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Dannon Creative Brief Objective To persuade consumers to purchase Dannon products because they benefit society as well as inform consumers of Dannon’s commitment to social values – without seeming disingenuous. Target Audience A middle-aged working woman who is always trying to cram a million things into her schedule; when she is in dire need of nourishment she looks to options that are handy and great tasting, but also significantly nutritious to that allow her to keep her wheels turning until she can call it a day. Having light and low-fat versions and various flavor options, and letting her doing a million things, while still be healthy is her axiom for life. Besides thinking about her own nutrition, she also has two children (ages 5 and 11) that need proper nourishment as well. Her children are very picky and thinking about what to put in their lunches every day or what to leave them for after school snacks makes her whole body tingle. She is dedicated to fostering them with healthy eating habits, so when shopping for nutritious snacks she wants three things – healthy, tastes great, effortless. Competition - Yoplait, Greek Yogurt, Stonyfield, Tillamook Current Thought/Position Dannon makes a variety of high-quality, healthy options, and is available to you at an affordable price. Desired Thought/Position Dannon is active in providing families with the tools and information they need to live healthier lives. We do not want consumers to think that we are just jumping on the CSR bandwagon for business growth but want to develop a more personal engagement with target consumers by showing them that we care about the things that they care about – health and nutrition! CSR Recommendation Dannon should not immediately jump on the CSR bandwagon; rather they need to focus on educating Americans on the properties of yogurt and all the health/nutritional benefits that the yogurt category has to offer. Product first; then enrich it with community and social activities. The CSR message should be delivered via two-way, targeted communication channels – PR programs and interactive media initiatives for example. Dannon needs to be transparent about their supply chains and foster dialogue with their costumers, increasing emotional and authentic value of the brand and its messages. Single most important thought Dannon will keep you happy, healthy and nutritionally together.

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Dannon creative brief