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ACC 422 Week 1 Team Assignment Audited Financial Statements (Nordstrom Inc.) Click Here to Buy the Tutorial For more course tutorials visit

Each team is assigned a publically traded company that they will use to answer the questions in the Financial Scavenger Hunt assigned each week. Team A: Nordstrom Inc. Team B: Macy's Inc. Locate your assigned company's latest audited financial statements and post them on the assignment tab. Review the financial statements, including any notes and supplemental information, and answer the following questions. Indicate where you found the answer to the questions. If calculations are required, show your work. Post your answers to the assignment tab. Who are the auditors and have the auditors changed in the past 2 years? If yes, who were the previous auditors and why was there a change? 1. What kind of opinion did the auditors issue on 1. The company as a whole 2. The internal control system 3. What is the date of the audit opinion? This is the date that fixes the auditor's liability. 4. Have the financials been restated in the past 2 years? 5. Have there been any changes in the following positions in the past 2 years? 1. Chief Executive Officer 2. Chief Financial Officer

Acc 422 week 1 team assignment audited financial statements (nordstrom inc  
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