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9) ________________ is the process of analyzing data warehouses for “gems�.

10) Which normative theory of business ethics would TJX have displayed if it had informed customers as soon as the breach was corrected and told other retailers how to prevent future security breaches?

11) Scorecards provide a summary of information gathered over a period of time. Another common IT monitoring tool is the _____________.

12) The initial reason organizations outsourced IT was which one of the following?

13) The project triangle includes 3 sides - time, scope and ________.

14) Sam has just purchased 10 new high speed color laser printers for his company. He is very excited because he got a 40% discount and paid only $2,990 for each unit. His boss, Joe, wants to know things such as operating costs, support, overhead, etc. for the printers. Joe wants to know this value:

15) All of the following are frameworks for implementing Sarbanes-Oxley compliance EXCEPT:

Cis 336 final exam guide  
Cis 336 final exam guide