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The Artistic Expression Ikdip Kaur Brar enjoys expressing her inner thoughts and life experiences through the creativity of visual arts. Her work ranges from paintings, sketches, portraits, sculptures, and arts/crafts. She has displayed her work at several invitational and juried art shows and events within the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. We congratulate her for becoming the artist editor for Jaggo Punjab Youth Magazine! She will be in-charge of selecting artworks such as paintings, sketches and photography.

Her message for Jaago Punjab The drug addiction in India has reached the point of emotional chaos where not even a single person, nor a single organization, nor the government can stop this on their own. Drug addiction in Punjab has claimed so many lives, but this will have to stop! We, the youth, will step forward; will not let the next generations be lost in Punjab! And we will do this by working with others; with organization; with the government, and as a unified community, we will have to commit to conquering this problem and saving Punjab and the future generations to come. It will take some time to get this issue under control. We are taking God's 'test of life'... So let's take the first few steps forward so the future generation can follow our steps and march into the future with their heads raised with confidence and hands clean and free from drugs and alcohol.

She has also contributed to the first cover page of our youth magazine. She wants the readers to use their imagination freely to interpret her work. We would love to hear from you regarding her artwork and what do you think about it! Do send us a message on And we will publish your feedbacks in our next issue.

Jaago Punjab Youth Magazine  

A magazine for the youth & by the youth to raise the issue of drug awareness.

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