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Burberry Creative Brief Objective To increase brand preference among non-target consumers by managing the popularity of the brand in ways that lays the foundation for long-term growth while retaining core customer base.

Target Audience An upscale 20 to 35 year-old consumer with an interest in functional couture. The Burberry man is a young bachelor who just landed his first job at a respectable financial firm. He takes is job very seriously but also enjoys having a good time away from work, for he is an attractive bachelor. He enjoys reading The Wall Street Journal, rowing, golfing, going to the gym and traveling when he gets the chance. The Burberry woman is really into fashion and has been the top salesperson at Nordstrom’s for the past few months. On her lunch breaks she heads straight for the salad bar and pulls out the latest Cosmo magazine she grabbed on her way into work. She prefers a classic, modern look (like her role model Audrey Hepburn); she is chick, fun and witty. They both dislike cheaply made products and disorganization.

Competition  Coach  Polo  Armani  Gucci

Current Thought Burberry is a living celebration of British Heritage. Our brand is luxury with a function. To you, Burberry is sophisticated, professional, successful, friendly and sharp. Desired Thought We speak to very complex and diverse segments of the population. Through our latest exploration with our younger target audience, we want to show you that anyone can wear Burberry without diminishing its high fashion appeal and British chic. - Fashion has to do with our ideas, the way we live, and what is happening, no matter whom you are and what your age is. - Classic design with a modern perspective. Single Most Important Thought A fun, timeless classic, for all to enjoy.


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