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Final Project

Jaden Berlin

Codecademy Animation and Coding – Gives students an easier way into seeing if coding is something that they would be interested in. – The detailing into each step of coding in very specific and well rounded. – Has won awards for Best Education Startup and Technology Award – It takes care of the setup work – Teaches 12 different programing languages


Presentation – You can choose between many different styles. – Gives good directions to new people working with the site – Can create engaging designs – The format used works in any browser on any computer. – Gets students involved with how each step works


Video/Movie Maker – You can choose between using a video you already have and using the animations they give you. – Easy to use to market products – Universal animation for all ideas – Anyone can use it even if you aren’t good at working with computers – Visuals change all the time so you don’t get bored with the site.


Storytelling – Has a wide variety of backgrounds for any type of story you want to tell- from funny to serious. – The backgrounds are well drawn and some packs have beautiful pieces. – Every time you reload it has a new set of packs to choose from. – Easy to present with others – Doesn’t give students the words but the picture to create a story behind.

Piktochart Poster Creator or Infographic – Amazing color scheme across the board – Can be difficult to use but is easy to find what is wanted – Takes boring essay into an amazing visual. – It doesn’t take long to achieve your project. – Students will be more willing to do this instead of writing an essay

Skype Online Collaboration – You can call, video chat, or text. – On the text you can send videos, photos, videos, voice messages, emoji and more. – It can connect on most computers and phones – It provides away to talk to people when you cant type what you are trying to say.

AutoDraw Drawing – If you aren't that great of an artist, it gives you options to change your drawing into. – You get more freedom to draw what you want compared to Quickdraw. – The algorithms can identify the drawing with 20 seconds or less. – It is a ton of fun to get pulled into

Befunky Photo Editing – Can edit pictures naturally and touch up peoples faces. – You can have fun and make it cartoonized. – There are a ton of options for stickers and backgrounds to make pictures pop. – Each step is clearly panned out for beginners.

Vizzlo Timelines – Easy way to set up a projects milestones. – Can be shared and edited by other people. – The timelines can be displayed in multiple ways. – It can date check certain things.

Wix Your Choice – You can start from scratch of be given a template. – You get to base your website on anything you want, there are no restrictions around your imagination. – Beautiful backgrounds – You can use your own pictures

Two Examples



The Websites – Codecademy- https:// – Visme-

– Skype- – AutoDraw

– Animatron

– Storybird-

– Vizzlo-

– Piktochart-

– Wix-


Dt final project  
Dt final project