUL shows on Timothy’s myPad screen. Roger is dressed in his Michael Jordan pajamas.) TIMOTHY’S GLASSES ON LAB COUNTER SFX: BASKETBALL SLAMMING THROUGH RIM TIMOTHY Ugh!!!



ROGER That’s a foul, you blocked me. TIMOTHY You ran me over! BACK TO KITCHEN Dare presses “TIMOTHY” DARE What do you want, Timothy? TIMOTHY Ow! We need an algorithm, please? SFX: BASKETBALL SLAMMING THROUGH RIM ROGER You can’t block me just because you’re bigger! DARE I’m already crewing for two today, Timothy. EXT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - PASTURE - CONTINUOUS BASIA grazes. EXT. VIRTUAL SCHOOL BUS - DAY (NOTE: Background border, live action school bus.) BUS DOORS CLOSING



BUS CONTINUOUSLY JIGGLES (NOTE: DEVICE ICONS on bus windows: MYPHONE; Seneca, at her desk. MYPAD; Margaret, at her easel. MYPHONE; Dare, feeding Basia. MYPAD; PAUL, snoogling lexis-nexis. MYPAD; Frederick, thumbing GameToy. MYPAD; Roger, holding Nerf basketball. LAB COMPUTER; Timothy at his computer. All icons jiggle and wobble.) INT. FREDERICK’S ROOM - CONTINUOUS Frederick’s door opens revealing his mother standing holding out her hand. EMPEROR ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD Frederick hands his skateboard to his mom. SFX: DOOR SLAMMING BACK TO BUS MARGARET Frederick got his skateboard taken away. SENECA Grandfather says it’s okay to forgive, if you don’t do it, again. I’m fine. DARE Good. We want to practice safe ties. EXT. WILLOW GLEN YOGA STUDIO - LIBRARY - ESTABLISHING Passersby. INT. LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS



MRS. SCIENCEFELD arrives behind the book counter carrying a gift box. She hangs her purse and bicycle helmet on the coat tree. PIXIE is scanning library book returns on her computer. (NOTE: Book covers wipe across her screen.) #1 - “MIRACLE MONKEY BARS MOVES” #2 - “BUS STOP TIPS: WAIT FOR THE DOOR TO OPEN” #3 - “SILENCE OF THE CUPCAKES”. PIXIE (growls) Mrs. Sciencefeld drags her finger across her DVD rack, selecting “THOMAS JEFFERSON”. MRS. SCIENCEFELD Good morning, boys and girls! Oh, my, is there going to a big turnout, today, Pixie! She opens the gift box revealing apple pie. PIXIE (whimper) BACK TO BUS ROGER What happened? MARGARET Frederick thought he could run over everybody.



FREDERICK You were chasing me! SENECA I’m fine! DARE I’ll crew for you, today, until you’re better. I have to crew for mom today, too. FREDERICK It was like a gnarly half-pipe. I crashed, too! I said I was sorry. SENECA I’m fine! MARGARET And Frederick’s Emperor Electric is grounded. SENECA It was no big deal! FREDERICK It was for me. ROGER I could order x-rays for you!



TIMOTHY You could order them for me, too. You cheated. SENECA I’m fi-i-ine! Hello? I want to crew. PAUL Guys??? It’s Student Government Day. BUS STOPS, DOORS OPEN PAUL (O.S.) (CONT’D) I think I messed up. SENECA (O.S.) I’m calling an emergency recess Cadette meeting. I want to crew??? INT. WILLOW GLEN YOGA STUDIO - LIBRARY - DAY Mrs. Sciencefeld is opening the gift card. Pixie’s computer reveals the library’s Pre-School Playhouse toy box open to a marching band game. Pixie’s winding up toy marching band dolls, sending them marching for the gift box. MRS. SCIENCEFELD There’ll be plenty of pomp and circumstance, today, Pixie. It’s student government day!



PIXIE (growling) MRS. SCIENCEFELD (holding gift card) My dearest librarian. The freedom of our nation relies on libraries and on the students that go there. Th apple pie is to be distributed by popular vote. PIXIE (whines) MRS. SCIENCEFELD I’m sure you’ll get a vote, Pixie! EXT. JALOPY LIMO - ESTABLISHING The jalopy limo chugs across the Golden Gate Bridge. INT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: The library channel shows on the limo flat screen.) MORTIMER is wearing a chef’s hat and jacket, waving a linen towel over a red apple on a plate. MORTIMER Yah-dah-dee, yah-dah-dah. SFX: ZIP The DUMBWAITER turns his lens.


10. CONTINUED: (2)

(POV) DUMBWAITER LENS CROSS-HAIRS ON APPLE BACK TO MORTIMER Mortimer reaches in his pocket and inspects a piece of parsley. He smiles at the parsley. MORTIMER (CONT’D) Hmmnnn! Mortimer places the sprig of parsley on the now empty plate. MORTIMER (CONT’D) Arghhh! TERRARIUM The Dumbwaiter is placing a silver platter with the apple in front of a smiling Big Mike. MORTIMER’S DISTRESSED EYES SFX: WHAM MAYOR BART body slams Mortimer, sending him flying into the wrestling ring post. MORTIMER (CONT’D) Can’t we at least vote on it???? Arghhh!!!! BACK TO LIBRARY Pixie is checking in book returns at her computer. Mrs. Sciencefeld is entering data in her computer, posting voting booth icons on student profile pages. Paul’s page wipes across her screen.


11. CONTINUED: (3)

MRS. SCIENCEFELD Paul should have a very nice day with City Council coming! PIXIE (growls) MRS. SCIENCEFELD I hope there is enough apple pie??? PIXIE (whines) MRS. SCIENCEFELD Will you vote apple pie for Pixie, boys and girls? (feigning privacy to Pixie) You’ll just have to wait until Story Hour, young lady. PIXIE (sobbing) INT. AURL - TIMOTHY’S LAB - DAY (NOTE: Paul is showing om Timothy’s myPad.) ALPHA SCRATCHING CHIN Alpha and Timothy are inspecting JPEGS of the aurora borealis on the wall flat screen.



Roger rolls up slowly on his three-wheeler, towing a stack of medical books. TIMOTHY’S FINGER TRACES THE JPEG TIMOTHY It looks really tricky, like a weakside screen, you have to lock on right here. PAUL Timothy? I’m totally dead meat! ROGER That has to be disposed of safely. Cheeseburgers, or? TIMOTHY You know the rules. PAUL No one’s ever going to vote for me next year. Vote for Paul, he took your skateboard away! SFX: MOTORCYCLE ENGINE STARTING TIMOTHY You have to switch to cascading reentry algorithms when the gyro cuts off, and then ease the data rate back up! That’s the blind spot.


13. CONTINUED: (2)

ROGER RUNS PAST Roger carries his medic bag and lunch box. PAUL Timothy??? This was supposed to be my big chance! Thomas Jefferson??? ROGER, ALPHA, TIMOTHY TRADE SALUTES TIMOTHY Just keep true dead center until you can see, again. We’ve got twelve minutes on dad’s supercomputer, but at these velocity rates, maybe thirty seconds either way? ROGER It’ll overheat after that and can’t even catch a cold or get anything! Alpha lowers his Vuarnets and backs the space motorcycle into the time travel tube past its control monitor flashing “SECURITY PENDING” and “MAY 25, 1961”. SFX: MOTORCYCLE ENGINE REVVING SFX: WHOOSH ZOOM Alpha, Roger, and the space motorcycle dematerialize. PAUL I’m already dead! Recess will be here by then!


EXT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - DAY (NOTE: A placard next to the rear wheel well reads: “NOW PLAYING - THE REVOLUTIONARY SUPER CRITTERS OF WILLOW GLEN”.) A cloud floats briskly over the fender fin. INT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - CONTINUOUS Teddy jams jazz on the piano. Roxanne arrives waving her memory sticks. INT. TEDDY’S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS MUSIC: ALA - “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” Teddy leads Roxanne through security. SFX: BEEP-BEEP TEDDY We’re clear. Roxanne inserts her first memory stick into Teddy’s computer: revealing her UNN footage of Paul in distraught. TEDDY (CONT’D) He did the right thing, Roxanne? ROXANNE And we need him to keep doing the right thing. It’s not even recess!!! Roxanne swaps memory sticks: revealing her UNN footage of Roger’s sidecar monitor showing JFK’s “MOON” Speech.



JFK That we would go to the moon and there would be a decent burger. TEDDY Their homework’s on Jefferson??? ROXANNE He’s in there!!! Roxanne swaps her last memory stick: showing the jalopy limo approaching FERN’S. TEDDY This doesn’t look safe, Roxanne? ROXANNE I know its safe in the library!!! EXT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - CONTINUOUS A small cloud floats past the fender fin. FADE OUT. END ACT ONE


16. CONTINUED: (2)

ACT TWO FADE IN: EXT. BARN - ESTABLISHING SFX: WIND NOISE SFX: FIRST RECESS BELL INT. BARN - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Device icons showing on barn flat screen: MYPAD; Margaret, at her desk. MYPAD, Seneca, at her desk. GAMETOY; Frederick, thumbing GameToy. MYPAD; Paul at his desk. LAB COMPUTER; Timothy in lab.) Dare is brushing Basia. DARE I don’t want to lose skateboarding, Basia. INT. SENECA’S KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS SOUP LADLE Seneca ladles stew into a bowl. MANY EAGLES SMILING Seneca places the bowl and Founder under the table. MANY EAGLES FROWNING Seneca starts to ladle another bowl. MANY EAGLES SMILES Seneca sets the bowl down at her computer. MANY EAGLES FROWNS



BACK TO BARN SENECA Grandfather’s eating lunch early! Everybody’s parents are coming! DARE Mom’s coming. MARGARET You better do something, Frederick! You got us in this mess! FREDERICK Margaret was chasing me, mom!! INT. FREDERICK’S ROOM - CONTINUOUS Frederick is kneeling in front of his mother. BACK TO BARN SENECA’S CADETTE HOMEWORK TRACKER ON FLAT SCREEN The tracker shows only the Cadettes have their homework, “DONE”. Frederick, Timothy, and Paul show “INCOMPLETE”. MOLLY (barks) PAUL It’s all my fault. You guys will never vote for me now.


18. CONTINUED: (2)

SENECA We’ll never get anyone’s vote if we don’t do our homework!!! MARGARET Yeah, Frederick, could you at least do your homework while your begging mom for your skateboard back!! FREDERICK’S ANGELIC LOOK PAUL I’ll do any homework you guys want me to???? DARE What about Timothy! TIMOTHY I’m working a mathematical solution???!!! SFX: SECOND RECESS BELL SENECA I’m calling an emergency Cadette lunch meeting! Too bad we never get to go skateboarding again!


INT. AURL - TIMOTHY’S LAB - DAY (NOTE: Paul is showing on Timothy’s myPad. The lab flat screen is counting down from fifteen seconds.) Timothy is entering data in his lab computer, his screen revealing “NASA KIDS SPACE CAMP VIDEO ARCHIVE”. EXT. DEEP SPACE - CONTINUOUS An obvious THOMAS JEFFERSON cruises a vintage Indian twostroke motorcycle next to Alpha and Roger, pulling into a roadside turnout where Jefferson clearly hands over a “PRESIDENT’S ARCHIVE DVD” to Roger in exchange for a “FOOTBALL DVD”. BACK TO TIMOTHY’S LAB SFX: TWO-CYCLE ENGINE REVVING The lab flatscreen is showing JEFFERSON leaving the turnout and disappearing ahead into space. TIMOTHY You got it! ROGER Roger, Timothy. This is Roger. Going secure for the President. ALPHA LOWERS HIS VUARNETS PAUL We’re going to get grounded, Timothy??? TIMOTHY Lock on now! Now! Now! The lab flat screen wipes to a bust of Jefferson.



EXT. WHITE HOUSE - ESTABLISHING Traffic passes by. INT. OVAL OFFICE - CONTINUOUS The Oval office wall flat screen is revealing footage of an Apollo launch, as an obvious JFK and Jefferson bust, wearing dark sunglasses, watch lift-off. The oval office doors open revealing a Marine Honor Guard escorting Alpha and Roger to JFK. PAUL (O.S.) Timothy? It’s almost lunch hour and your brother is in mom has to see this???!!! TIMOTHY (O.S.) I told you it was our homework. Roger and JFK pinkie swear. ROGER Can I call my dad? TIMOTHY You kind of have to. It’s the safe thing, always. INT. GURDEEP’S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Mrs. Faeber shows on Gurdeep’s computer screen.) SFX: STEADY TELEPHONE RING


21. CONTINUED: (2)

MRS. FAEBER I don’t care who it is, Gurpy! You’re not getting enough rest and I need you home mowing the lawn anyway. With the clippings bagged. SFX: WHOOSH The office doors slide open to reveal a lab Robot carrying a red phone and escorting two secret service men in suits with dark glasses to Gurdeep’s desk. GURDEEP’S SHOCKED FACE MRS. FAEBER (CONT’D) I’m not having the boys cut it, Gurpy. They have enough to do with their own homework. RED PHONE RECEIVER ROGER (O.S.) Hi, grandma! We’re inside the White House archive because the Cadettes are in trouble. You have to vote to save skateboards. SFX: MOTORCYCLE ENGINE Roger runs back, trades salutes with Alpha MRS. FAEBER Your father has my skateboard! SFX: MOTORCYCLE ENGINE ROARING


22. CONTINUED: (3)

ROGER Timothy has it! SFX: WHOOSH ZOOM Alpha, Roger, and the space motorcycle dematerialize. The secret service men and Gurdeep trade concerned looks. The first secret service agent answers a cell phone, Gurdeep presses the red “GROUNDED BUTTON” on the desk. BACK TO TIMOTHY’S LAB SFX: FULL-ALARM SEQUENCE PAUL (whining) Timothy!!!??? INT. LIBRARY - DAY (NOTE: The library wall flat screen shows “VOTE” in tall stars and stripe lettering.) Red, white, and blue bunting adorns the library counter, and Mrs. Sciencefeld and Pixie’s computer monitors as they checkin book returns. MRS. SCIENCEFELD Isn’t a day in the library the most fun and excitement possible, Pixirelli? We have the city council, various Presidents of the United States, apple pie, and a vote to ban skateboards! All happening at Story Hour!



PIXIE (growls) MRS. SCIENCEFELD But nobody touches MY SKATEBOARD! PIXIE (whines) MRS. SCIENCEFELD (sympathetic) Or our apple pie, Pixie Twinkle. PIXIE (sobbing) APPLE PIE EXT. JALOPY LIMO - ESTABLISHING The jalopy limo is pulling into Fern’s drive-thru. INT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: The limo flatscreen is wiping from the apple pie on the Library Channel to a welcome screen showing FERN, a bent over, all gnarly, grey-haired biker.) MORTIMER / MAYOR BART Arghhh!!! Big Mike is dressed ala Caesar. The Dumbwaiter holds a struggling Mortimer and Mayor Bart in each telescoping arm.


24. CONTINUED: (2)

BIG MIKE’S FLASHING PSYCHO EYE MORTIMER I’m tellin’ ya, boss, we should have gone to the library!! DUMBWAITER Time for your vote, your eminence? MORTIMER / MAYOR BART ARGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! SFX: WHAM BAM WHAM BAM WHAM EXT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - PASTURE - ESTABLISHING Horses grazing. INT. KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Claire is showing on the kitchen wall flat screen.) SFX: FIRST LUNCH BELL Dare is kneeling, feeding Molly. FLAT SCREEN Device icons pop on screen. (NOTE: MYPHONE; Seneca, MYPAD; Margaret, GAMETOY; Frederick, MYPAD; Paul.) SFX: POP POP POP POP DARE All right, does everyone have their parents coming?



MOLLY (barks) SENECA Grandfather’s bringing the whole family! PAUL You guys know my mom’s going to be there, and my dad. FREDERICK Why does everybody’s parents have to be there? To see Frederick’s repossessed skate board? INT. AURL - GURDEEP’S OFFICE (NOTE: Mrs. Faeber shows on Gurdeep’s computer screen.) GURDEEP’S STRAINED EYES The secret service agents hover over Gurdeep at his desk. SFX: TWO-WAY RADIO PAGER SECRET SERVICE AGENT We’ll mow your lawn! Order’s from the President. BACK TO KITCHEN SENECA Where’s Timothy?


26. CONTINUED: (2)

EXT. WILLOW GLEN STABLES - PASTURE - CONTINUOUS Horses running. EXT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - DAY (NOTE: A placard next to the rear wheel well reads: “NOW PLAYING - THE REVOLUTIONARY SUPER CRITTERS OF WILLOW GLEN”.) A cloud floats over the fender fin. INT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - CONTINUOUS Teddy jams jazz on the piano. Roxanne arrives waving her memory sticks. INT. TEDDY’S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS MUSIC: ALA - “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” Teddy leads Roxanne through security. SFX: BEEP BEEP TEDDY We’re clear. Roxanne inserts her first memory stick into Teddy’s computer: revealing her UNN footage of Paul standing behind a lectern and a packed auditorium, facing a stars and stripe bunted table of Willow Glen Council members. TEDDY (CONT’D) He’s talking to grown-ups, Roxanne! He’s got be scared??? ROXANNE Their kids have skateboards, too!!! Roxanne swaps memory sticks: revealing her UNN footage of JFK with Mrs. Sciencefeld and a dozen female librarians facing a red-faced Jefferson.



TEDDY God, Roxanne, do have to always rub it in? So he forgot to give women the vote? Nobody had a vote back then! ROXANNE (ala - JACK WEBB, SGT. FRIDAY) And that’s the point!! If it’s two hundred years later and folks all over are still fighting for their rights, and it’s not easy always sitting on the sidelines, having to wait your turn, saying yes, sir, no, sir, maybe sir, but changing the world for the better anyway. It’s the real reason we go to work everyday and listen to both sides and learn!!! Roxanne swaps her last memory stick: showing the jalopy limo pulling into Fern’s Drive-Thru. TEDDY Do they even know who that is? Roxanne, that guy’s whack!!! (sympathetic) It’s not safe?


28. CONTINUED: (2)

ROXANNE It’s always safe in the library!!!! EXT. TEDDY’S DRIVE-IN - CONTINUOUS A small cloud floats past the fender fin. FADE OUT. END ACT TWO


29. CONTINUED: (3)

ACT THREE FADE IN: EXT. BARN - ESTABLISHING Basia grazes. INT. KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS (NOTE: Claire is showing in the kitchen flat screen.) Dare packs her backpack and presses “MOM”. DARE I’m going, mom. I don’t believe everyone showed up and said no skateboarding but we’ll build you a safe skating park? CLAIRE It’s all about safety, Darolynn. We want you kids being able to use your skateboard, we just want you to use it safely? Now, is Seneca up to crewing or are still? DARE I’ll do it just to be safe, mom. MOLLY (barks) INT. GURDEEP’S OFFICE - DAY


INT. GURDEEP’S OFFICE - DAY (NOTE: Mrs. Faeber is showing on Gurdeep’s computer screen. Paul is showing om Timothy’s myPad. JFK and Jefferson are wearing green and white travel Boston Celtic jerseys.) Timothy stands at attention in front of Gurdeep’s desk, holding his myPad. GURDEEP’S FINGER REACHING FOR THE “GROUNDED BUTTON”. PAUL No!!! Sir, don’t do it??? SFX: WHOOSH The office doors slide open revealing two lab robots escorting Alpha, Roger, Jefferson, and JFK to Gurdeep’s desk. ROGER Hi, grandma. We saved your skateboard, dad! GURDEEP GRIMACES MRS. FAEBER Gurpy? PAUL No, sir!!!! We had a confession and witnesses and we still got to our skateboards??? Please, sir???? The safe thing, sir, is to at least ground me??? I was the one??? Oh!!!! JFK & JEFFERSON PINKIE-swear each other, smiling at Gurdeep.



ROGER We were just trying to save to earn extra credit, dad? TIMOTHY And we did our homework, dad! Safely??? PAUL It’s true, sir??? ROGER There’s a skating party, grandma? MRS. FAEBER Gurpy??? SFX: WHOOSH The office doors slide open to reveal, Mrs. Faeber, spinning s basketball on her finger. PAUL It was an accident, sir??? It all happened so fast! Maybe you could finally get some rest. Sir???? Please???? Just play it safe??? TIMOTHY We’ll be home right away, dad!


32. CONTINUED: (2)

ALPHA BOBBING HIS EYEBROWS AT MRS. FAEBER Roger approaches Gurdeep’s desk. ROGER It was a tough case, dad, please? TIMOTHY Please? MRS. FAEBER Gurpy, it’s not nice to keep your mother waiting? PAUL Please, sir. It’s the safest way??? Mrs. Faeber tosses her ball to Jefferson, who flips a Meadowlark Lemon pass to JFK, who push passes it to Alpha. Alpha takes off for the dais, followed by Gurdeep, JFK, Jefferson, and Mrs. Faeber. TIMOTHY Thanks, dad. You’re the greatest!!

PAUL’S WORRIED FACE PAUL You better make sure the Cadettes vote for me, next year. INT. LIBRARY - DAY Mrs. Sciencefeld removes her purse from the coat tree and turns off her computer.



Pixie smiles, bobbing her eyebrows. MRS. SCIENCEFELD It’s time to say good bye and thank you, boys and girls. Thank you, Mr. President’s! Thank you for helping us understand what took so long for girls like Pixie to vote! Thanks for the apple pie! Pixie licks her lips, bobs her eyebrows. MRS. SCIENCEFELD (CONT’D) I’m telling you Pixie, we definitely need more like them in the library! EXT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS Fern is rapping on the rear limo window with a cane. FERN (creepy) Why don’t you boys come out and play? INT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS Mayor Bart and Mortimer exchange frightened looks. Big Mike nervously quakes.


34. CONTINUED: (2)

MORTIMER (sobbing) All I wanted to do was go to the library?????????? INT. FREDERICK’S ROOM - DAY (NOTE: DEVICE ICONS showing on wall flat screen: MYPHONE; Dare standing next to Basia. MYPHONE; Margaret, standing next to Basia. MYPHONE; Seneca, standing next to Basia. All device icons wobble.) MARGARET We totally saved your skateboard, Frederick, time to pay up. FREDERICK I didn’t do anything! SENECA That’s not paying up, Frederick! DARE It really is simple, if you play at safe and do your homework, Frederick. FREDERICK I did!!! One, if you want a safe place to skate? Ask your parents! And two, if your sister cuts you off it’s your her fault.



MARGARET Frederick!!!! FREDERICK It’s my fault? If I want to be the best, I have to be the safest!!! EXT. LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS Mrs. Sciencefeld turns her key in the front door, Pixie gets jiggy with her boom box. RADIO ANNOUNCER That was the Revolutionary Super Critters of Willow Glen taking us right up to Homework Helping Time on your favorite Library Channel. MRS. SCIENCEFELD Is there any way possible to have any more fun at the library, Pixie? PIXIE (barks) MRS. SCIENCEFELD Thank you, boys and girls. See you when you get here! EXT. JALOPY LIMO - CONTINUOUS Mortimer and Mayor Bart exit the rear of the limo and go running down the middle of the street.





37. CONTINUED: (2)


(NOTE: DEVICE ICON on tree house flat screen: MYPAD; CLAIRE, making dinner.) Dare, Seneca, and Margaret are on the couch with their bare feet up, wore out from practice. SENECA Thanks for helping, Mrs. Butler! MARGARET / SENECA / DARE (laughter) Can I crew next time??? CLAIRE Whoever you feel safe with? DARE When we were done, Basia wanted to do more than just ties, she wanted make sure your horse was safe, too, before she went in her stable. MARGARET / SENECA / DARE (wrestling) I’m crewing!!!





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