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Dr. Ackil retires from his Roslindale practice


Over 40 years of care Zack Huffman Senior Reporter


Thursday afternoon was bittersweet for Dr. Jospeh Acki!, who after 42 years of service to the Roslindale community, retired from his medicalpractice. He may have had the pleasure of enjoying a surprise party at the Sons of Italy with his patients and employees, but it also meant he had to say goodbye to many of them. "Most of the patients have been here all that time," said Ackil. "I've had the privilege of taking care of these patients for 42 years." According to Doreen Paquin, who has worked for Ackil as office manager, his dedication to the community has kept him in the neighborhood as a fixture of Roslindale Square. "Everything in the neighborhood has been changing and he's been the only constant," she said. Throughout many neighborhood changes and shifts in demographics, A<.:;kilsays it was his clientele that remained the constant and allowed him to stay in Roslindale. "There have been wonderful changes," he said. "The people in Roslindale, West Roxbury and Hyde Park have been awesome." Even when patients would move out of the area, they stayed loyal to Ackil. According to Paquin, Ackil started his career making house calls before moving into an office on Cummins Highway,just off Roslindale Square.

"Families have grown up with him," she said. According to Ackil, he first moved his business to Roslindale at the suggestion of realtor Alex McNeil. "He was taking me around to potential offices in the area when he asked if I would be willing to open in his own building," said Ackil, who would remain in that Cummins Highway office for about 26 years. Since then, Ackil relocated his practice to 1 Corinth St. in the building that also houses Sullivan's Pharmacy. Thursday afternoon, Ackil believed that with the day over, he would simply head home, but Paquin insisted that he take a few moments to walk across the street to the Sons of Italy Hall. Little did he know that a surprise party in his honor awaited. "Roslindale has been great for me," said Ackil. "I couldn't have done it any place else. The people of Roslindale are wonderful, hard working people." Susie Scollard of West Roxbury has been a loyal patient of Ackil for about 40 years. "I was 11 years old and I had a viral infection," she said. "I went to different medical clinics and he was the only one who helped me. He's an excellent doctor." Scollard was always impressed with Ackil' s dedication to his patents. "At any given time if you were really sick, he would fit you in. He was real personal," . she said. "He cared. It was always one-on-one when you

talked to him. He cared to know about you more so than just walking in and getting treated and going home." Scollard added that she will definitely miss Ackil. "I'm very sad. He's like a father to me," she said. "As long as I've been going there, I don't think I can say one bad thing about him." Although he is looking forward to some time off and getting to spend it with his family, Ackil will carry the memories of his patients with him. "The memories of Roslindale and my wonderful patients will always be with me," he said. "I wish them the best of health and they'll always be in my thoughts and prayers."

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Dr Ackil Retires  
Dr Ackil Retires  

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