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BSA 375 Team Assignment Testing and Installation (software testing approaches) Click Here to Buy the Tutorial For more course tutorials visit

Ch. 13, "Systems Implementation" from the beginning of the chapter through to "Planning Installation."®video: Foundations of Programming: Software Quality Assurance with Aaron Dolberg. As a team, prepare a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that lists and explains the types of software testing approaches. Explain why testing software is important. Incorporate information from "Foundations of Programming: Software Quality Assurance" to support your presentation. List and explain the methods for installing software. Conclude with a recommendation for your preferred software installation approach; explain why you believe this is the best approach to install software. Format your PowerPoint® according to APA guidelines. Submit your presentation as a Microsoft® PowerPoint® file to the Assignment Files tab

Bsa 375 team assignment testing and installation (software testing approaches)  
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