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CRISIS SKYLIGHT: SUCCESS FOR OUR MEMBERS, THANKS TO YOU Sue had everything, then lost it all… Sue lived in rented accommodation for 20 years with her family and had a successful career in sales. Her husband was forced to take early retirement due to ill health, and soon afterwards Sue was made redundant, and was diagnosed with cancer and kidney problems.

People have to realise this could happen to anybody. We lived with a false sense of security. We had savings - I had a well paid job. With no income, the savings soon ran out. The family was left to sleep in a car and all council support was withdrawn. The family split up and Sue was left living in a hostel. The future is looking brighter for Sue since she found Crisis Skylight Merseyside. She is now working with Crisis to start up her own business, offering hairdressing and beauty services to vulnerable adults in hostels, nursing homes and sheltered accommodation.

I’ve never been street homeless. Still I’ve come into contact with a lot of women who have. They don’t have anywhere to wash, let alone do their hair. It lifts their spirits. Thanks to your support, Crisis was able to help Sue into her new home through our Private Rented Sector Scheme which we fund nationwide, helping to place people in their own homes with private landlords.

Thanks to your support Dave has found himself through music Originally from Newcastle, Dave, as is often the case, was unable to adjust to non-military life after leaving the Army. As a single, working-aged man, he was at the bottom of the government’s list for housing and so spent 16 long years on and off the streets without hope for the future - until he found Crisis.

I never felt like I really belonged anywhere. Crisis’ courses and workshops enabled Dave to develop his talent as a singer and songwriter. With hard work and determination, he taught himself guitar and now Dave is looking forward to a new start in life with a career in music. He currently sings with groups made of homeless and formerly homeless people, “Choir With No Name” and “Cardboard Citizens”. With help from Crisis, Dave has managed to rent a flat to call his own, but he hasn’t forgotten where he comes from. He is an active member and volunteer of Skylight London and has “never been happier”.

I registered at Crisis Skylight and the rest is history. Unfortunately, Dave’s story is not uncommon. Now more than ever in the current economic climate, single homeless people, especially men with no dependants, are too often left out in the cold, forgotten and excluded. With your invaluable continued support, Crisis can help people like Dave get the fresh start they deserve.

Crisis around the UK

How your donation helps Crisis work

Crisis Skylight Merseyside

£10 gives someone who’s just come to us support when they need it most. They’ll get a cup of tea (and lots of sympathy) while we do a thorough assessment of their situation, and for anyone who is distressed or traumatised, there’ll be expert counseling from someone who really cares.

Crisis Skylight Merseyside began offering structured courses, taster sessions and one-to-one support to help homeless people learn, develop skills and improve their confidence. A recent report shows a 49% rise in rough sleeping in the Merseyside area. The Department of Communities and Local Government revealed that 149 people were recorded by councils in the North West as sleeping rough on any one night, up from 100 in last year’s count. We operate within hostels, day centres and other locations in local communities across Merseyside and to date your support has helped 605 people participate in a training/learning activity and helped 17 homeless people achieve a qualification.

Recent developments Crisis Skylight Merseyside welcomed 667 members through it’s doors in the last year, and has helped 22 members into education. Crisis Skylight Birmingham – started a new working relationship with Salvation Army and will now be offering classes to hundreds of homeless people who really need it. Last year, we helped 137 members gain a qualification, and 33 went on to find work, an important step to prevent homelessness.

Graduation day at Crisis Skylight Merseyside

A member with his photography project at Crisis Skylight Merseyside

Crisis Skylight Edinburgh’s working partner Grassmarket Community Project will be dedicating a space for Crisis in their new learning centre which will open in January 2013. This new space will help us build on the 95 members served in Edinburgh in the last year. Crisis Skylight Newcastle had the first Crisis Craft Fayre at Grainger Market, where artwork made by members was sold to the public. 238 members were able to gain education qualifications this past year, with an additional 255 members supported by a progression coordinator. Crisis Skylight London 254 members earned at least one qualification in the past year, and 139 members were helped to improve their housing situation. Crisis Skylight London will soon be going through a refurbishment so that we can serve homeless people more efficiently and more productively.

Crisis Skylight Oxford – held our first celebration event on Wednesday 30 May to award the qualifications which homeless people have achieved and to showcase the skills learned since opening our doors in November. In the last year, Crisis Skylight Oxford members have earned 35 qualifications.

Current Crisis Skylights Future developments

Future plans We are pleased to announce that thanks to the tremendous support from people like you, we can now expand our services to more of the UK. During 2012 and 2013, our future Skylights will include our outreach centre concept opening in Coventry and Sheffield.

Crisis Skylight Bermondsey is a new Skylight development located in South East London. Supporting Crisis Skylight London, and working with other local services, it will provide a “next step” for homeless and vulnerably housed people who are ready to enroll in a more intensive curriculum helping them towards work and self reliance. The focus will be on offering a higher level of study for the creative arts and practical programmes for vocational skills.

£25 gives a homeless person access to a whole range of health checks, screening for TB (shockingly this ‘poverty disease’ is on the rise again), confidence-boosting workshops and the chance to join a sports or exercise class. £100 helps someone look for, apply for and win the job they need – solid work can be the key to someone getting off the streets for good, but homeless people need all the help they can get to find employment right now. £250 can help someone put a roof over their head, giving them support to find somewhere to call home, then move in and cope with having a place of their own.

How Crisis spends your pound 70p Charitable activities

29p* Fundraising

1p Governance

Homelessness ends here

* generating a further £1.20 income

To help us keep our costs down due to incorrect information, please check the information below, correct if needed and return in the enclosed envelope. XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Name: _____________________________________________________________ Salutation: XXXXXXXX _________________________________________________________

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YOU DID IT! Over £7 million was donated to Crisis last year by individuals just like you - what an absolutely incredible result! This far exceeded our hopes and expectations and means that we can really step up our efforts this year to help more homeless people across the UK. Thank you so very much!!

Mobile: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX _____________________________________________________________ Email: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ______________________________________________________________

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Think ins the box

Comments - Please let us know how we are doing, if you like the update, suggestions of things you would like to see us change. Thank you. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ __

Crisis Kits C Ab big thank you to everyone who bought a ‘Crisis Kit’ in our late bo winter/early spring appeal this wi year. Your Kit could give someone ye the opportunity to train and find th a job or get the support to find a home. This appeal raised an amazing £190,000! a

and Crriisis Kit yaC uy Bu o o t of e ou one meo ome so ps lp elp he h d od oo goo r go fo f s ss s e ne s sn ss s es elle me om ho

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Give the Gift of a Lifetime


You can ensure we help more homeless people in more places across the UK. Leaving Crisis a gift in your Will can be your Gift of a Lifetime. If now is a good time for you to be thinking about leaving us a gift in your Will and you’d like more information, or have any questions, please call Rob Green on 020 7036 2875, or email wills@

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Thank you for your support of Crisis, nothing we do would be possible without you. Please return this form with your updates and comments in the enclosed envelope. If you would also like to include a further donation it would be greatly appreciated

Spring Raffle S I you entered our Spring Raffle If and didn’t win – bad luck and a better luck next time! And b remember all the money raised will go to helping someone out of homelessness for good. Thank you so much.

† Please find my donation of £ _________________ I enclose a cheque/postal order/charity voucher made payable to Crisis UK. OR Please debit my Visa / MasterCard / Maestro / CAF Card / Amex with the amount specified. Card number

Issue no. (Maestro) Signature

(Maestro/Amex only)

Start date

Expiry date Date

Please make every pound you give worth at least 25% more to Crisis by ticking this Gift Aid decaration.

† *I want all donations I’ve made to Crisis four years previous to today’s date and all donations in the future to be Gift Aid until I notify you otherwise. By ticking this form I am confirming that I am paying an equal amount of income and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax that Crisis will reclaim on my donations in the tax year. Please remember to check your name and address above to allow us to claim Gift Aid.

Please send this form with your cheque or payment details to: Crisis UK, FREEPOST LON 18843, LONDON E1 6BR or you can contact us by phone on 08000 384838, or online at

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The lucky winners were: 1st PRIZE of £7,500 – Mrs L Frost of Oldham 2nd PRIZE of £1,000 – Mrs J Brown of Sandy 3rd PRIZE of £500 – Mrs J Spearing of Bedford

Campaigns Crisis lobbies politicians to make changes to help homeless people. Over time, the support of campaigners has helped Crisis achieve key successes. Despite this, homelessness continues, and more campaigners are needed. Become an e-campaigner; sign up, and receive emails on campaign progress, and how you can support them. To learn about the campaigns currently running, visit: 20749/LET

Your survey results Here’s what you told us in the supporter survey we sent with your Summer Update last year: • 79% of you were extremely or very satisfied with how you were treated as a supporter by Crisis – this is great to hear, but we are not resting on our laurels; if you ever feel we have done something wrong, please call our Supporter Services Team on 08000 38 48 38 • 72% of you agree that we should help all homeless people • 62% of you agree that we should be lobbying • 70% of you agree that we should be opening more Skylight centres

Addressee Address 1 Address 2 Address 3 City Postcode Your supporter number: xxxxx <<Date>> Dear <salutation>

Crisis at Christmas The continuing economic downturn and harsh cuts to housing and benefits have led to a shocking rise in homelessness in the past 12 months – in London alone there was a 43% increase in the number of people sleeping rough with big increases in virtually every other region. Independent research is clear that it will get worse. Crisis at Christmas services are a vital lifeline and first response for single homeless people. In addition to our services at Christmas, Crisis helps thousands of homeless people all year round, providing vital opportunities to help them transform their lives through education, employment, housing and health and wellbeing services.

Admired and longstanding Crisis volunteer remembered Crisis at Christmas volunteer Jonathan Gammon was remembered after the sad news of his death reached Crisis in April. Jonathan was instrumental in shaping the Crisis at Christmas project as it is today. He was one of a small group of volunteers who led the development of the project, evaluating and improving the centres and planning the advice service in particular.

Still going strong – thanks to you With your support, we have continued to help homeless people rebuild their lives. I hope you don’t mind me sharing some of our highlights – after all, none of this would be possible without you. Inside you will find an update on our Crisis Skylight services; how new centres are thriving and helping hundreds of local homeless people; and how we are planning to open two more services in Sheffield and Coventry next year. Crisis Skylight Merseyside is highlighted as one of our newest services as it continues to grow and provide much needed help to the homeless people of the North West. In other news, Crisis at Christmas will be opening its doors to homeless people for the 41st time this year. Whilst we should celebrate the lives helped and changed and the dedication of the thousands of volunteers who made this possible – thanks to your backing and support – we are still campaigning to improve the lives of homeless people. According to the Department for Communities and Local Government, it is a sad fact that 50,290 households were accepted as homeless and met the strict criteria to be housed by their local council over the last financial year - a 14% increase on 2010/11 and a 26% rise since 2009/10. On behalf of everyone at Crisis, thank you so much for helping. I hope you enjoy reading the personal stories of Sue and Dave, two of the people you have helped, together with our other news. With best wishes

Karen Hardy Supporter Services Manager 020 7426 3888 P.S. If you could send back the coupon with any updated details – particularly your email address – it will help us keep you up to date on how your support is helping homeless people. Thank you.

His fellow volunteers remembered Jonathan as an extremely kind and caring person who went out of his way to help those in need. Jonathan will be greatly missed by his family at home, and his family at Crisis.

66 Commercial Street, London E1 6LT Tel 0300 636 1967 Fax 0300 636 2012 Crisis UK (trading as Crisis). Registered Charity Numbers: E&W1082947, SC040094. Company Number: 4024938. Crisis UK is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales at the above address. Patron: HRH Princess Alexandra, the Hon Lady Ogilvy, GCVO.

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