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CARMARTHENSHIRE YOUTH & CHILDREN’S ASSOCIATION Nurturing and Supporting from Birth to Adulthood

Annual Report

2010 / 2011

THANKS FROM THE CHAIRS The past year has proved to be an exceptionally good one for CYCA, thanks to the planning and foresight of our hard working talented management team headed by Tracy Pike. Activities at all of our settings, involving nurseries, play clubs, youth clubs, fishing and more provide young people with a varied service at all levels. As our Fit 4 Fun project comes sadly to an end of its 3 years funding, our thanks go to the team headed by Matthew Newbold, who have been highly commended throughout the County, raising the awareness of healthy living for our youngsters. Our Families in Crisis project has been able to assist vulnerable families, coming together with counselling and practical assistance at these troubled times. Our Early Years and Play settings continue to support hundreds of children providing care of the highest standard in 8 different venues. My heartfelt thanks go to all our dedicated professional staff who have worked tirelessly throughout the year. Particular thanks go to those who made our Llanelli’s Got Talent Event such a success. To all our funders, I offer my thanks. Without these funds CYCA would be unable to provide and sustain these vital services. Thank you to all the trustees for your continued support and faithful attendance during the year, especially for the help and advice of vice chairs Judith Jenkins and Jan Williams. Trustee Steve James has retired this year, many thanks to Steve for his valued service for many years. We go into the future with determination and hope that we can continue to provide a first class, innovative service to young people and their families throughout Carmarthenshire.

Pam J Edmunds CYCA Chairperson Looking back over the past twelve months, I am proud of the hard work and dedication undertaken by the staff and trustees at CYCA Wales Limited. In particular, I would like to thank my vice chair Mr Harvey Jones for his unfailing support at all times. In this present economic climate, the services of CYCA Wales Limited are greatly in demand. I am delighted that we can more than meet the challenges that are presented to us. Projects such as Looked After Children and Families in Crisis now play a vital role in the communities in which we work. Our Nursery at the Palms, Little Seraphs continues to grow and develop. Our staff are our greatest strength and they all receive structured training to achieve their full potential.

Managing such a diverse organisation is not an easy task, however in Mrs Tracy Pike together with her management team we have the professionalism and expertise we require. More importantly, we have someone with the vision and aspiration needed to allow the organisation to grow and prosper. Thank you to the staff for making my role so pleasurable and privileged.

Jan Williams CYCA Wales Limited Chairperson

A YEAR OF PROGRESS We have exceeded our targets in all our projects again enabling CYCA and CYCA Wales Limited to reach out to thousands of families in so many ways. Our three Early Years settings continue to provide quality childcare including being the only settings in Wales to benefit from our popular Tatty Bumpkin yoga for children. CYCA Wales Limited was officially launched in March by Mr Keith Towler the Children’s Commissioner for Wales. Keith recognised how the young people themselves were so appreciative of the support they get because they all feel really valued at CYCA. CYCA celebrated its 30th year in existence this year and we recognised all our achievements in style with a talent night sponsored by Dominos Pizza and the Diplomat Hotel in Llanelli. Over 300 attended to watch a range of acts, mainly children and young people, perform to an incredibly high standard. Fundraising events such as this are crucial to sustain our core services and maintain two buildings. Thanks to other local funders such as Police, rural and town councils Ray Gravell & Friends Charitable Trust, Barclays Bank, Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Asda. The County are now funding one of our youth clubs, recognising the high numbers attending of up to 30 young people weekly. We also have extended our work with Looked After Children and the more vulnerable adolescents through 1-1 mentoring and After School clubs and through ‘Team around the Family’ in schools. Sadly, Fit 4 Fun ends this year, but the project has left a legacy with a training pack offering advice on how to help young children relax, eat healthily and exercise with fun! Our Families in Crisis project continues to help save lives and support individuals when they are feeling bereft and losing control. Our dedicated team of practitioners provide a safe haven, comfort as well as ongoing practical support. We have also written a brand new training programme with OCN level 2 accreditation through Coleg Sir Gar which teaches anyone supporting challenging children how to understand disorganized attachments and use simple play therapy activities. We hope to further extend this to level 3 in 2012. As always, I feel humbled when writing this with what the staff have achieved. The commitment to their work is second to none, putting our Charities at the forefront in Carmarthenshire for providing the highest standards of services. I would like to thank my Deputy Manager Barry Johnson who contributed greatly to bid writing. Finally, we have seen 6 new trustees join our Charities this year bringing expertise from education, businesses and the justice system. I would like to thank all board members and especially both chairs whose support and advice enables me to lead both Charities into 2012 with confidence and determination. Diolch yn fawr iawn!

Tracy Pike Association Manager CYCA and CYCA Wales Limited

WHY DO WE EXIST? CYCA and CYCA Wales Limited continue to extend our services particularly in the community with families. Our expertise in supporting those in crisis has grown considerably. Anyone can access our services, regardless of race, ability or social background. As you will see over the next few pages, we offer a varied and stimulating range of activities, from our nurseries right through to After School care and services for older youths and their families. Over 50 staff contribute to our successes, many who have trained to Level 4 above, continually gaining additional qualifications in areas such as Play, Childcare, Youth Work and Counselling ensuring children and their families receive the best possible services. For the general community, we also run a host of successful projects, including our exciting healthy living project Fit 4 Fun, a variety of digital media projects, and initiatives which are aimed at improving the emotional health and well being of families within Carmarthenshire. Please remember, we are always looking for volunteers and we can also provide accredited training. No matter where your skills lie (from childcare to web design) there are so many ways you can help us develop the CYCA experience!

EARLY YEARS It has been another busy and exciting year at our early years settings with all three nurseries continuing to thrive. Teddybears and Jellitotz continue to receive support from the ‘Flying Start’ Programme and both settings operated near to capacity throughout the year. Teddybears continues to operate from our Dewi Sant Centre, whilst Jellitotz has enjoyed its first full year in its new state of the art home at Maes Y Morfa Primary School. Having only opened its doors in 2009, our private nursery and crèche facility, Little Seraphs, which is based at our training centre, The Palms also enjoyed a successful year, establishing itself as one of Llanelli’s most sought after childcare settings. Throughout the year, all three continued to benefit from the highly acclaimed yoga-inspired Tatty Bumpkin programme, which is the only provision for this service in Wales. Every week the children were visited by ‘Tatty’ and her friends, who told them of their magical adventures! The children were also introduced to other healthy projects such as ‘Busy Feet’ where they learned of ‘good’ and ‘bad foods through song and exercise. All three nurseries have also been busy in their gardens throughout the year, by planting, growing and caring for a host of plants and vegetables. This year, our nurseries were given their very own ‘Trolley Bus’ which has been used for several fun outings, which also helps to raise the profile of our Early Years services. Over the course of the twelve months, our nurseries welcomed some very special guests, including community Police Officers, Road Safety, animals from ‘Zoo Lab’ and ‘Bongo Clive’.

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CHILDREN & PLAY Our children and play services include the provision of a range of After School and Holiday Clubs. Our main holiday club is held at our Dewi Sant Centre and once again this year, for each holiday period, the club proved to be as popular and as successful as ever being full to capacity on each occasion. Throughout the year, new children as well as old enjoyed a range of fun activities including skateboarding, cooking, den making and drum lessons. They also made the most of the sunny days by taking part in water splash days where they enjoyed soaking the staff! This year we ran five successful after school clubs in the Llanelli area, in Dewi Sant Play Centre, Ysgol Y Bryn, Ysgol Brynteg, Ysgol Ffwrnes and our latest after school club at the new Ysgol Maes Y Morfa, which has been a great success within the local Community. Over the course of the year the after school clubs took part in a wide range of activities, including arts and craft, den building, skateboarding, fundraising, trips, and sports days. Our Play Officer, Kath Bowen ensures that all of our clubs operate to a high standard and that all staff receive the required training and support.

YOUTH Our weekly youth club, which continues to be an enormous success, this year, saw us introduce some exciting new changes with an all new professionally qualified youth team. Over 30 young people now attend two evenings a week and thanks to funding we receive from the County we have ensured that our youth provision continues to expand in new directions. Also, the girls and one of the female members of staff helped raised £137.00 for Race for Life. This year has seen us set up a youth led council group, which meets with our youth staff every month to discuss new opportunities for young people. The aim of the group is to positively promote engagement between those who attend club through regular consultation to find new opportunities to complete basic awards and qualifications which can further enhance their learning outside of the organisation. During this year, we have also launched the introduction of our ASDAN qualifications. This has given us the opportunity to liaise with a wide range of young people within the County through a host of engaging workshops where we demonstrate the potential achievements and opportunities that are attainable through informal education. As part of the new ASDAN qualifications, we support a youth ‘drop in’ centre where young people get the opportunity to gain awards in crucial life skills. Also, we facilitate alternative evening clubs for Looked After Children, funded by Children In Need which help tackle emotional health and wellbeing along with addressing low self esteem and disinterest in education within an informal environment. Our angling participation project also enjoyed a successful year as several of the youngsters involved received national honours and awards, as well as representing Wales in International Fly Fishing Competitions. This project helps us identify the evident need for an holistic approach to tackling emotional health with our young people. This year our we have also set up a youth led ‘Alternative Sports’ group, which meets at our Dewi Sant Centre on a weekly basis. The aim of the group is to positively promote alternative sports throughout the County as well as explore avenues in to how funding can be secured to improve facilities. The group is also currently developing an all new ‘Micro scooter and Skateboard Programme’ which is hoping to link up with other external agencies to make it available to not only our youth club but also various schools within Carmarthenshire.

FAMILIES As well as our support for children and young people, many of our services involve all family members. Through many of our projects, parents have had the opportunity to take part in fun sessions with their children. This year these have included Mother and Baby Tatty Bumpkin sessions, Parent and Child Dance classes and Family Yoga activities. Also during the year, we have staged several Community Parent and Child Cookery workshops, and such was their success, a new Family Cookery Club run by local mother Rebecca Westcott has been established, meeting twice a week at our Dewi Sant Centre. The clubs have made a real difference in developing the cooking skills of many families within the community and give parents valuable hands on experience of their child’s educational development. 2010 was the first full year of our Big Lottery funded project, Families in Crisis, which provides support to families suffering from high level of distress and trauma. During this time, 57 families and 209 family members have accessed the services that are provided by the team, which consists of Case Manager, Vanessa Evans, a CBT Therapist, Integrative Counsellor, Child Therapist with experience in working systemically with families, Student Volunteer Counsellor, a part time Community Support Worker and a Mentor for young people. The Counsellors offer psychological and emotional support around historical and ongoing distress including work with Trauma, Anxiety, Behavioural, Depression, Self harm, Relational, and Stress Management. Over the past year the team have developed an in-depth understanding of the complex issues families in Llanelli are experiencing, through listening to what the families are asking for and responding by offering interventions that will initiate short and long term change. The project often works systemically with the family as a unit to help them express and identify areas of concern, promote communication, prevent further breakdown and support them in building resilience, while developing an understanding to help families live together and improve relationships. Incorporating the practical, psychological and emotional package of support for individuals and families for up to a year project outcomes have shown a significant reduction in distress and implementing long term positive change. We also received funding from the Deprived Area Fund (DAF), which has enabled us to support many unemployed people helping them access work opportunities as well as further training.

FIT 4 FUN This was the third and final year of our exciting BIG Lottery Funded project, Fit 4 Fun managed by Matthew Newbold. Having worked predominately in various areas of Llanelli for the first two years of the project, this year saw Fabian and the team take its healthy living activities into Carmarthen, working with a host of schools and community groups including Model Primary School, Myrddin Primary School, Richmond Park Primary School, St Mary’s Primary School, Rhydygors Special School, Tŷ Ni Family Centre, Tŷ Hapus Family Centre and Carmarthen Mums Group. Using a host of professional activity providers, children were treated to a variety of fun activities including Healthy Cooking, Gardening, Circus Skills, Skateboarding, Yoga, Zumba, Street Dance, Cheerleading, Tatty Bumpkin Yoga and a variety of Sports Skills. The project worked with each setting for a minimum of six sessions, ensuring the children learned of the benefits and importance of healthy eating and physical activity. Their awareness was raised further by them receiving special Fit 4 Fun information packs which contained fun, yet educational information on healthy living issues. The team also created Fit 4 Fun Interactive Online Games, where children are shown once again the importance of healthy eating and exercise by taking control of Fit 4 Fun hero Fabian in a host of fun adventures! The project has been part of a national research programme, where 14 similar projects have all carried out healthy living services throughout Wales. The lottery are to produce a detailed report in 2012 detailing the outcomes and results of the research, as well as recommendations to the Welsh Assembly Government on health promotion issues relating to children. The Fit 4 Fun team are proud of the contribution they have made to such an important issue. Over the course of the three years, thousands of children and their families across the County have benefited from the activities, and such has been their success and popularity, there has been a demand to carry on with the activities beyond the end of the three years by charging for the service. The team are due to explore this further before the of the project.

LOOKED AFTER CHILDREN Looked After Children (LAC) is an extremely important initiative where we work in partnership with Carmarthenshire County Council and Children In Need, providing a highly skilled team of 'mentors' who work with young people across Carmarthenshire who are in care or are care leavers. Since the beginning of the project in November 2009 we have worked with young people in the care system in order to develop key, life and social skills, together with helping to cope with and deal with any personal issues or problems that may arise, through a single point of contact. CYCA are very much involved with the development of the programme, and have developed a support team, comprising a team of Mentors, a Counselling & Support Team, of Arts Psychotherapy, Family & Relational Integrative Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT), Holistic Therapies and overall support management. Young people are introduced to the programme through the Mentors and made to feel comfortable, getting to know them informally and building trust and relationships with the mentoring team prior to developing a bespoke support programme in discussion with young people attending and the team. This programme currently includes 1-1 support, weekly clubs and a ‘drop in’ centre. Our mentors provide the youngsters with 1-1 support in areas such as school work, as well helping them work on building self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness, self-worth, motivation and goal setting. The weekly clubs - 'KICC IT' Clubs, offer the youngsters the opportunity to take part in a range of life skills sessions and also receive therapeutic support such as massage and relaxation therapies. They also have the opportunity to take part in digital media workshops, where they are able to express and explore various issues through music and film that they are not able to talk about. Also during this year we supported the County with a new ‘drop in’ club targeting young people as they make the transition from leaving the care system to living independently ensure that through our dedicated team they receive additional care and support. The programme has also linked with Coleg Sir Gar (CSG) and the Engage Support Team and through this link, two of our young people that were identified as having low aspirations and educational issues enrolled for college courses. The link with the CSG Support Team will further ensure that our young people are afforded every opportunity and support to succeed.

CYCA WALES LIMITED This year proved to be an exciting one for our new training arm, CYCA Wales Limited, as it was officially ‘launched’ to the public. The event took place in March at the Selwyn Samuel Centre in Llanelli where some 200 delegates were treated to a stimulating programme including key note speaker, Mr Keith Towler, the Children’s Commissioner for Wales. The event gave us the opportunity to formally showcase the success of all of our services and projects, which culminated in the very first screening of our promotional DVD. CYCA Wales Limited’s headquarters, The Palms, was completed in 2009 and this year saw us develop our first full calendar of activities and services, which have included a variety of training programmes in the field of emotional health and well-being, family counselling sessions in our dedicated counselling room, Tatty Bumpkin yoga in our state of the art crèche and day nursery, Little Seraphs. The facilities are also used for our LAC ‘KICC IT’ Clubs and for our various staff training courses. The Palms is also used by external bodies and training providers who benefit from high quality facilities, such as a training room, counselling room, breakout room, fully equipped kitchen and on-site crèche. A new range of training packages written by CYCA practitioners will be introduced over the forthcoming year targeting foster carers and family support workers.

OUR FUNDERS Carmarthenshire Youth & Children’s Association, Dewi Sant Centre, Nevill Street, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, SA15 2RS Tel: 01554 757599 Registered Charity No 512720

Designed By Matthew Newbold

CYCA Annual Report 2010/11  

CYCA Annual Report 2010/11

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