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Meet Forte.Hotel – the ultimate solution to easily build powerful hotel websites. 1

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Forte.Hotel – the insight Hotel websites usually carry a set of specific needs: the rooms have to be presented aesthetically, pictures and media have to be very accessible, special offers need to stand out, conference facilities have to be presented in a meaningful way. Not to mention online booking – the ultimate aim of any modern hotel website. Now that’s a lot to consider. But don’t worry - we’ve got you all covered. We offer: Creation of tailor-made, custom-designed hotel website; powerful, yet easy-to-use Content Management System; many hotel specific features included in the bundle; online inventory and booking engine connected to your PMS, boosting direct sales; • thorough understanding of your business; • array of services from web design to revenue management. • • • •

How it works? The core of your new website will be Content Management System (CMS), which keeps your website running. The design will be implemented into the CMS, ensuring that the new site looks good, stays fresh and is easy to update. CMS carries many useful features by default – extremely user-friendly and nontechnical interface, default SEO optimization, Google Analytic integration and multi-language support, to name but few. CMS core controls most of your website – the structure, texts, images and links. Additional modules cover the rest of your specific needs:


Forte.Hotel. OPUS

• Galleries – the module allows you to upload pictures in bulk and place galleries wherever you need them on the site. You can also organize your pictures like in many picture editors. • News – allows you to publish news on the site. News items can be categorized, archived and even commented. Date and time for publishing could be set. Also, automated entries from inbound news feeds (RSS) can be generated - great tool for destination marketing, for example. • Newsletter – very functional module, that enables you to send out marketing messages for previously defined target groups. Contacts can be stored from web, also imported, exported and fully organized. The engine supports fully designed HTML mail templates. Statistics are also available. • Forms – allows you to generate various forms (Request For Proposal is a common example), without a need to actually code anything. Created forms are fully dynamic and the data can be stored, sent to an email or even both. There are many additional possibilities – automated spamprotection for example. • Events – allows you to add, import and search various events. Once again, a great tool for destination marketing, as well as SEO. Such content also generates a lot of extra value for your clients. • Banners – enables you to place Flash, GIF and JPG banners throughout the site. The module shows basic statistics and has few more useful extra options. For example, automated display period control feature gets used a lot. • Rooms – allows you to manage room types and relevant information: descriptions, pictures and other media. If the booking webservices are present, room type info can be paired with booking services. • Special offers – enables you to add and edit special offers. The offers are displayed on all desired pages plus a dedicated offers section willbe automatically generated. The offers can be organized, time controlled, sorted and archived. • Shop – full e-commerce functionalities are available if you happen to do any merchandising. This includes product categories, item management, 3

Forte.Hotel. OPUS

creation of set menus based on products, multiple currencies support, discount management, online shop front and much more. • Recourses – allows you to manage any recourses. Sauna, sun beds, gym or spas being the most common examples. The module allows you to set availability, discounts, different pricing criterias etc. The main feature is online, calendar-based booking of the available recourses. • Last but not least: Online booking – we offer special webservices-based integration of most common PMS systems to our CMS booking engine, resulting in good-looking and easy-to-use booking pages. You can sell all your inventory online, real time, without any commission fees. While the exact solutions might vary depending on your existing PMS platform, the boost in sales is always guaranteed. Consider the listed modules as building blocks. And remember, that extra modules can always be added to the website later – as your business and ambitions grow. On top of the technical possibilities, we offer you a full array of services, needed to make a website creation or renewal project a measurable success. With over 20+ international hotel website projects under the belt, we know our stuff as well as you know yours.

So be ready to say hello to your new website – findable, functional and profitable. For additional information and a price quote, contact:

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Forte.Hotel. OPUS

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