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The deadline for transferring your Post 9-11 GI Bill without automatically incurring a 4 year service obligation is 01 August 2013, regardless of how many years in service a Soldier has.

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SFC Gauwitz 

Page 2—School of the Quarter: Southwest Minnesota State University (MNSU)

Page 3—Federal Tuition Assistance: Changes and Issues

SFC Major

Page 4—GI Bill Programs: What can I use my GI Bill for?

FTA Manager

Page 5—State Tuition Reimbursement is More Than You Think

Page 6—Select Reserve Re-enlistment Bonus

Ms. Manke

Page 7—Troops to Teachers

Education Services Specialist

Page 8—Career and Employment Information and the Pat Tillman Foundation


Page 9—Helpful Links & Resources

GI BILL Manager

651-282-4589 EMAIL

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School of the Quarter

PRESIDENT Ronald A. Wood, Ph.D.

About SMSU Southwest Minnesota State University is a four-year public university offer-

DHEVP Regional Coordinator: Justin Guggisberg Phone: 507-537-7213

ing a high quality education in the liberal arts and professions to prepare you for a life that is successful both personally and professionally. SMSU has grown into a university of choice with high national rankings, producing scholars who become the leaders, thinkers, and entrepreneurs of the future. Students and faculty alike come here to engage in the rich "Southwest Experience," which starts with strong academics, fulfilling social opportunities and support from fellow Mustangs. We invite you to visit SMSU and to experience for yourself all that it has to offer.

Visit the SMSU Veterans Resource Center

Undergraduate Programs


SMSU offers a wide variety of undergraduate programs including: Business, Education, Agronomy, Culinology, and Mass Media.

1501 State Street

Graduate Programs

Marshall, MN 56258 Phone: 1-800-642-0684

If you’re looking into an advanced degree SMSU specializes in the Education field by offering MS degrees in: Education, Physical Education, and Special Education as well as many different licensures.

To schedule a visit: CLICK HERE

For a virtual tour: CLICK HERE

Left: Sweetland Hall is the newest residential hall on the SMSU campus. The building can house up to 250 students.

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Go Army Ed and Federal Tuition Assistance Changes and Issues with FTA 1. You may need to upload a new degree plan depending on your current classes. Review your degree plan to ensure that your new classes are listed. 2. If your preferred email in GoArmyEd is your AKO, you will need to change it once the DoD email migration has started.

7. The maximum allowed credits for TA is now 39 Semester Credits for Graduate courses and 130 Semester Credits for Undergraduate courses. 8. First Professional Degrees which were not started by March 2012 can no longer be funded. There are a few exceptions to this rule. Contact the MNARNG Education office for more.

3. If you need to upload a new SOU, you must 9. Soldiers with a college degree cannot pursue upload all three pages of the most current version another degree at the same or lower level using dated September 2012. TA. Only a higher degree level can be funded. 4. Recoupment for failed or withdrawals from prior 10. Enlisted Soldiers are required to request TA courses must be cleared before future TA can be before they are authorized STR. approved. 11. IF A TA REQUEST IS REJECTED, 5. We STRONGLY recommend that you request DON'T PANIC. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT TA up 60 days before the start of your class. YOU CHECK YOUR EMAIL AND READ ALL EMAILS RECEIVED FROM GOARMYED. 6. Remember to READ AND UNDERSTAND all Normally, a TA request status can be changed e-mail correspondence received from GAE/ back to "pending" and reviewed a second time ACES. Soldiers can enter a helpdesk ticket if after any missing documents or issues are there are questions or issues or contact the resolved. MNARNG Education Office. Did you Know: The Minnesota National Guard uses over 10% of Army Tuition Assistance funds. Good job Red Bulls!

If you have a prior recoupment, and would like to clear it up, contact our main line at: 651-282-4589.

For further information related to Educational benefits, including TA, STR, GI Bill and the MN GI Bill., follow the links below: Or

Sharepoint resources are available for FTS to assist Soldiers with GAE processes on the J1/Education page.

For questions or assistance contact the MN Army National Guard Education Office / 651-282-4589

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GI Bill Information Plus-up and Buy-up:

Important Announcements:

Am I getting the most bang for my buck?

If you qualify for either R.E.A.P. of the Montgomery Active Duty GI Bill you can increase you monthly rate. Maximize your payment in one of these two programs:

The VA is currently about 6-8 weeks behind in making GI Bill Payments. If you have not received your monthly housing stipend or VA payment DON’T PANIC.

Buy-up: R.E.A.P. (Chapter 1607) Top-up: Montgomery Active-Duty (Chapter 30)

An extra $600 investment can increase your GI Bill payment by $150 per month. Over the course of your 36 month program, that’s an increase of $5400! A 900% return on your investment. For every minimum investment of $20, you monthly payment increases by $5. For more information, contact your state GI Bill Manager (lower right).

As of 1 August 2013 EVERYONE, regardless of time in service, will have to serve four additional years if they transfer their Post 9-11 GI Bill to their dependents. If you’re considering transferring, do it NOW!!

The new GI Bill rates are out for Fiscal Year 2013. They took effect 1 October 2012. See the GI Bill link below for current rates.

Helpful links and additional information: More money for school! GET SOME! pageid=1803 For more information, contact your state GI Bill Manager at: Or call 651-282-4590

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State Tuition Reimbursement is More Than You Think STR for Spouses Your spouse can use your STR to reimburse up to 12 semester credits or 17 quarter credits annually. To qualify you must: 

Hold one of the following pay grades: E-6, E-7, W-2, O-2, O-3, O-4. (Only ARNG for W-2 and O-4. )

Have accumulated at least 8 years of qualifying service in the MN National Guard.

Contact your unit and fill out the STR paperwork. Any credits your spouse uses, are taken from your STR lifetime amount of 144 semester credits.

Extended STR 

Payments are the same as regular STR and the credits are taken from the Service member’s credit pool of 144 semester credits or 208 quarter credits.

The Service member must have deployed with the Minnesota National Guard (Army or Air).

Service Members can use the extended STR program for the time they deployed plus 2 years after ETS.

Contact Phyllis Lindstrand at: 651-282-4118 to begin the process.

Need more Money for tuition? The MN GI Bill can fund $1,000 per semester and $3,000 annually towards tuition. See the link below for information and an application for the MN GI Bill.

Now Hear This! The Army Women’s Foundation AWF Legacy Scholarship Deadline is February 1, 2013! The Army Women’s Foundation (AWF) recognizes the value of education and is committed to helping Army women and their children achieve their educational goals and aspirations. The Foundation’s Legacy Scholarship Program is available to all Army women – Active Duty, Retired, National Guard, Reserve and their children. This is our small way to thank them for their service! The Legacy Scholarships are available at either the community college level, including certificate programs, or at four year colleges and universities. Click here for more information on this important program!

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Six Year Re-enlistment Bonus (REB) Rate

Three Year Re-enlistment Bonus (REB) Rate

REB Extension Eligibility Period

Extend 365-91 Days Before ETS

Extend 90-1 Day (s) Before ETS

REB Extension Eligibility Period

Less than 13 Years Time in Service


Not Eligible $0

Years Time in Service

Extend 365-91 Days Before ETS

Extend 90-1 Day (s) Before ETS


Not Eligible $0

Less than 13

New re-enlistment bonus contract changes effective 01 October 2012: Soldiers may now re-enlist for a 3 or 6 year bonus. Soldiers MUST have no more than 13 years time in service at the time of current ETS. See your Retention NCO or Full Time Staff for more information.

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Page 8

Uncle Sam’s Intel

Pat’s Legacy Continues Family and friends created the Pat Tillman Foundation in 2004 to honor Pat’s legacy and pay tribute to his commitment to leadership and service. The mission of the Pat Tillman Foundation is to invest in military veterans and their spouses through educational scholarships; building a diverse community of leaders committed to service to others. To date, 230 Tillman Military Scholars representing 34 states and attending 71 academic institutions nationwide have been awarded over $3.2 million in scholarship support. Be a part of the 5th class of Tillman Scholars!

Become a Tillman Military Scholar. The application for the 2013-2014 academic year will open on January 14, 2013 and will close on February 15, 2013. For more information or to apply go to

Upcoming Job and Career Fairs 31 Jan - Veteran Contracting Workshops at the Highway Federal Credit Union, St Paul 27 Feb - Eagle Group Networking Event at the Ft Snelling Officers Club For information on these and other job fairs, or to submit your resume, go to:

SAT and ACT test season is here Need help? eKnowledge donates SAT and ACT PowerPrep programs to Veterans and their families Programs include:  11 hours of video instruction.  Practice tests. To get your hands on some ACT or SAT help go to:

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Links and Resources GAE——Web Portal for Federal Tuition Assistance. MNARNG Education— — Contains many useful documents about education benefits Scholarships— —Check out what is available! My Military Education— —A great resource to have in your cargo pocket. Sponsored by the Higher Education Veterans Program, for current military members and veterans, and their families. The Pat Tillman Foundation— apply/ “The Pat Tillman Foundation is a national leader in providing resources and educational scholarship support to veterans, active Service Members and their spouses. The Tillman Military Scholars program aids all veterans, specifically the ever-growing population of veterans of Post-9/11 conflicts.”— Minnesota Association of County Veteran Service Officers— Your Point of contact for Federal, State, and Local Veterans benefits. Go to the website to find out who you County Veteran Service Officer is today.

Financial Aid for Veterans Military Personnel and Their Families The new directory is hot off the press! This handy resource is a Department of Defense approved list of scholarships and financial aid options just for veterans military and families. Download a free copy at: VeteransIntro.PDF Every year there are many scholarships that are never paid to students. This resource contains over 1400 scholarships specifically targeted for Service Members and their families.

Education & Incentives Q1 FY13 Newsletter  
Education & Incentives Q1 FY13 Newsletter  

Education & Incentives Q1 FY13 Newsletter