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Love what you do – or change it. Blog 2 : February 2019 – Jacci Rudling

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It is said that a big part of a balanced life, well lived, is feeling emotionally connected to your job, sad as this might sound, it is the thing most of us do for most of our waking hours. That emotional connection can be described as being passionate about our work, loving what we do. Being an entrepreneur gives us the opportunity to do something that we love, no one sets out to start a business thinking bleh, I've got to do this. People who love what they do are more likely to be optimistic, motivated, learn faster, make fewer mistakes, and better business decisions. It allows one to be focussed and absorbed in the

task at hand leading to higher productivity, enthusiasm and general work satisfaction. Sounds like a winning recipe to me. According to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a distinguished Hungarian psychologist, getting in the zone, a place where work flows is dependant on you being positive about the task. Doing work you love is energising, fuelling productivity and creativity. The trick is to be able to access this mindset even if the task at hand is not one you enjoy, for me filing, and endless revisions on some design jobs. They both have to be done regardless. Csikszentmihalyi says that once you apply a positive mindset to the task, even as simple as reminding yourself of the benefit of completing it, like payment once the job is finished – always a huge motivator for me - and sometimes the only one I can dredge up . . . ;-) If you feel confident and passionate about the work you are doing you will see yourself achieving your fullest potential. Passion not only means enjoying your work, it also gives you the means to push through when things get tough. Sometimes it takes revisiting why you set out on this journey in the beginning to keep you going. In an article by Anne Lowry, she discusses how purpose leads to motivation. According Maslow’s theory – the Hierarchy of Needs, conditions like safety and hunger must be met before feelings of esteem and belonging can be reached. This impacts how we see our careers, as a means to an end, as a career, or as a calling (I'd insert passion here). Most entrepreneurs, I think fall into the latter? For me – and, not that I think designing websites is a calling - my passion is to be the conduit that new women entrepreneurs have access to, in order to get their dream off the ground. Bringing kindness and generosity to the process of birthing a brand for another expectant entrepreneur. My break through was discussing, one evening, with my daughter what my business purpose was, who was I trying to reach, what was my niche market. All of a sudden the light went on, I cannot believe that I lasted as long as I did before I figured this out!! So I went from being just a good designer, to recognising my place in the dreams of others. Hugely exciting and motivating. Do you see how re thinking how I view my business from a career that I loved, to being part of the excitement of others would make my work and exciting passion that gets me out of bed in the morning? It changed from what I do - to being part of a community. I think the message that I'd like to finish with is this, if passion is lacking in the work you do, if the thought of work leaves you stuck under the blanket in the morning, thoughtfully try to revisit why you started out, what was your dream and where did you loose it. It doesn't matter what career path you have chosen, joy is a mindset that we can train our brains to embrace.

We women have so much on our plates without facing each day with dread. If your day isn't filled with enjoyment – change it! Never ever settle!

Chat soon, Jacci Freimond Rudling JacciR Design Website: https://www.jaccirdesign.com Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/jaccir.design Portfolio: http://www.pinterest.com/jaccirdesign LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/jaccir-design References: https://appliedpsychologydegree.usc.edu/blog/how-liking-your-job-will-help-you-succeed/ https://www.mediabistro.com/be-inspired/productivity/love-your-job/ https://blog.trello.com/productive-personal-motivation-at-work https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonselk/2014/07/23/the-secret-advantage-is-loving-yourjob/#7c5af7283bec

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Love what you do... or change it!  

It is said that a big part of a balanced life, well lived, is feeling emotionally connected to your job, sad as this might sound, it is the...

Love what you do... or change it!  

It is said that a big part of a balanced life, well lived, is feeling emotionally connected to your job, sad as this might sound, it is the...