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FEDERAL TUITION ASSISTANCE (FTA) IS REINSTATED The deadline for transferring your Post 9-11 GI Bill without automatically incurring a 4-year service obligation is 01 August 2013, regardless of how many years


you have in the service. 


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Page 2 — Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) is REINSTATED

Page 3 — Joint Services Transcript (JST)

Page 4 — GI Bill Programs: The VA Work-study Program and J1 Education and Incentives Facebook Page information

Page 5 — CSM Virgil Williams Scholarship and Selected Reserve Incentive Program

Page 6 — The Daniel Drevnick Memorial Fund and the Minnesota Military Appreciation Fund (MMAF)

Page 7— Program Highlight: Masters of Arts degree: Public Safety and Law Enforcement Leadership at the University of St. Thomas

Page 8— Program Highlights: MBA at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and Operational Management from Minnesota State-Moorhead

Page 9—Helpful Links & Resources

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Federal Tuition Assistance REINSTATED! The Army is committed to education and understands the tremendous benefit that it provides to our Soldiers and is dedicated to maintaining a stable and supportable TA program. As such, the Tuition Assistance (TA) functionality in GoArmyEd was turned back on Wednesday 10 April 2013 at 0001 hours EDT. This will allow Soldiers to request Tuition Assistance for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2013 (FY13). The eligibility rules, the $250 semester hour cap and the annual ceiling of $4,500 remain unchanged. If a Soldier has an approved Tuition Assistance request for a class with a start date between 8 March and 9 April 2013, the request will be honored for payment by the Army. Enrollments with false start dates will be rejected and if they appear on a school’s invoice, the invoice will be rejected. As the TA program restarts we encourage Soldiers to utilize the academic testing program, CLEP and DSST exams in fulfilling degree requirements. With the reinstatement of TA, the REQUIREMENT for Enlisted Service Members (SMs) to apply for TA in order to be eligible for STR is also reinstated for all courses starting on/after 10 April. The exception to this requirement is for Spring Term courses that started between 1 January and 10 April 2013 and applies to all SMs who did not apply for or receive TA funding. Units should ensure their SMs have submitted required STR documents for Spring term courses.

More information can be obtained through the following sources: a. GoArmyEd account at: b. J1 Education & Incentives Facebook page: c. J1 Education Counselors - PH (651) 282-4589, email: d. MN Department of Veteran Affairs Higher Education Veterans Program representatives:

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Now Hear This….. The Joint Services Transcript (JST) The AARTS transcript has transitioned to the Joint Services Transcript (JST). The JST will produce a uniform transcript of all military training and experiences to service members of all branches. The new electronic transcript service, effective 1 January 2013, will include Army Officer and Warrant Officer training, NCOES, joint military training conducted by other services, and DANTES funded test scores. Personnel data should be reviewed for accuracy and ensure that completed training is documented in the Army Training Requirements and Resource System (ATRRS). You can also update your transcripts with your most recent military schools. Value of Transcripts:

Benefits of the JST:

Degree completion

Degree is closer than you may expect

Training and certification verification

Credit awarded = saves on tuition


Online access

Job advancement

Easier to read

Skills documentation

Easier to determine credit

Advanced college placement

Centralized operations center

Courses in certification programs

Single source transcript for all service branches

State credentials verification

Alignment of service specific information

Resume development

Free transcripts online

***If you are using Federal Tuition Assistance (TA) you are REQUIRED to submit your Joint Services Transcript (JST) to your school for credit evaluation.***

To take a look at your military transcripts of request an official copy go to the JST systems page at:

If you have inquiries about updating your JST please contact the JST helpdesk at

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Need to earn some extra cash while you go to school? The VA Work-study Program can help!!

Important Announcements: 

As of 1 August 2013 EVERYONE,

Who is eligible:

regardless of time in service, will have

to serve four additional years if they

Post 9-11 GI Bill Veterans and their dependants collecting the Post 9-11 GI Bill;

Montgomery GI Bill, Active Duty recipients;

REAP participants;

Montgomery GI Bill, Selected Reserve recipients;

Post-Vietnam Era Veterans' Educational Assistance Program recipients;

Dependents Educational Assistance Program recipients;

National Call to Service Participants;

Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Program recipients. You can earn an hourly wage equal to the Federal minimum wage by working at any VA or DoD facilities, or your school.

transfer their Post 9-11 GI Bill to their dependents. If you’re considering transferring, do it NOW!! 

The VA is still about 6-8 weeks behind in making GI Bill Payments. You can call the VA at: 1-888-GIBILL1, or check online for your payment status. See the link below. Helpful Links and Additional Information:

To transfer your post 9-11 GI Bill to your dependants:

Follow the link below for more: programs/work_study_program.html

To apply for the GI Bill see the VA website: More money for school! GET SOME!

Check your military records on iPERMS:

Apply for the MN GI Bill:

For more information, contact your state GI Bill Manager at: or call 651-282-4590

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The Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States EANGUS serves as the voice of National Guard enlisted members. It covers all 54 states territories. The Enlisted Association encourages your state and national leaders to enact legislation on issues that affect you. Become a member online at: or the Minnesota branch at:


Three Year Re-enlistment Bonus (REB) Rate

REB Extension Eligibility Period

Extend 365-91 Days Before ETS

Extend 90-1 Day (s) Before ETS

REB Extension Eligibility Period

Less than 13 Years Time in Service


Not Eligible $0

Years Time in Service

Extend 365-91 Days Before ETS

Extend 90-1 Day (s) Before ETS


Not Eligible $0

Less than 13

New re-enlistment bonus contract changes effective 01 October 2012: Soldiers may now re-enlist for a 3 or 6 year bonus. Soldiers MUST have no more than 13 years time in service at the time of current ETS. See your Retention NCO or Full Time Staff for more information.

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Uncle Sam’s Intel... The Daniel Drevnick Memorial Fund The Daniel Drevnick Scholarship has been established to assist veterans in the transition from military service to civilian law enforcement. The memorial fund promotes the values of freedom, opportunity, responsibility, compassion and morality...because this is what Daniel stood for. To qualify for the Daniel Drevnick Memorial Fund, Military Veterans must meet to following requirements: 

Reside in Minnesota, or have been based in Minnesota (current/widowed spouse or immediate children);

Served between September 11, 2001 and the present;

Completed Basic training and AIT;

Have received an honorable discharge if no longer in service;

Be enrolled in law enforcement degree at a tech school or university;

Complete the application and a written essay.

For more information, to complete an application or to make a donation, visit the website at:

The Minnesotans’ Military Appreciation Fund (MMAF) is a statewide fundraising initiative by the citizens of Minnesota for Minnesota military personnel and their families. MMAF has so far raised over $13 million and provided more than $8 million in grants to returning Minnesota Service Members. Go here to apply for a grant or to donate: The mission of MMAF is to say “thanks” to Minnesota Service Members and their families who are making sacrifices in the defense of our freedoms in combat zones around the world.

Checkout Our New Facebook Page at

SAT and ACT test season is here Need help? eKnowledge donates SAT and ACT PowerPrep programs to Veterans and their families Programs include:  11 hours of video instruction.  Practice tests. To get help with your ACT or SAT go to:

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Earn an MBA Degree at The Carlson School of Management Translating military skills to the business world Military veterans have the distinct advantage of possessing the skills and determination necessary to succeed in an MBA program and the business world. By pursuing an MBA degree you’ll learn how to effectively translate those military skills to the business world resulting in a better position for both immediate and future success in your civilian career. The Carlson School of Management provides veteran specific training and resources to help you transition while getting an education. For more information contact: Charles Altman Commander, U.S. Navy (Ret) Carlson MBA Program Phone: 612-626-7147, Email: Or see the website at:

Get a B.S. in Operational Management with the 2+2 Program Do you have a 2-year technical degree in a non-business field? Increase your salary or get that promotion! You can earn a B.S. degree in operational management at Minnesota State University, Moorhead. You could attend online or face to face at one of three campuses around the state. Choose from Moorhead, Brooklyn Park, or North Hennepin. The program offers generous transfer credits for technical college classes. It also boasts of “nearly 100%” job placement, and 8-week core classes instead of 16-weeks. For more information contact: Pam McGee Associate Professor/Coordinator (701) 361-9270 or Visit the website at: See an online brochure at: mode=window

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Links and Resources GAE——Web Portal for Federal Tuition Assistance MNARNG Education— — Contains many useful documents about education benefits Scholarships—— Check out what is available! My Military Education— —A great resource to have in your cargo pocket. Sponsored by the Higher Education Veterans Program, for current military members and veterans, and their families. The Pat Tillman Foundation— “The Pat Tillman Foundation is a national leader in providing resources and educational scholarship support to veterans, active Service Members and their spouses. The Tillman Military Scholars program aids all veterans, specifically the ever-growing population of veterans of Post-9/11 conflicts.”— Minnesota Association of County Veteran Service Officers— Your Point of contact for Federal, State, and Local Veterans benefits. Go to the website to find out who you County Veteran Service Officer is today.

Financial Aid for Veterans Military Personnel and Their Families This handy resource is a Department of Defense approved list of scholarships and financial aid options just for veterans military and families. Download a free copy at: VeteransIntro.PDF Every year there are many scholarships that are never paid to students. This resource contains over 1400 scholarships specifically targeted for Service Members and their families.

Q3 FY13 Newsletter  
Q3 FY13 Newsletter  

Q3 FY13 Newsletter