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August 6 -7 2 0 I 0 NTCG Handsworth 240 - 244 Lozells Road, Birmingham, B19 1NP

And at MIDNIGHT Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them. And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one’s bands were loosed. Acts 16:25-26 (KJV)

w w w . m i d n i g h t o i l s u m m i t . o r g


Opening remarks from the visionary


e as a generation are in an unprecedented season of transition, a time where the roles of leadership, responsibility and authority are being endowed to us. We are in an era of opportunities like no other, where faith must increase further than the churches four walls and infect our community, culture and corporations. It is apparent that as we move forward in the dawn of this new decade, that no longer is it just ‘our season’; but it is ‘our time’. The call to be a ‘Kingdom’ in its true definition resounds louder and louder each day.

Now, more than ever, you are free to pursue him relentlessly. This is a national summit for young people, presented by young people. Though we may be strained in many spheres; be it financial or administrative, we continue to receive no funding from any agencies or organisations yet we are able to do what we do in the spirit of excellence, solely though the support and prayers of the general public. It’s not by might nor by power but by His Spirit.

Never before in the 21st century have we seen a generation in Christendom like this one. One that neglects denominational, cultural and political divides, but one that pursues unity for the cause of Christ.

All that will be done over this weekend is not the work of a man, a board or a committee, but it is the Lords doing and it is marvellous in our eyes. You will be postured correctly for the time you are entering into. 2010 sees a new decade of dunamus, a new decade of dominion, a new decade of destiny. A new decade of Open Doors…

If this is your first time at The Midnight Oil Summit, I would like to thank and welcome you to a revolutionary experience where you will be empowered, equipped, educated and edified to live out the predestined plan of your life.

Revelation 3:8 declares: “I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name...” The door is open, let us walk through.

Gods’ grace is sufficient and his love, unconditional. He is able to evict the guilt from your past and guard your future.

His unworthy servant,

Over this weekend reserve not your praise, your giving, and your hunger to learn more about Him.

Seth Anthony Pinnock Visionary

Gods Bride Ministries

What We Do Gods Bride Ministries is an umbrella agency; a developing alliance / partnership of churches, ministries, organizations, movements, charities and projects around the UK with hopes to expand internationally over the course of this decade.

Members are expected and entitled: • To make an active contribution to the life of ‘GBM’ • To develop its fellowship • To guide its policy • To contribute financially

Gods Bride Ministries exists to be a bridge building, unifying, empowerment and referral bureau for Christian associations.

GBM is expected and entitled to serve through: • Forums, prayer and networking meetings/ breakfasts • Seminars and Conferences • Evangelistic tools, community fairs, outdoor events etc • Seasonal festivals, awards ceremonies • Information Dissemination • Guidance agency for people seeking places of worship • Representations and advocacy in the areas of education, health, youth, gender, housing, politics etc. • Intervention e.g. at grass-roots and strategic levels in issues such as anti social behaviour, domestic violence and gang crimes

Our presence intends to be experienced in all the spheres that affect peoples lives such as faith, politics, economics, the environment and other social sectors, thus enabling us to respond and/or support impartially and prophetically the needs interests and aspirations of individuals, ministries, churches, and the local/ national community.

Gods Bride Ministries seek to become a global unifying agent for Christian voice, empowering, equipping and educating people locally, nationally, and around the world.

What is a Partner? A Partner shares responsibility in some common activity with another individual or group. A Partner of Gods Bride Ministries is someone committed to this ministry and shares its vision.

Over the course of this year we will be seeking and processing memberships. To become a partner, please email


Session schedule for the conference


(15:00 - 17:00)

War For Oil: Prayer March Joshua 1:3, Luke 10:19 Street Pastors CBLC Jennifer Pinnock

(18:00 - MIDNIGHT)

SESSION 1 :: 19:00

FRIDAY 06.08.10

FRIDAY 06.08.10

Opening Ceremony Psalm 150 Steel Pans Sabrina Campbell Good News Choir NLW Dance Team

Instrumental Prayer Psalmist Dance

Tabernacles & Testaments Night 1 Corinthians 6:19 Malikha Macdonald Seth & A.N.T That’s My King Seth & A.N.T Gennine Hayley Tunday Carla Ellington Minister Sonia Hogg Mark Beswick Monique Lawson New Jerusalem Praise Team MOS NEWS Pastor Windsor Queensbough Mighty Caleb & Kingdom Klan Edward Smith David Copeland Pastor Mark Liburd Seth & ANT

Intro Praise & Worship Session MEDIA Praise & Worship Session Dance Rap/Testimony Praise & Worship Session Sermonette/Testimony Praise & Worship Session Psalmist Praise & Worship Session MEDIA Sermonette/Testimony Rap Praise & Worship Session Instrumental Psalmist Sermonette/Testimony Outro

Psalms 42 Malikha McDonald

Open Door Opportunities Fair

Take It By Force: Prayer & Praise Rally

Open Door Finale Transaction

*Young Leaders: Prayer Breakfast tickets will be on sale during Friday night and on Saturday morning before 10am in the foyer at a cost of ÂŁ5. Spaces are limited!



Young Leaders: Prayer Breakfast

Coinciding with Kingdom Culture 3.0 Open Door Opportunities Fair (details below)

SESSION 5 :: 16:00

SESSION 2:: 10:00

(10:00 - 22:00)

15:00 - 16:00 Lunch Break

SESSION 6 :: 18:00

Saturday 07.08.10

Kingdom Culture 3.0 Healing & Living 3 John 1:2

A.N.T (P&W), Pastor Sheila Henley

Ecclesiastes 9:10 Daniel Scott STW

Interview Interview

Matthew 11:12 Noel Robinson Sharon Pennant Ian Cole Unity In Mime Raj Jarrett James Aladrian Minister Nicky Brown Pastor Wayne Brown

Praise & Worship Session Family & Churches Visions & Dreams Mime Healing & Deliverance Youth & Revival Praise & Worship Session Conclusion Prayer

Empires & Enterprise Genesis 41

A.N.T (P&W), Rev David Shosanya

Music & Ministry 2 Chronicles 5: 11-14 A.N.T (P&W), Minister Sonia Hogg, Minister Leroy Hogg, Minister Nicky Brown, Minister Luke Smith

5 Fold & Spiritual Gifts Ephesians 4 :11 A.N.T (P&W), Pastor Enid Stewart

Revelation 3:8 MTC Indian Dhol Band Seth & A.N.T / Jake Isaac Unity In Mime Marcia Walder-Thomas NTCG Handsworth Dance Team Good News Choir Seth Pinnock MOS NEWS Bishop Wayne Malcolm Seth & A.N.T

Instrumental Praise & Worship Session Mime Psalmist Dance Psalmist Presentation MEDIA Sermon Outro

Music is art and art is life...

Writing is art, art is life... With partnership with ‘Ministry In Art’ we aim to be an agent and bridge to writers, authors and poets, disseminating, producing and printing your literatures available for the public’s view. Be it a magazine, a message, an autobiography or novel KingdomBOY! Publishing will bring your paper to the masses.

It is our determination to produce and distribute the excellence of this art at a global scale, from local community shows to state arenas, KingdomBOY! Records will develop and evolve artists that create timeless Christian and inspirational music with longevity and integrity. Our mission is to be innovative, trendsetting and to craft an art form that amplifies itself as a universal language transcending denominational and cultural barriers. In the not to distant future we as a brand will manage and/or coordinate the production, manufacture, distribution marketing and promotion of records and music videos, conduct talent scouting, contract writing and copyright enforcements as well management and agent service for our artists and others.

Drama is art, art is life... In the not to distant future, KingdomBOY! Productions will produce faith based plays, dramas, sketches and theatre shows, and web based episodes for the Christian audience and beyond.

We are currently looking for scriptwriters and talented actors that wish to be part of this exciting venture.

Featured artists To book Seth & ANT or the Good News Choir contact

KingdomBOY! Clothing

TSHIRTS & POLOS ON SALE IN THE FOYER NOW £10 Online Store coming soon


How to start or continue this Journey Hey, let’s take a journey and discover the new you! If you are reading this it means you are either curious on how to live a more enriching fulfilled life? Or you have made the decision to continue to live for Christ and would like further help, information or support on what it means to live a Christian life? Either way a wonderful change has taken place in your life, due to the choice you have made which has cause you to come into contact with the almighty God. Sounds a lot but in a nutshell your life will never be the same. As a part of your new Christian journey ensuring that you pray is so vital, and we will get on to that a bit further on, take a moment to say this prayer as we continue to discover and learn. “Lord Jesus help me to understand your thoughts towards me and the purpose you have for my life as I embark on this journey of discovery, fulfilment and a more closer and deeper relationship with you”.

What next? – The Growth Think about these words from the bible, “The Kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground. He sleeps and rises night and day and the seed sprouts and grows; he knows not how. The earth produces by itself, first the Blade then the

ear, then the full grain in the ear. But when the grain is ripe, at once he puts the in sickle (cutter) because the harvest has come”. Just like the seeds scattered, you will also go through growth, become stronger and develop a greater sense of God presence in and around your life. Just like the seeds long for the rain, God also longs for your relationship with him to grow stronger and deeper. He wants you to recognise his voice when he speaks to you, to find out what special gifts he has given you as that seed is planted, and discover ‘life in all its fullness’ (John 10 v 10). As you get to know God better you will find yourself growing more like Jesus, and you will start to have an impact on people’s life around you at School, College, Uni, Work and home.

You’re not alone on this Journey, You have a great friend! Is it me or does life feel as if it’s getting more difficult and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to deal with all life seems to through at you? At times the issues that surround our every day life can draw us further and further away from living a satiable and abundant life. God is your friend! He desires to walk, stand and journey with you. At times we find friendship or belonging when there seems to be a gap or void in our lives. These gap fillers are usually only ‘quick fixes’.

Question, who or what is this God? God the father is the almighty and the creator, Jesus was the one who walked on earth over 2.000 years ago, he was God in Flesh revealing the fullness of the Father to us. He defeated death by coming back to life to show us that we can have eternal life if we live for him who died for our sins. The Holy Spirit is sent as a guide to those who make the decision to follow him. Take an egg for instance - it is made up of a shell, egg white and the yellow substance called a yoke. If you separate these elements you would still have the egg but in it’s different forms (e.g. egg shell, egg white and egg yoke). The completed component in this instance is EGG and without these elements it wouldn’t be an egg. So God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are all God

Can God really change me? When you become a Christian you change! We mentioned earlier about the term being born again and that was explained. In short we get a new start with God with Life and who we are. The thing is we won’t actually feel much different because our character will pretty much remain the same. The difference is that we lead a new life and are forgiven of all our sins.. Yes we may mess up at times, but we have an advocate that we can go to in order to get up and start again.

SO WHAT DO I DO NOW? It is always difficult to find a church to attend when you are new to this or you have been away for a while out of the presence of God. The bible tells us not to neglect the fellowship of the saints. This is important as it helps you on your Christian journey, you will have people of like mind around you that can help and support you along the way and if you struggle there is always someone to encourage you to continue on and get you back on track Let me give you a couple of steps in order to assist you in finding the right church for you. 1) Pray and ask God for direction. God will guide you to a place whether through a friend or something you stumble on from a flyer or publication detailing a place of worship. Ask God to give you confirmation of a church for you. When you attend that particular church you will know when it’s for you. 2) Ask for a list of churches from the Midnight Oil after care team. The team from Midnight Oil can be contacted through the website. The team is designed to assist you in finding the right church for you in your area for your growth and development. You can seek advice on how to approach the issue on searching for a place of worship that upholds the same principles of salvation. 3) Obtain a bible and read the word of God – reading the word of God ignites your inner man (spirit) , couple with prayer you will begin to be

drawn to places that you feel with be important to your spiritual growth. You will know when a place is for you.

HEY SOME OF THE WORDS YOU USED I DON’T UNDERSTAND I am aware that reading this guide there are certain phrases that are used and we expect you to know.. so to save us assuming you know what we are talking about and get it very wrong let me list some of the phrases that I used and give a brief explanation of it. • Salvation / Born again – Describes what happens when you become a Christian you move from death to life (spiritually). You are reborn into something new. • Forgiven – That’s you!. It means being sorry for the mistakes you have made and being sincere about it. But is really about God wiping the slate clean in our life so we can start afresh. • Grace – This is what Gods gives us even tough we don’t deserve it, he will still forgive us unconditionally. • Altar Ministry – Individuals that will help you pray and counsel you on your spiritual walk. You will find that in most churches there is a particular spot ant the end of a church service where you can request prayer at the front of the hall/ auditorium. • Sin – Three letters that describe all that we do what is not what Christ wants for us. It is stuff that

pulls us away from God and stops us knowing him. • Worship – what we do to express and show our love to God. It does not only mean the lifting of our hands in a church service but it is also how we live our life in worship/reverence to God.

MAINTENANCE You are still learning - just like a baby you won’t always get it right the fist time! We advise you to spend some time reflecting on these areas and what they mean. As believe they will help you maintain your Christian journey: 1) Prayer 2) Reading the word of God (Bible) 3) Fellowship - spending time with other Christians We do hope that this has been of great assistance to you and we would love to hear from you if you have decided to embark on this journey and share your experience in order for the after care team to review their policy. You can contact us by stopping by our website on May God ever Bless you and keep you in his perfect peace. Look forward to you letting us know how you are getting on! P.S. That’s called a testimony :)

Coming soon

View details of our upcoming events Imagine the same intense atmosphere of praise and worship that is at Midnight Oil coming to your city, your university, your church... Midnight Cry is gearing up to do just that, releasing and reviving this generation, one soul at a time! Join Seth & A.N.T. with a host of guests as we take this nation for God! To get the Midnight Cry Tour to where you are, or for more info, contact

A special youth conference for men dealing with their decisions and destinies in a real, interactive and challenging way.


A seasonal Business Mentorship program for young leaders and entrepreneurs. Day networking and mentorship programs will be held quarterly throughout 2011 at world class business venues in the cities of London, Birmingham and Manchester. Registration is ÂŁ50 for the whole years program. Email for more information

Join us as we celebrate our 5th Birthday on August 5th - 6th 2011 at Bethel Convention Centre, Birmingham, England


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And at MIDNIGHT Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them. And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one’s bands were loosed. Acts 16:25-26 (KJV) To keep up to date with Gods Bride Ministries events, please fill out your contact details, tear off the page, and hand to a member of staff at the Midnight Oil stand (in the foyer).

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Midnight Oil Summit 2010  

Midnight Oil Summit 2010 Conference Guide/Brochure

Midnight Oil Summit 2010  

Midnight Oil Summit 2010 Conference Guide/Brochure