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Saxonville Sausage Creative Brief Objective To create a distinctive brand identity that will stand out amid its most direct competitors. Target Audience A 25-50 year old woman who works outside the home and the thought of preparing meals that her entire family will enjoy is constantly boiling in the back of her mind. Aside from her difficult job and nagging boss, this part of the day is by far the most difficult because she lacks the culinary know-how to come up with a range of good, versatile meals every night. She is looking for a product that can be combined with other fresh, high-quality ingredients that could be prepared numerous ways and still allows her to add her own special touch to the dish. Convenience and accessibility count as much as anything else, but beyond that, it is about preparing meals that brings her family together and tastes good. While she isn’t looking for praise all the time, if she at least gets a thank you for dinner or some form of appreciation from her family, she will go to sleep happy. Competition Any regional competitor that emphasizes, “Authentic Italian Heritage” for their brand similar to what Vivio has already done. Current Thought/Position Our sausage is something you always have in the house because you can always do something with it. It is a staple ingredient in any mother’s kitchen and an ingredient that brings the whole family together at dinner time, allowing moms to be remembered not just for doing laundry and harassing her family, but for feeding her family good food. - “My whole family loves it – it’s a miracle ingredient and a great flavor enhancement that will make my very best recipe even better. “

Desired Thought Vivio Italian Sausage is a mulit-purpose meal maker. It cannot only be used as a standalone meal, but you can use it to cook with other meals as well, such as a filler in a casserole or sauté it with a few vegetables… - To the family chiefs who like to cook something special and creative for their families, Vivio is the finishing ingredient that will make your meals masterpieces because it compliments your meals better than any competitor. - Each variety of Vivio comes with “family approved” one-dish recipes for a wholesome real meal in minutes. Brand Name I think they should stick with Vivio - Changing it may cause confusion simply because the Vivio name is already well-known – “Can I get some Vivios?”

Positioning “Clever Cooking” outweighs the “Family Connection” argument because the majority of Italian foods are already associated with the inspiration of Family. As Banks pointed out there is a good chance the respondents’ familiarity with existing brands’ “authentic Italian heritage” may have biased their opinion toward Family Connection. Therefore since there is no current “Cleaver Cooking” marketing campaign it might have more staying power. A “Cleaver Cooking” approach would be harder to duplicate and would eliminate any possible competitors entering into the same market position. Sales Promotion(s) 1. In-store sampling: Tasting is believing – it is about getting your food into customers mouths. It’s the best way to build recognition and it is more effective and less expensive than advertising. 2. Have a BOGOF coupon in weekly store coupon circulars and cut-outs in weekly newspapers, as well as on the sampling table when handing out samples. A recipe should be included with coupons. a. Name of promotion ” More for the same.” i. “Same for less.” 3. Joint promotion: The customer gets something with the main purchase. If you buy Vivio – the packaging has a recipe on the back – you will get one of the ingredients you need to make the recipe for free. Single Most Important Thought With Vivio, you never run out of ideas for dishes your whole family will love.

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